Episode 2

1034 Words
"WOW, I thought that it was impossible for a werewolf to be a zombie." I heard my older brother, Samuel, throwing a joke into my face. Okay, I almost have no sleep, and even if we are nocturnal, werewolves need to have enough sleep. "Jerk," I growled. It is too early for them to destroy my precious morning. "Stop teasing our princess, it is her birthday now," Raynold teased with his quirky smile. "Shut up! Do you want me to cook my disgusting pumpkin fish soup for our breakfast?" I threatened them, enough for them to stay silent for a while I guess. I saw my other mutated brother, sitting on the dining table AGAIN, eating his apple. "Get down from that table, Marcus," I said to him. I am so done with these three idiots. I can feel my hair turning white because of so many problems they give me. "Why so hot-headed little sis? It is your birthday." "I know it is my birthday, I have my copy of my birth certificate, I sarcastically spitted. I am now starting to cook our breakfast and they are just staring at me from time to time. If you can imagine three Huskies wagging their tail and patiently waiting for their food, those are not just your imagination. Those are my brothers. After preparing their meal and putting out all the food that I cook, they just wiped everything and started to run outside. They did not even bother to put their plates on the sink! My brothers are very popular with their looks and physiques. Many girls are flocking to get them, but if they are not my brother, I will still never going to over fall in love with them. They have a very complicated personalities. I clean all those things that I can clean here inside the kitchen. I want to put aside all my thoughts with this day. My birthday does not sound so important nor very exciting either. It is horrible. I do not want to face this day ever again. My pocket vibrated because of my phone. I opened it and I saw Arvy send me a message. He greets me a happy birthday with a heart emoji. My heart is flatter and I can feel my face burning red. If he can just stop putting me in a friend zone. I am scared to confess my feeling towards him, and it is even harder to know that I might be mated to somebody else. I reply thanks, and he said that he will come for tonight's party gonna held in ur backyard. I am silently wishing to Lune, our goddess, that she can spare me tonight and stop for giving me a mate. The only hope that I can get is the fact that not everyone met their mate. So the majority is so crazy finding their fated pair. TONIGHT is the night. I can see through my windows that our backyard has been flooded by ur neighborhood. Even the Alpha and our Luna attended our supposed to be a small gathering. I am a bit nervous because it is nerve-wracking for me to wear something that I am not used to wearing. Dress. I am a bit uncomfortable with this white dress my father bought for me. I want to complain, but he just said that it is once in a blue moon he requested. "Hey, sis, they are all waiting for you, stop having your monologue here," Samuel bashed. "Fine." With a thumping heart, heavy breath, and sweaty nose, I came down from the stairs and go straight to our backyard. My brother could be the best jerk anyone can meet, but they are still the best when it comes to giving an effort. They decorated the backyard that it looks so fancy on the lights hanging like a vine, tables with a linen table cloth. Everything looks fabulous and on the theme. "Happy birthday to you, Mace, you look wonderful as always." The Alpha of our pack, Arvy's father, greeted me. I slightly bowed my head. "Thank you for the greeting alpha, I wish you enjoy this night" "Oh, it is a feast." Many other pack members greeted me. But my eyes remain finding him. Arvy, where is he? As I saw him standing near the big oak tree, I felt the rush of excitement. All I want is to spend my night with him, chatting, drinking alcohol, and laughing. I am so excited to run on him and ask him if we could talk somewhere, just the two of us. But my smile automatically faded away when I saw that he is talking to somebody else. Arvy is talking to the most beautiful girl our school talks always about. Sheena. She looks so pretty. They both look together, and I realized that I am out of the picture. My heart clenches and I can feel my eyes getting wet from upcoming tears. I tried to hold it until I can run back to my room. My birthday celebration became awful. I laughed while crying. I am so pathetic to think that someone just like me can be with him. I slowly drown in sleep when I smell a very intoxicating fragrance. I can smell the familiar lemon and mint flavor. It relaxes my heart; it brings peace to my stormy mind. Maybe it is not too bad to find my mate. Finally, maybe I can get over my feelings for Arvy. I slowly walk my way and trail the scent; it is coming from the nearby forest. I ran away and saw the back of my mate. He looks like he is catching his breath. I gradually walk in his direction, and shock is an understatement with how I learned that my mate, is no other than him. "Arvy?" His eyes were glowing blue. He suddenly pulls me into a warm, breathier, and passionate kiss. It intoxicates me in a very good way. He is whispering and growling words. "Mate, mine..." If this is just a dream, I never wanted to wake up again. This is too good that I want it to happen.
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