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“With your speed, you should be able to kill him before he activates the weapon”. “What the hell is that weapon you a talking about”. “ he has a mechanic glove that boosts his strength and surrounds him with a powerful barrier when activated”. “ I see.” Bash said as he entered into deep thought, racking his brain, trying to come up with a good plan to handle him. After that, he turned on his communicator and opened the view of the location of every trial taker, and asked the sisters to show him among the teams which one is the terminator's team. Noiter's sister pointed at a team that was moving speedily to their location. “ terminator is already moving towards here, excellent, things will surely go according to my plan”. Bash said upon identifying terminators team which was heading towards their location. “ what’s so good about him heading here, at the end of the day we are going to end up fighting to the death.” Macpeltus muttered inwardly. After some time of thinking, bash turned to macpeltus who was close to him, and said. “Check out all the explosives and guns that those people have remaining in their space storage”. “they're called blasters, not guns”. “whatever”. “ We have obtained five explosives and even ten blasters”. Macpeltus said after looking through the space storage of the dead team members. “five explosives, that should be enough for the plan”. Bash muttered with a smile after hearing what macpeltus uttered. “ what plan” “We are going to set up an ambush for a terminator and eliminate him”. “ How are we going to do that?.” Macpeltus asked helplessly, he wanted to object to this plan and advice them to flee, but he knows that is no use as even if they continued running, they will still end up dead after the two days. Bash explains how the plan will be carried out to them shortly after. “ ok guys, let’s head out and lead him into a suitable location that is safer for the ambush, this place is no longer safe for us to stay in, as it has now become the target of plenty of teams”. Bash said, to which the three others all nodded as they set out. Three hours later, a team of twenty trial takers could be seen speeding on the perimeter of the frontline. In the team a thin guy took the lead, he had an energy percentage of three, he was in the third level of the storage building. Among the people following after him, there were four people in the second level of the storage building, and the rest wear just in the first level of the storage building. The team suddenly came to a halt when they reached a place with a mountainous terrain filled with dense fug. “where the hell are they?”. The team leader said to one of the four-level fours close to him. “Based on the indications of my communicator, they are supposed to be around here”. “then why the hell have we not seen them, I want to see the bastards who dared to kill my terminator's boys”. “ send the boys to look around the field immediately I want them alive”. The moment he said that seven team members were sent to survey the area and find bash and his followers. Terminator and the others waited for them to return with bash and his team members however, even after an hour, the team members did not return. “ what has happened to them why aren’t they back yet, I swear if they don’t return with those offenders, I will deal with them too?”. Terminator said with anger and impatience. “ Something could have happened to them, one of the level two muttered”. “ impossible, with all the weapons they have been equipped with, we would have hard a commotion if they were anything strange happening”. “ tap,” “tap,” “tap,” “tap”. A footstep suddenly rang out in their ears while they conversed. The whole team instantly turned their attention towards where the footsteps were coming from. “who’s there”. “ terminator said”. Five spherical metals were thrown at them from above them as they got distracted by the footsteps. “ what... We are under attack” One of the team members, exclaimed when he discovered the descent of the explosives. “boom,” “boom,” “boom,” “boom,” Five explosions occurred in different directions of the team, putting them in disorder, at the same time, bash who had created the footsteps diversion earlier suddenly activated soaring flash steps as he sprinted towards the terminator in full speed. No one noticed his movement because of the fog and the dust which rose from the ground after the explosion caused by the detonation of the explosives. The most crucial part of the plan was eliminating the terminator. “Ahhhhh” Plenty of agonizing shrieks resounded as beam bullets wear fired at them from every direction causing casualties and injuries. “damn it, who the hell is going against me, is it you, blockhead or is it jaguar”. “sorry am not one of those people”. Terminator uttered names which he suspected in other to find out exactly who was attacking him but what replied to him was bashe’s voice. Just after bashe's voice sounded, bash released his suppressive presence in other to slow down the terminator's movements and the movement of everyone around him. “ four percentage of energy concentration?”. Terminator blurted in shock and fright when his status reader detected bashe’s energy percentage when bashe's aura enveloped him. When he learned the strength of the enemy, the terminator immediately attempted to activate his most powerful weapon but his action was cut short as a sword sliced his hand away. “ahhh” Terminator screamed when his hands which were enveloped by the mechanic glove was severed by bashe's weapon at the same time, he felt a cut on the backside of his ankles which destabilized his stand. After that happened, the terminator immediately fell to his knees. Bash appeared behind him and placed his sword on his neck before muttering. “you never expected this to happen to you when you came after me, did you?” “ so, you were the one that I was searching for all this while, I must say, I never expected you to be this powerful, however, you cannot kill me as I have a backing out there that will shortly find you and make you pay if you do so”. “ you have a backing?”. “ of course I do, where the hell do you think all these weapons came from, just let me go if you don’t want trouble”. “ I promise that I will reward you with half my weapons if you let me off”. “ I have heard you, but you see it’s not that I don’t want to agree, it’s just that there are two girls who asked me to avenge the death of their team members and the suffering which you put them through”. “ and, as you can see, I can’t reject them if not, I won’t be here.” “ so you are going to kill me because of those bitches, I refuse to die because of them, I am a legend, how can I die because of ……” Bash decapitated him before he could finish with his bramblings. After that, bash held his head and raised it with his hand as he blurted. “Everyone, look at the end of your boss who you look up to, today I will become your new boss, whoever has any objection should voice it immediately”. The moment that these words wear uttered, the bullet attacks from different directions seized. at the same time, terminators team members who were previously preoccupied with the attacks finally turned their attention to his direction. “ boss is gone?”. A level nine from among the group stated in shock when they all saw bash holding the head of the terminator. From that moment, the whole team began to voice their exclamation about the death of the terminator. Some were grieving, some sighed in lamentation, some became scared of the fight which awaits them without him while some did not show any reactions. “ I am taking charge of this team, do any of you have any objection?”. Bash once again stated when none of them answered him. “ I have an objection, who the hell do you think you are for you to demand that we accept you as our boss after you killed our compatriots and our former…” “ puff”. One of the level two was voicing his objection when a spike stabbed into his neck before he finished talking. “ Are there any more objections?”. Bash said as he glance at everyone around indifferently. The rest of the team stared at bash in fright as they witnessed his ruthlessness when he killed the level two earlier, even their boss had not been this decisive in killing any of them, and from how indifferently he regarded the death of the level nine, they know, without a doubt that he will kill all of them for war point if they reject him. “Why aren’t you saying anything guys, are you ok with it, or are you not”. Bash blurted after they all kept silent in fright. “I agree”. “ me too”. “ you are the boss”. “ at your service”. One by one, the whole team began to voice their answers as bash continued to stare at them indifferently as he said after. “ you are very lucky that you have agreed, if only you did not agree, by the time that you enter into your graves, you will understand how lucky you were for me to offer you this opportunity to live”. “guys you can come out now”. Macpeltus, the two girls, and the seven terminators team members who were sent to scout out bash and the others earlier walked out from their cover and approached the team. Previously, bash and the other three had arrived here one hour ago. As they set out to find a suitable place for the ambush, bash chose this place to set the ambushed due to its geographical structure which was advantageous to his plan. Just when the terminator's team arrived here, he had ordered macpeltus and the girls to spread out and find a cover and told them to attack with the weapons in their arsenal when they hear his signal. But he never expected his plan to even get better when the terminator sent the seven-team members to hunt him and the others out. All he had to do was to suppress then subjugate them and add them into the plan. “you, what is your name”. Bash asked while pointing at one of the level two among terminators team. “I am roger, the third commander of this team”. “tell me, what is the status of the number of the team as of now?. “Including the former boss, we have the casualty of five people but we gained four more members including you sir, this increased our numbers to nineteen.” “gait, then explain the situation of all the teams in the cage”. When bash asked this question, the guy check his communicator before replying. “all medium and smaller teams have been eliminated by the bigger teams, right now only five teams are remaining in the entire cage”. “I never expected it to be this brutal.” macpeltus at the side, said in fright, if they had not come here to defeat terminator and take over his group, they might have been among the eliminated minor teams. “What else do you expect, when everyone's life is on the line?”. Noiter replied to his comment. “boss, there’s something important that you should know”. The level two. roger, who answered bash questions earlier suddenly exclaimed. “what is it”. “a team is sharply approaching us right now as we speak, from how close they are to us, we will be under attack in a matter of twenty minutes.” “What is the status of the team.” “they have fifty team members but I am unable to tell their power level.” “holy s**t, we are going from frying pan to fire”. Macpeltus exclaimed in terror.
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