Getting stronger

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Bash and macpeltus tracked the sound of the voice to find bado who lay helplessly on the ground, twitching. His body became as black as charcoal, three of his limbs were nowhere to be seen. He looked like a goner no matter how you look at it. “Well, well. looks like the badass bado, is soon going to be consumed by the cage”. Bash smirked as he scrutinized the injured bado when they came close to his body. “you may be laughing now but I know that someday, you will also end up like me because you are also not a kind person”. “you used a cheap trick in ending the battle by sneaking a grade one explosive beside me”. “if I were in your position, that’s exactly what I would have done”. Bado mumbled on with an excited voice. “if you think that because of that, I am just like you, then you are damn wrong”. Bash replied to bado with a look of disdain. The explosive which he used against bado was something he obtained from the dead and worthless Gujer back in the first ground so he wasn’t feeling proud of using it. “ hahaha, that’s the spirit, now am more convinced of my defeat, all that I want from you now is to give me a quick and deserving death”. Bado said in urgency. His skin was burnt and three of his limbs were severed with his blood slowly dripping out from the wounds. In this terrible condition, he knows that he has no hope of survival and if he remained like this, he will only die a slow and painful death so he hoped to use bash to end his suffering. This is because before reaching the third evolution of transdon, no gyptian can recover any severed limb no matter how many crystals they absorb in other to regenerate. his hopes were about to be dashed as bash laughed loudly and exclaimed. “ first you disregarded our lives and now you are asking us to end your suffering by giving you a quick death, what makes you think that I would want to help you in any way”. “ because we are old friends and are…”. “alike? really? you seriously think that you can full me into thinking that we are alike?”. Bash cut into his statement and continued. “ on what basis do you think that I will help you end your suffering”. “ please kill me!”. “yes I just remembered, I almost forgot, look my war points have reached one hundred and twenty points after killing that b***h who sent you into the pit”. “ If you kill me, you stand to gain this magnitude amount of points”. Bado said excitedly as he activated his communicator which projected out a screen that shows them his points in other to entice them into killing him. Macpeltus immediately felt like killing bado over the war points but he resisted the urge when he saw bash unfazed expression. “ let me tell you the truth mister bado, we are enemies and nothing will change that, and right now there's nothing I want more than you’re suffering, even the allure of war points cannot change that”. “ let’s go”. Bash said to macpeltus as he turned around to continue with the journey but he stopped in his tracks a moment later when he discovered that macpeltus stood there deeply rooted in the spot close to the injured bado. “ what do you think you are doing”. Bash said to macpeltus. “ do you really intend to allow this amount of war points to go to waste”. Macpeltus said, showing his desire for the points. “ if you want it, you can kill him, but once you do that, you will be on your own because I will not continue to protect you”. “ am coming!!”. The big guy yelled as he started running towards bash and joined him. Although he was greedy over the war points, he was not willing to lose bashe’s protection because of it. Just like that, the two turned away and continued with their journey leaving the pleading bado who started yelling and causing. “ no!”. “ Please, don’t leave me like this!”. “ Please, come back and kill me, kill me, you bastards!”. “ So where are we going to?”. Macpeltus asked bash as they left the place. “ tell me about any save place we can stay in for some time without being disturbed by anyone”. “ the moon holes is the only place, but it can no longer be called that as it is located in the central region of front lines, and in other to get there, we’ll have to face a lot of other team members”. “Macpeltus stated with a look of panic”. (what the hell is wrong with this guy, first you wanted me to join you in a fierce battle, now you want to throw us into a deadly war zone if you are looking for death, why would you think of bringing me to die with you). “it looks like we are going there, but not now, it will be when we are strong enough”. “ for now, we have to dig an underground hiding place here and focus on getting stronger”. Bash said with a solemn face. “ok, I will follow your command boss”. Macpeltus hurriedly and delightfully replied to bash, by this time, he was feeling joy with the idea of hiding away from this dangerous place. Just like that, the two of them dug deep into the ground and went into hiding in other to improve their skills. as they entered into the underground, bash sat down and broth out one of the pieces of the heaven-defying spell and tried forming a connection with it. however, no matter what he did, he failed to gain any connection. it was as if there is a force in the two of the pieces, his own and the one from vanchel, which were rejecting each other. “ so alres thinking was right, there is repulsion between two pieces whenever I try to connect with the other one”. “ It's because I am not strong enough, if not I will be able to use more than one of them”. After his speculations, he looked around and found macpeltus who closed his eyes and was deeply focused on channeling in energy from grade two crystals deposited around him in other to rank up. Although bash wasn’t afraid that macpeltus will recognize the piece of heaven-defying spell and become greedy over it, he still had to be sure. After that, bash brought out some square-shaped glass screens with inscriptions imprinted on them. These were all acquired inside the space transmitter of vanchel. After studying the words written on them for a whole hour, bash finally figured out what they were. Each of these glasses contains a different type of grade two transdonic spell that vanchel had owned. And each of these transdonic spells contains different abilities and different meanings, some are useful to him while some are useless. Among all of the spells, there were only three which were useful to him. The first one he read about, the limb vine spell consists of creating hot malty-colored vines which will be able to bind or attack others, this spell vanchel had once used on him. The second one is called the energy armament spell, it comprises of using ones external energy to create a weapon and use it on the opponent. The last spell was the most familiar and the strangest to bash. It was called the transdonic monstork incarnation, back in the first ground, abutu, lipian and some unknown level nines had used this spell on him. This is why he was familiar with its concept. It comprises summoning an energy beast called monstork to be the protector of the summoner and act against the summoner's enemy. Using this skill requires an immense consumption of energy as the energy not only determines the strength of the monstork but also determines the success of the summoning. .However, ignoring the energy consumption, once the spell is used, ones internal energy will be connected to the body of the summoner and will endure a terrible backlash if that connection is forcefully severed. Bash kept the monstork incarnation spell for some time and focused on the other two, but that doesn’t mean that he will ignore the spell because even though the monstork incarnation is very costly and dangerous, to use it will be a powerful trump card judging by its power. Just like that, bash started to hard study and practice the two transdonic spells. A week later, he had mastered everything about the spells including the monstork incarnation spell. At this time, macpeltus was still in a deep state of absorbing energy, however, he has started showing signs of ranking up. Bash took some time to rest before he brought out his piece of the heaven-defying spell and started to study it carefully. Previously, he had only learned the first ability of wind arcane now he is trying to decipher the next ability. After some hours of studying, bash once again fell into a dream-like state and view the devastating battle of the man facing off against an army of space ships. This time, he viewed thirty-two medium-size ships reduced into cinders by the massive wind blade. Countless ship wreckages were scattered about in space after the explosion of the ships. The other bigger ships were able to survive the destruction of the wind blade due to an energy field around them that surrounded them like a barrier but the ships still received a considerable amount of damage. “Destroy him immediately, before he summons another attack”. “an authoritative voice sounded from one of the large ships which remained as they opened fire on the blue armored man shooting at him with lasers cannon, blasters, missiles, everything they have got”. The man was once again surrounded by numerous attacks coming from the ships. This time, he calmly turned the sword upside down by raising the hilt of the sword facing it up and facing the sword tip down. After that, he closed his eyes. Instantly, wind elemental energy gathered from his surroundings formed a storm of swirling wind tycoon which converted the range of five hundred kilometers, it distorted and swept away the incoming attacks when it emerged and kept expanding rapidly. “ s**t, he’s so unlikeable, why won’t he die.” “what the hell is that”. The voices coming from the ship were now carrying shock as the swirling tycoon enveloped them. “ oo, no, my ship's system is failing”. “ me too”. “We are in a deep soup if we don’t do something to help this situation”. “ the voices in the ship communicated in desperation when they sensed their controls of the ships losing as the ships started to shut down due to the influence of the wind tycoon, at the same time, the man’s voice throbbed loudly in the atmosphere. “CLEAVING WIND ARMAMENT!!.” The moment these words were uttered, the vast wind tide suddenly converged into the man’s sword within five minutes, forming a coat of the densest wind elemental energy to ever be seen by bash. The wind elemental energy shined brightly with azure light which blinds the sight from seeing the man’s sword. The man held the sword with both hands and was about to swing it towards the ships when the whole sense blurred and disappeared. “Damn it!!, what the hell is this suppose to mean!!?”. Bash immediately cursed when he awakened. He was so engrossed in the battle that it pained him so much when it was cut short, causing him to curse out loud when he opened his eyes. “what the hell is going on with you, you almost startled me to death”. Macpeltus voice resounded in bashe's ears causing him to glance in his direction to see that macpeltus had stopped training. “it's nothing, did you rank up?”. Bash said and change the topic. “well, of course, I am now in the second level of the storage building, don’t ever underestimate this mighty and talented macpeltus”. Macpeltus stated as he puffed up his chest, assuming the stance of a powerful expert. “congratulation, let me continue with my training”. Bash said as he closed his eyes, trying to learn the new information which got injected into his head. “if you say so.” Macpeltus exclaimed after bash ignored him and sat back in his spot as he studied bash with serious eyes. Bash's sudden outburst earlier startled him so much that he almost had a heart attack but bash said that it was nothing. However, no matter how much he speculated, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking that there was something wrong with bash. “ It is either this guy is hunted, or he has a psychotic problem”. Macpeltus muttered to himself. Meanwhile, in bashe's mind, the second ability of the wind arcane was being interpreted by him. The spell was named soaring wind s***h. It is the process of conjuring a wind blade from both the wind elemental energy inside his wind capillary and the wind elemental energy in the outer surrounding. He studied the spell for about two days then he practiced it physically for a day before he finished with the spell and in all this time, macpeltus's gaze was focused on him carrying a look of amazement. When bash finished learning spells, he sat down and brought out numerous grade two crystals that he had obtained from the first ground of blood trial. All this time, he had only focused on learning transdonic spells because to him, that is the harder thing to do, absorbing energy to rank up had always been easy for him, if not that he is always occupied with other things, his evolutional level would have far surpassed what it is now. Previously, macpeltus had told him that the strongest people present in this cage, have an energy percentage of four, This means that they are all in the third level of storage building evolution. At this moment, his energy percentage is in between the percentage of one and two, because of this reason, he is unable to use external energy which is required to activate a grade two transdonic spell. This is why right now, his priority is to rank up again and increase his energy percentage to a level where he can produce external energy. As he channels in the energy in the grade two crystals, he could feel a phenomenal change happening to the entire energy in his body. After a whole day of channeling, he felt that his bone had reached saturation, this signifies that he had reached the absolute peak of bone-strengthening evolution. Because of that, he halted his channeling of the transdonic energy and tried channeling out his internal energy on his palm. Bash was instantly in joy as multicolored pure energy condenses on his palm. “you are a monster!!” “How the hell are you able to channel out your energy without entering the second evolution?.” Macpeltus shouted as he pointed at bash with a shocked look. Although he had somewhat gotten used to the surprises which bash always pulls, he couldn’t stop himself from reacting to this spectacle. “This is because it signifies that bash now had two percentage of energy before even entering the second evolution”. As macpeltus continue to make other utterances of shock, bash paid him no heed as he started to focus his mind on entering the second evolution. “ignore me all you want”. “you think you are amazing, this mighty macpeltus will teach you what is amazing when I finish practicing my super transdonic spell”. Macpeltus blurted with resentment upon being ignored by bash for the second time. As he was about to start to channel in the energy of the transdonic crystals, bash had a flashback on the description of the second evolution taught to him by the hologram image of the rilnord back at the endroph zone. “the second evolution of transdon is called the storage building evolution, in this evolution, everything has to do with transdonic energy”. “what do you mean by that?”. “aren’t I using transdonic energy already”? “yes you are, but what I mean is pure transdonic energy that is projected out of the body and not the force you use in the bone-strengthening evolution that requires force binding to utilize the force from the internal energy stored within your bones”. “the pure energy in the storage building evolution is kept in a special storage created by the gyptians internal energy in the abdomen because the bones of a gyptian cannot bear the concentrated energy of that level”. “do you understand?”. “yes, but how is it possible for one to create a storage using one's internal energy”. “The concept may sound impossible but the process is very simple”. “ when you direct all your internal energy from your bone to your abdomen to create a spiral of energy and wait for it to become stable, the energy spiral will automatically solidify and former a spherical storage”. “ is that really Possible?!.” “of course it is, but you have to understand that you can only move out your internal energy to your abdomen when you reach the peak of bone-strengthening, at that time, the energy in your bone is saturated”. “I can’t wait to try it”. Now it was finally time for him to try it, he was so excited that he ignored macpeltus earlier. However, before he started the process, he teleported out two stalks of grasses whose leaves were brimming with dense purple light. These grasses were the purple leaf ascension grass which he obtained in the pyramid as a part of the greatest ultimate treasures. He originally obtained seven stalks, back in the second ground, he had distributed it out to zee and the other two when he exited the pyramid before the arrival of vanchel. He gave one stalk to them each and now he is left with two stalks. The image had told him that the purple leaf ascension grass improves the quality of the energy storage created by a gyptian when ascending into the second evolution of transdon, but it did not say how to ingest it or what dosage was to be used. Unfortunately, bash had no time to think as the energy which he had been absorbing had now reached the state where his bone could no longer bear, so he has to immediately initiate the process of the storage formation. Because of this reason, bash instantly stuffed one stalk of grass into his mouth and started chewing it. After he finished chewing it, he immediately swallowed it and picked up the other stalk getting ready to stuff it inside his mouth. The whole space around him started to shake as an explosion sounded in his stomach, jolting the nearby macpeltus who was learning how to use his transdonic spell. “what the hell do you think you are doing, swallowing an entire stalk of purple leaf ascension grass are you looking to die”. Macpeltus yelled as he witnessed when bash stuffed the second stalk into his mouth and swallowed it after the explosion. “aren’t you aware that the dosage for the grass is five leaves?”. “you just swallowed an entire stalk”. “ you must be out of your mind, your crazy”. “The combustion of a full stalk of the purple leaf ascension grass is too violent for anyone to bear but crazy people like you can’t even understand such common sense”. Macpeltus continued to exclaim unaware that bash had swallowed another stalk earlier. Another boom sounded in bashe's abdomen as vast energy started to gather into his surrounding.
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