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Mace Laurence is a well-known sole pack warrior on Blue Moon territory. She is secretly in love with her best friend and the soon-to-be alpha of the pack, Arvy Matthew.

Eventually, they discovered that they are a fated pair, and ruled the territory over the past few years. Mace is happy about her married life with the alpha, but tragedy happened as she lost her mate, and became a single mother to her son... She became mateless.

Mateless, werewolves who lost the other half of their soul.

For their safety, and to move on to her massive heartbreak... They fly to New York City hoping for another chapter of their life.

But when Mace thought that she will live the rest of her life miserable, she stumbled upon two men that confuse her heart.

Her handsome but womanizer boss, Christian Eros.

And the shy ex-military teacher of her son, Arthur Francisco.

Secrets, betrayal, and new chances.


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Episode 1
I KICKED the sandbag in front of me. My straight brown hair is on a ponytail and I am wearing my usual gym outfit. I am being frustrated because my birthday is the day after tomorrow, and I am so nervous. I am a creature that can transform into a wolf, usually called a werewolf. I am a member of a pack, which is a large group of werewolves in one territory under the leadership of an alpha. Back to why I am frustrated. The 19th birthday is usually a very important date for us. This is the start when we become more sensitive, and a chance for us to find our mate. And everyone is crazy about finding their mate or fated pair. An opportunity that everyone desires to have. But I feel the opposite. I am scared and nervous. There are so many what-ifs, I am scared of rejection. I am scared of falling in love with the person I do not want to spend my life with. Someone tapped my shoulder and that made me jump in horror. Arvy laughs so hard that it made other people inside this gym look in our direction. "Jerk!" I spit out. "You look so serious, men. If you could just see your face!" he said in the middle of his laughter. Arvy has been my best friend, ever since our childhood. His father is our current alpha-- the leader of the pack as I said, and Arvy is the first in line to inherit the said position. He is quite well built even at our younger age. His physique is quite remarkable. Abs, his perfect face and he is talented and genius. Sometimes, Luna, our goddess, can be so unfair. "You still worried about finding your mate? You are still young and should not make it a big deal..." he said, trying to comfort me. We both sat on the bench outside this gym and drank some protein shakes. "Can't help it." He sighed. "Seriously, if you are mated to a werewolf with some bad attitudes, I will kick his ass for you. And if you are mated to a human, we can make him our dinner next month," he suggested, making me feel so disgusted. "Ew! What the hell is that?" I spit trying to avoid this kind of conversation. The truth about that mate thing is, I do not want to be mated to somebody else because I have only loved someone else ever since I laid my eyes on him. We were both young at that time. I still remember how he offered his hands when I stumbled on the ground. Yes, I am in love with my best friend, with my childhood friend, my enemy, and my savior. He is everything on me. "I have to go, there is still a pack meeting and I have to participate. Do you want me to walk with you home?" he offered that I respectfully declined. "No, I can manage." He left me here, and the only thing that I can do is watch him drive his bicycle. We are living in a rural town in Rosevelt. With a small population of 20 thousand people living, and almost half of it is werewolves. This town became more habitat for humans. There are schools, establishments and things that human builds here. The only thing that they cannot touch is the Jud Forest. The territory of our pack. Speaking of it, I have to go back home. It is getting dark and even though I am much capable of taking care of myself, I am still being babysat by my family, being the only girl in the house. I also left the town proper and go straight to the forest. I transform myself into a werewolf to move fast and better in the dark and in this kind of setting. My wolf form has brown fur with greyish eyes. I do not know the reason, but I am pretty popular with werewolves on my age. Especially those boys who tried to pursue me. As if. "You are late," said my father who is reading his usual newspaper in the living room. My mom died 3 years ago, I was left in charge with my father and three annoying big brothers. "Just five minutes, dad. Where are the others?" I ask him. I am planning to take a bath then cook our meal. We are practically living in the middle of the forest with a modern house. Some of our pack mates became engineers, architects, and other professionals. So this pack territory runs like a simple human village. We have water and electricity too. "You brothers participate with scouting and are in charge of guarding the territory. There is a rumor that rogue numbers increase being spotted around our territories at a more alarming rate." Rogue is simply werewolves stripped of rationality and the ability to think properly. They are the monster version of a werewolf with violent bloodlust. They kill everything on their path. "Werewolves became rogue if consuming any type of blood from humans and eating their victims. Some of the rogues are mateless who suffered from losing their other half. "Stop worrying about those assholes-- they can protect their own lives now," my dad said still not flinching on his seat. "They are your sons, you know," I said sarcastically. He barely reacts. You can say that we are this close to the point that I can be so casual with my dad. "Your birthday is coming. What is your plan? I and your brothers are planning to throw a small gathering. Maybe you can find your mate--" I stop him from getting far from that. I hate the idea of people so excited for me to find my mate. I am not happy, I am scared. I do not want to love somebody else. I do not believe in those tales. That when a werewolf met his or her fated pair, they will just feel that certain string, connecting each other. Can smell the lovely fragrances of pheromones. But I am scared. Scared of mating with a stranger. "Dad, I do not wish to be mated yet." My dad's face turns soft. Maybe he can feel my anxiety. "No one can stop that from happening. When you found your mate, everything will be alright. Trust the process." I hope so.

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