The start of the real team elimination battle.

2079 Words
“ How dare you make disdainful remarks of this mighty macpeltus”. Macpeltus stepped out of the underground with a fierce look as he stated arrogantly. When they witness their comrade sent flying far away by the punch delivered by macpeltus, the entire team stood deep-rooted as they all stared at macpeltus in fright. This is because they had already scanned his energy percentage and discovered that his energy percentage was at two. “ you guys, what are you all doing there standing and looking at him in fright, he only surpasses us with one level, have you forgotten that the boss had handed us a couple of trump cards for this situation”. The pessimistic fellow from earlier said to the other team members as he brought out a gun from his space storage. The other team members all had a look of remembrance when they heard his statement, then their courage was boosted as they all brought out similar guns. “ a group of people k********g girls in broad daylight looks like you are one of those bastards who go about doing evil”. “ don’t worry girls, macpeltus the great, the mighty is here to save you from these bastards”. However, macpeltus disregarded their serious actions of bringing out weapons to face him as he was more focused on making heroic remarks about himself. “what the hell do you know about justice you meatball who was hiding like a rat, you are soon going to die”. One of the team members said as they all surrounded macpeltus and activated their weapons, however, even so, the girls wear not left unguarded as the victim of macpeltus's punch was left to attend to them. “if you think you can hurt me with mere blasters, you are damn wrong”. Macpeltus remarked as he projected out his internal energy and formed a barrier of external energy. “ Come and try me.” Macpeltus stated as he made a motion of inviting them with his hand. The team instantly started firing beam bullets at macpeltus without pause, but the energy barrier kept macpeltus safe from their attacks. “oh s**t, what the hell”. A moment later, macpeltus remarked loudly in fright after seeing cracks form on his energy barrier. “ you've finally realized it, your energy barrier won’t be able to protect you for long”. “ each one of these blasters is powered by grade two crystals with the concentration of energy equivalent to the percentage of two, they were specifically prepared for us by the boss”. “ oh my goodness, what am I going to do now.” macpeltus stated in terror. “What a clown”. In some distance away, noiter said as she stared at the terrified macpeltus. “ hagh”. Her older sister who stood close to her sighed sadly. The two girls find hope to escape from their faiths when macpeltus shows up but they become disappointed after witnessing the unfolding of the events which played out. “oh, no am going to be blasted to death if these energy bullets touch me.” Macpeltus said, making out a look of fright at the same time, he suddenly change his expression into a vicious one as he instantly spread his palms and blasted out towards one of the team members. “ahhh”, the guy who was hit by the external energy blast of macpeltus had a deep hole dug on his abdomen as he collapsed on the ground. On the brim of his end. The other team members instantly became more alarmed and active when that happened. Though they were saddened by the disaster of their comrade, they could not afford to halt their attacking as that was the only way for even them to survive from the powerful macpeltus. At the same time, the group began to concentrate on carrying out their next trump card. “ hahaha, have you seen the power of this mighty macpeltus who is at the second level of storage building”? “ This is what you deserve for underestimating……….” “ holy s**t”. Macpeltus was carried away as he once again, began to make good remarks about himself when his enemies each, threw out explosives towards him. “ what am I gonna do, what am I gonna do, am I actually going to die like this”. Macpeltus whispered inwardly as his heart started beating harder, at this moment, he was in great terror and his mind could not function well. However, just as the explosives were descending from above, four beams of external energy were suddenly shot out from within the underground hole and intercepted the explosives. “boom” “boom” “boom” “boom” Four successive explosions resounded in the atmosphere as the sky was covered by a beautiful firework created by the detonation of the explosives. At the same time, everyone below, including the two girls, circulated their energy rapidly, in other to defend the powerful shockwave created by the explosions. “What the hell is going….ahh”. One of the team members was on the verge of exclaiming when he yelled as a blurry azure silhouette that suddenly appeared next to him punched into his stomach. “ bastard”. The team member closest to him remarked and started firing out his blaster in the direction of the silhouette however, the silhouette was no longer anywhere to be seen. He looked around in confusion and wondered if he was dreaming but just then, “ puff”. A sword busted out of his neck coming from his behind. “ as he felled, the silhouette opened his palm and blasted out towards the other two who stood together, with one in the front and the other behind him”. The energy blast, shot towards them like a rocket as it drilled into the chest of the one in the front before blasting into the other guy who was behind him and creating a deep gorge on his chest. The azure figure was so fast that before they could react, they were instantly blasted to death. After they all died, the azure figure finally became visible when he halted his movements. “ bash, why the hell did you steal my thunder”. Upon hearing macpeltus, bash was once again inwardly stunned by the guy's shamelessness. “ you should be thanking me for saving your sorry ass, instead of wining like a baby”. Bash remarked. “ who told you that I was going to die, I have a mighty spell that is capable of protecting me”. “But you didn’t use it to eliminate those guys”. “ I was….” Macpeltus was about to say that he had forgotten about the spell due to his nervousness at that time, but he stopped in the middle of his speech because the matter was too shameful for him to tell anyone. When macpeltus went speechless, bash turned and flung his sword which moved in a somersault as it stabbed the guy in charge of the girls who was sneaking away. As he died, bash finally check his communicator to see how many war points he scored. “twenty points? isn’t this too little?”. “you think that’s little, I who have been here before you only have nineteen points”. Suddenly, the communicator of everyone present vibrated as a screen showing the image of a rilnord suddenly appeared. “attention to all trial takers, the management has been disappointed so far by your performance in eliminating other teams”. “because of this reason, the management has decided to take two drastic measures in other to boost the team elimination mission”. “The first change is that from now on, everyone will have the location of all the trial takers in the cage”. As these words were mentioned, the view in the screen changed to that of a divided screen showing locations and the number of people in each corner of the cage. “That is all for the first change, the second change is that the blockage on the multitude of ants will be lifted in two days if the winning team does not appear”. “good luck!!”. “f**k them, why the hell will they do something like this”. “First they exposed all of us to each other, then they give us a time limit to find a winner or everyone will die, all of this just so we can kill each other faster”. Bash yelled in anger as the image of the deranged scientist ralzit, flashed in his mind. “damn, we are in great trouble with this happening because we don’t have many numbers, am sure we will soon become the target of everyone”. Macpeltus yelled in terror. The thought of becoming the target of every team has started to drive him crazy. “what are we going to do now”. He said to bash “It is simple, we just have to take the fight to them and fight them to death. But the question is who is going to be our target?”. “I can help you with that?”. “ what if you go after the boss of the team which you just eliminated, am sure he will come after you when he sees in his communicator, his dead team members who were killed by you on the ground”. “if you are going after him, I and my sister are willing to help you”. Noiter's older sister's voice resounded as the two girls stepped towards them. “what the hell are you still doing here, you should have run away from here a long time ago”. Bash said it was only now that he discovered that they were still present. “I and my sister want to help you”. The older sister replied, her expression was that of expectation. “ help me, I don’t need your help because I don’t trust you, now get lost before I change my mind and kill you for points.” Bash blurted while pointing his palm at them preparing for an energy blast. He was not heartless enough to kill them for work points after saving them from their suffering and he doesn’t trust them yet. So he hoped that they will disappear on their own as he tries to scare them. “if you don’t trust us, then trust the fact that we want to avenge our team members and our suffering”. “ stop trying to scare us away because we won’t go, no matter what you do, even if you kill us”. This time, noiter was the one who replied to bash as she gazed deep into his sights with her stubborn eyes. After looking into her eye for some time, he lowered his hand and said. “start talking”. By now, he knows that he will not be able to get rid of these girls as he could not turn and kill them after he failed to drive them away. “The guy who’s their boss goes by the name of the terminator, he is a horny and greedy guy who rules over a large team of peoples, and he has a large number of powerful weapons in his arsenal.” “ out of all the trial takers present in this cage, no one has the number of powerful weapons as him.” “ The funniest thing is that no one knows how or why he had so many weapons, apart from his powerful weapon which he uses to protect himself, he is nothing compared to the through elites present in this cage”. “ because of his powerful weapon, the elites are incapable of handling him”. Noiter's sister began to notify. “ How the hell am I supposed to handle him when he is protected by a powerful weapon that made even the strongest people present unable to tackle him?”. “ your speed is the only advantage that we have”.
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