Forming the storage.

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On the front line, a team of six people could be seen walking along as they surrounded two chained girls who were forced to walk together with them. Among the girls, one was older with black hair and an alluring body, all her body parts were fully matured and she had a bright face. The other girl who appeared younger also had a similar hair color, her body was petit and she had an innocent face that resembled that of a child. “ hay pretty, you better walk properly so we don’t get forced to kill you off”. A metho race guy wearing a yellow armored exclaimed as he dragged the younger girl who was very resistant. This girl had been very troublesome to handle since when he and his friends captured her and her sister, if not for his boss's order, he would have taught her a good lesson. “ Someday, you will all die a terrible death”. The girl blurted as she continued to resist. “ hahaha.” The whole team laughed crazily after hearing her remarks. “Dying a terrible death is normal after enjoying such a beauty, don’t you think so, guys”. “you are correct, baby girl, just wait until after the boss is done with you, we guys will all enjoy your body so that even if we die a terrible death, we at least know that we have enjoyed our lives”. The group halted their movements as they began to tease the stubborn girl with their immoral remarks while laughing at the same time. “noiter, don’t waste your time trying to resist these bastards”. Her elder sister who was dragged along with her said in helplessness as she stared at the pointless action of her little sister. “but these men, they will do terrible things to us if we get there since we can’t kill ourselves in these chains, maybe we can anger them into killing us…”. “noiter replied to her older sister with a stubborn look, still unresigned to give up”. “what you are trying to do will not work because, their fear for the terminator, will make them rather hold their anger than not deliver us to him”. “then how do we get out of this situation, I.. I don’t want to end up like those girls who were used to death by these men”. “the older sister only sighed sadly when she heard the younger sister's remarks, no matter how much she racked her brain she could not come up with any good words”. “boom”. A booming sound suddenly resounded not far away from then as the ground trembled. The team was immediately startled by the explosion. “what the hell is that”. “Am very sure that it’s something good, why don’t we check it out”. A thin and tall creal race youth among them said excitedly as his eyes flashes greedily. “hay, don’t put us into trouble mister money, what if it's some trap set up by some other team in other to steal the boss's girls?”. “ don’t jinx it, you this pessimistic fellow, this could be our chance to get something good”. A huge senrate race guy said in excitement as the eye of the rest of the team all opened wide with expectation. “ We are definably going there”. “boom”. Shortly after his voice resounded another boom sounded “ let’s go check this out, men”. The whole team agreed with this suggestion apart from the guy who suspected it as a trap earlier, but he still had to join in because the majority carry the vote. Just like that, the whole team dragged the girls along in other to check out the source of the explosion. Meanwhile, inside the tunnel, the source of the commotion bash, who had recklessly gulped down two stalks of the purple leaf ascension grass was sitting in a meditative position as vast energy from everywhere surged towards him. “c***k”, “c***k,” “c***k,” “c***k”. The sound of his breaking bones could be heard as blood began to leak from his orifice and even his skin started to tear apart. All of this was due to the terrifying concentration of pure energy which his body couldn’t withstand. Since when bash began to direct the combusted substance from the purple leaf ascension grass towards his abdomen and began to slowly form an energy spiral, he couldn’t halt the process as his body couldn’t move but he had to endure the immense pain in his body. The only thing he was able to do was to keep regulating the energy spiral because he sensed that the energy in him will instantly burst apart his body if he were to let it out of his control. However, he also knew that this action will only prolong his life for some time as the energy within his body was getting more concentrated as time goes by. Macpeltus could be seen pacing back and forth with both hands on top of his head, his expression looks extremely anxious. To him, bash taking an overdose of the purple leaf ascension grass will only lead to bashe's inevitable death, but if bash dies, how the hell was he going to survive out there alone. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” Bash couldn’t help but cry in agony when the energy spiral reach a certain level where he could barely hold on to it, this caused his internal and external injuries to drastically inflate. At the same time, the energy spiral started to increase in size. just when it got out of his control, bash thought that this was his end but at the same time, the presence in his hearth which had laid dormant ever since the battle with vanchel, suddenly came back to life and his heart started to sound like a drum. “dum”, “dum”, “dum”, “dum”. With the loud beating of his heart, the activity of the energy inside him suddenly became suppressed and regulated and his injuries began to heal at a visible pace. then, the amount of energy flowing into him from outside drastically increased as a vortex was formed around him with him being in the center. “what the hell is going on here?”. The once restless macpeltus exclaimed hysterically as he protected himself with an external energy barrier when the vortex appeared around bash and suddenly started to suck even his internal energy. After the energy flowing inside his body was finally stabilized by his beating heart, he felt the spiral inside him drastically increase in size and it also started to solidify. Bash gritted his teethes as he force his left hand to reach out for the button on his space storage which was on his right hand's wrist. A moment before, as the spiral kept on magnifying and solidifying, bash started to suffer from another problem which made him reach into his space storage for the possible solution. He discovered that his bones will not be able to bear the strength of the pure internal energy when his storage is completed, if that happens, he won’t be able to project his energy out of his body as that will lead to the destruction of his skeletal system and also lead to his death. So the only solution he had was to find a means to increase the strength of his bones. The marrow strengthening fruits was the only solution he could think of and luckily for him, he had plenty of those stored in his space storage. As he did with the purple leaf ascension grasses, bash immediately started gulping at the fruits after he had teleported them out. Macpeltus could only stare at bash in stupefaction. The successive events which carried on, one after the other, ever since bash started the process of his storage formation had blown his mind to the point of speechlessness. Bash felt his bones drastically getting stronger as his heart began to suck in the substance from the fruits and send it throughout all his body. However, he still didn’t stop gulping down on more marrow-strengthening fruit because he could feel that his bones need at least a hundred of these fruits. It was a good thing for him that he has up to one hundred and thirty of the fruits. After forty minutes, his storage was fully formed and solidified, however, he still kept gulping on more fruits as his bones were not strong enough to carry the dense and concentrated pure energy within his storage yet. After another minute passed, bash sensed that his bones only need a slight more strengthening before they will be strong enough but just then, a loud explosion suddenly resounded from above the hiding place as a voice reverberated loudly. “ boom”. “come out you scared cats”. “o no, we have been discovered”. “ what are we going to do now, what am I going to do now”. Macpeltus exclaimed in terror over the fact that they have been discovered. “ just do something to buy me a little time, I will get rid of all of them when I finish”. Bash struggles to say to macpeltus. “ no problem, I will think of something”. macpeltus said as he man up, prepared to face the enemy. This was because, he had sensed earlier, from the fluctuation of the intruder’s energy, that whoever was attacking was in the first level of the storage building evolution. “ How dare you act all arrogant in front of this mighty macpeltus!!”. Macpeltus yelled as he bust out of the underground and threw a punch at whoever it was, which disturbed their peace. Outside of the underground, the huge senrate race youth among the group who held the girls captive, stood there with a hammer on his shoulder as he began to mutter. “ hahaha, as I thought, those people hiding in here are just a bunch of cowards, soon they are going to pay with war points for wasting our time….”. Just as the words got out of his mouth, a huge meaty fist busted out from the underground and punched into his face, sending him howling far away. “ How dare you make disdainful remarks of this mighty macpeltus”.
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