Chapter 2: The Honeymoon

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-Megan- When we arrived at Chicago airport, I opened the door, only to notice Nathan wasn’t moving. I looked back at him, one eyebrow raised, but he looked at me, as if he didn’t see a problem. “Aren’t you coming?” I asked him. He shook his head and I fell back in my seat so confused. “But your grandfather-“ “Will think you had a nice trip, and I had work to take of. Take some pictures. Have some fun, and when he comes to visit in three weeks, tell him how much you enjoyed his gift, but let us not act like we aren’t both forced to be here. I have no interest in being trapped with you for two weeks on an island I can’t escape,” he said, making it almost sound like we had become part of the movie Cast Away. “You think I want this?” I asked him. “I know you don’t. So go. Enjoy yourself. Two weeks where we don’t have to see each other at all. Sounds perfect to me,” he said. I wanted to strangle him! “You know we have to seem “happy” here, right? Our families are both trying to get something out of this marriage, and maybe … maybe if we try … then-“ “Then what? We could actually like each other? You and I are too different. If I could have chosen, I wouldn’t have married someone like you.” “Someone like me?” I asked him, offended. “What does that mean?” “It means you’re not my type.” I wanted to laugh, but not because it was funny. It was just so ridiculous, and I crossed my arms over my chest. “And you think you’re mine?” I asked him. He shrugged, not going to answer that clearly. “You know what, I am going on this trip,” I told him and glared at him. “And I will have fun, because you won’t be there. Have a nice two weeks, assh*le!” I didn’t even look back, as I got out of the car, and was handed me my suitcases, which I quickly took, storming away from there, finding my passport before going to get my bags checked in. I was so hurt. Even though I didn’t care about Nathan, it would have been nice if he just put a little effort into this. No, we weren’t each other’s first choices, but if we could have worked together in some way, then maybe this would feel a little less like hell. Except that wasn’t the case here. He didn’t even want to try, so why should I give a sh*t about him and this marriage?! Neil had, of course, given me a first-class ticket and when I finally got on the plane, I had even more space, since Nathan wasn’t here. I chose the window seat and watched as the world went by in a blur. I didn’t actually want to go, but the thought of being stuck for one more second with my, now, husband, was just torture. Maybe I could have fun, I thought. I would at least try. Better than being stuck with such an arrogant piece of … “Something to drink?” A flight attended interrupted my thoughts, and I smiled as I shook my head, watching her leave, before turning back to the window. I sighed, as I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes. Maybe if I fell asleep, I would once again wake up in my bed, and be home, finally out of this nightmare, but I knew things weren’t that simple. Nathan and I had been forced together in this “holy matrimony” and there was no way out of it. At least not for me. I was my family’s last way to redeem themselves after the scandal with Naomi, and you might think an overdose scandal couldn’t be that bad. Over half the people attending those parties my family loved to throw or attend themselves probably went to snort some coke, but there always hid more behind a scandal than what the headlines implied. Naomi really did make a mess of everything, and while I loved my sister to death, I had to say I was a little mad about this. I did get it. I did get why she had done everything in her power to screw over our parents and get out of this marriage, but it kind of handcuffed me to Nathan instead, and made it impossible for me to ever escape. So yeah, I was a little mad, but not so much at her and more like at everyone. Everyone who had a part in convincing me, so, that when I was asked if I had entered this marriage willingly, I said yes, and actually meant it. I was so screwed, and while I wasn’t sure exactly what old Neil had done to convince his grandson of this, Nathan had clearly not wanted to marry either, and I bet Neil got a lot of things out of this marriage, too. Everybody won. Except me and Nathan, or maybe Nathan got something out of this as well. Maybe I was really just the only loser here. Well, this loser certainly was going to enjoy two weeks of freedom and give them all the finger while sipping mimosas and Piña coladas. Yeah, that sounded like a good plan. -Nathan- “That wife of yours seems to have fun on your honeymoon,” Jax, my best friend, said, as he looked over my shoulder, seeing yet another photo my “wife” had posted on her **. She easily made people believe we were having fun, and the reason I wasn’t in any of them was I was shy, which everyone knew I wasn’t. Not when it came to anything and especially not having my photo taken, but it was not like anyone would try to call Megan out. People knew our marriage wasn’t really one filled with love. It had happened so fast, no one had even heard anything about me “dating” Megan Johnson, which I hadn’t. Before our wedding, she and I had never before spoken. We had seen each other at a few events, but never said a word to one another, and now we were married. It was f*cking insane, but at least if she knew how to entertain herself, I wouldn’t have to be bothered by her, as I tried winning my grandfather back. Everyone thought it was my grandfather who had finally convinced me to “grow” up, when I reality it had been me who came back the year after my father was sent to prison, wanting back, but it wasn’t so easy to win over the old man. Especially not when I had such a perfect older brother. Shane had always been the favorite, but I was getting there, and this marriage certainly was a help, as long as the old man didn’t discover I wasn’t making an effort in this marriage. He knew I hadn’t gone on the trip with her, but I had given him a smooth excuse about not wanting to be distracted from work, and Megan being happy to have a little time for herself. Except after a week, suddenly all these strange new people appeared in her pictures, and while she wasn’t in many of them, unless she was holding a drink, it did make me a bit suspicious about where all these people came from. “When does she come home?” Jax asked as he sat down in the booth in front of me. “Tomorrow,” I said and put my phone in my pocket. Jax and I had gone out tonight. He had suggested a strip club, but I wasn’t about to be caught there, knowing the old man was watching me. So, I had convinced my friend just to settle for the club this time. He wasn’t happy about it, but he didn’t have an old corpse breathing down his neck every second of his day. Okay, my grandfather wasn’t that old, but still, he was breathing down my neck. “Going to pick her up? Make it look like you really care?” he asked. “And make it clear Megan lied about me being “shy”?” I asked him. “Come on, everyone knows you didn’t go with her. You just forgot to tell her, she didn’t have to lie,” he said. I just shrugged. I really didn’t care what Megan had said, but apparently, she was trying to save face, so I wasn’t about to ruin that. “Aren’t you at all curious about who all those people are?” he asked. I looked away, seeing a beautiful blond, wearing a silver dress that barely covered her, grinding against some guy, but was watching me with hungry eyes. “Not really,” I said. “I mean, for someone who is known as the "mouse", I am surprised she made so many friends so fast,” Jax said. “A picture says a thousand words,” I said. “We don’t know if they are even her friends.” I continued to hold the blond’s eyes, and she clearly wanted me to go over to her, but I didn’t chase. She would come to me eventually. I just had to wait a little longer. “Well, I guess you will find out tomorrow then,” Jax said, taking a sip from his drink. “I am not going to be home tomorrow. My grandfather wants me in New York, closing a deal for him.” “Wow,” he said, finally drawing my attention over to him. “What?” “You dumped her on your honeymoon and now you aren’t even going to be there to welcome her home,” he said while shaking his head. “You know what this marriage is. I am sure she is happy I won’t be there,” I said. He just laughed, as he continued to shake his head. “Husband of the year,” he joked, making me smile a little. “Hey.” I turned my head to see that very beautiful blond, who, if I should guess, made a living out of getting her picture taken. How could she not with her slim body and long legs? “Hey,” I said. “Want to dance?” she asked me, as she leaned closer, so the top part of her dress opened, giving me a clear view of everything. “Actually, I was going to get some fresh air,” I said and got up, making her look at me, confused. I walked past her and went through the door leading outside to an alley, where I found my lighter and a pack of cigarettes, but I didn’t even get to light one, as the door behind me opened, and out came the blond. No words were even spoken as she walked over to me, pulled the cigarette from my lips, threw it away and then replaced it with her own. I turned us around, pressing her up against the wall, and then there was only the sound of her moaning and her suddenly finding a new belief in God.
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