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Bash and everyone present wear immediately under pressure the moment they heard about their besiegement. “Nineteen against fifty, the odds are against us isn’t it, but this doesn’t mean that we should give up, they may have all the manpower but we have powerful weapons, a lot of them”. Bash encouraged the team as he raised the space storage of the terminator, showing it to everyone present. “So you, tell me if there’s any other team close to us apart from our attackers”. “yes, there’s another team in five kilometers to us”. “ Alright, this is what we are going to do”. “ We are going to lure them into intersecting with the other team, once that happens the two bigger teams will direct their full force on each other and pay us little attention”. “While that is happening, we won’t take the initiative to attack any of the team, instead we are going to stay together and focus on surviving amid the two tigers in other to make them underestimate our capabilities”. “and when the two teams sustain enough damage from facing off against each other, we are going to attack them with all the powerful weapons that we have until they are both vanquished”. “what do you think of my plan.” Bash asked macpeltus and the two girls. “ I think it's perfect”. Noiter said in admiration. “I will follow your lead”. Zefer, noiter’s older sister replied. “ although your plan sounds too dangerous, I can only agree with you as I have no other choice”. Macpeltus stated. Bash then turned and address the team. “Listen up, I know that some of you here may hate me because you don’t accept me as your leader or because I have killed your cronies”. “ Whether or not you hate me, it doesn’t matter, I did all of that for one reason, that is to survive, everyone here is forced to kill each other in other to survive”. “ Today I have offered to lead you into this plan in other to survive because when that team comes here whether you beg them or offer to work for them they will not show you any mercy because they have to kill you to become the winning team in other to survive”. “now does anyone have any objection to the plan, if you do, you are free to stay here and not follow me”. After saying this sentence, he turned and started walking in the direction of the other team which was five kilometers away with macpeltus and the two girls behind him. “ captain Roger, should we follow him.” One of the level one storage building asked roger who had supplied bash with Intel earlier. “ do we have a better choice?”. “ If we stay here, we will only die faster because our attacker won’t show us any mercy when they arrive”. “ our only hope to get stronger is to stick with a powerful person like him”. Roger commented one after the other as he began to follow bash. The other team members followed after him. After all, nobody wants to die. Bash smiled when he saw that all the team members followed after him. Them following him was well expected by him as he knows that they were well aware of the consequences if they stayed behind. He had a long plan to use this team in his conquest since when he heard about the powerful weapons they possessed however, he wasn’t going to lead the team of people who will backstab him so all of this had to be done to ensure that they were on the same page as him. Just like that, bash and his team members started to move at an intended speed towards the team which was not far from them, slowly luring the team which was on their tails. In a vast land of arid, the ground was trembling as bash and his team members run on it. About fifty meters behind them, a large team comprised of fifty people could be seen chasing after them. The chase had been on for the entire night as the unknown team continued to relentlessly follow bash and his team members. “ How far are we now, from the team”. Bash asked rouge as they all continued to speed forward. “ We are just a few meters from them, it will only take us five minutes in other to view them”. “ Okay, since that is the case, everyone, speed up further”. Under bashe's order, the team instantly increased their speed in other to quickly get close to the team to which they were running. “ chase them faster”. Behind bashe's team, in the group which was chasing after them, a fierce-looking muscular man wearing an eye patch on his left eye blurted. “ ahhh” The rest of the team who all looked frightening let out thunderous war cries and sprinted quicker. “ We are ten meters close to them now.” Rouge said. “There is no need for any further updates on this matter, we can already see the team at this distance, everyone slow down your movement, we don’t want them to see us as attackers but instead as a pray”. Bash stated and gradually, his team started to slow down. “ hahaha”. “ They are slowing down, they have finally comprehended that no matter how far they run they will not escape their inevitable faith”. The man with an eye patch among the pursuers stated and rejoiced. “Jaguar, I think we have a little problem”. one of the team members close to him said after he finished looking at his communicator. “ What is the problem that you are so worked up about”. “the group we are following is leading us straight towards elfi's group”. “ damn, why didn’t you say this since.” “ sorry jaguar, I was also occupied by chasing down those fools that I didn’t have time to check my communicator. so boss what are we going to do now”. “ We are going to storm them together with elfi's team. Since our lives are at stake, the casualties that this will cause don’t matter anymore”. After he finished saying that, he focused his attention ahead as he began to mutter to himself “ elfi, you better be ready for me because I will show you no mercy even when you are a woman”. Jaguar finished his statement with a ruthless glint as he continued to stare ahead. At the same time, some distance away, stationed the team which everyone was running towards, the team members all brought out their weapons getting ready for battle, this group was led by a curvaceous woman in a white dress who stood in the center of the team with an indifferent expression. She glimpsed in the direction of the approaching jaguar and his team who were chasing after bash and co and opened her sexy lips to declare. “little jaguar, it seems that we will meet again, this time only one of us will come out alive”.
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