Fierce battle

1929 Words
In the front line. the arid ground. both of the larger teams surged towards each other with bashes group in the middle. “Study yourself and prepare for battle everyone. do not be afraid”. “Bring out your energy field protectors”. “Remember, you are all going to unleash the grade three explosives on all the level three's or in a location where none of our team members are”. “ take note, before I give you the signal, I will try and eliminate all the level threes that are in a close distance to our team so that we don’t get inflicted by our own medicine”. Bash said to his team one after the other. His team members all teleported out a round metal pad the size of a palm and implanted it on their shoulders after hearing his commands. The moment that they placed it on their shoulders, an energy field was created around their bodies which covered their whole bodies and acted as an energy field barrier. This appliance was called the energy field protector it is one of the weapons which bash discovered in the terminator's space storage. It was specially made for protecting the body of the applier against any external attacks especially from blasters by projecting an energy barrier that will surround the body of the applier. “Ohh, it can only slow your time of death?”. someone from the jaguar's team snorted at the action of bash and company. Just when bashe's team got fully prepared, jaguar's and elf's team members reached bashe's location. When this happened the two teams directed their main force against each other and left a small part of their team to attack bashe's team. everything happened just like bash had expected. The level threes from both teams ignored bashe's team and went towards the level three of the other team because to them, the level threes in the other team posed more threats than anyone from a small team like bashe's. Because of this thinking, most of the level twos from both stronger teams also ignored bashe's team however plenty of level ones swarmed his team even though most of them were fighting against the members of the other powerful team. But despite this, his team member was able to remain standing because of two reasons. Bashe's protection as he used soaring flash steps to eliminate the level ones in large quantities and also the force field protecting them. “boom” “boom” “boom” “boom”. Large booming sound responded in the atmosphere as the teams began to release powerful attacks on each other when they clashed. Blasters wear fired, hand weapons clashed, even transdonic spells wear unleashed as everyone became locked in a heated battle. Bash brought out his sword, clashed again specially chosen opponents in level two that are a threat to his team members. He tried very much to prolong the battle so that no one will detect his strength. At the side, macpeltus brought out his blaster and fired it at everyone close to him, especially level twos, keeping them busy. The two sisters noiter and zefer both teamed up to fight against a powerful level two which approached them. The two sisters were able to fight a level two when they activated a transdonic spell which synergized their energy and boosted their strength, enabling them to overpower him. “looks like those two are not simple.” bash said when he saw their action. Rouge and the other remaining level twos all fought against opponents of equal strengths. some level two will sometimes make their way to the weaker people in bashe's team but bash will always intersect them and eliminate them before they do so. because of his speed, it was easier for him to maneuver around the battlefield. In a location of the battlefield wear everyone avoided, the two leaders of the large groups could be seen standing face to face with each other. “ little jaguar it is finally time to decide who will survive among us”. Elfi said to jaguar with a smile. “ who the hell are you calling little you this b***h, try worming my bed and you will know just how big I am”. Jaguar replied to her sharply. “ hahaha, you haven’t changed a bit from our last meeting, up till now you still dare to disrespect me, looks like losing that eye was not enough lesson to you”. Elfi stated as she teleported out a double-edged sword and held its handle which was located in the middle of the sword. At the same time, a powerful aura with an energy percentage of four busted out from her body as her eyes turned fierce. “mhh, who are you trying to scare woman, before you were only able to injure my eyes because of a sneak attack but now, I am well prepared to make you pay for it.” Jaguar also brought out his weapon, a couple of short blades, and released his aura which was in the same level as hers. Shortly, the two of them clashed, creating a powerful shockwave that blew away all the weaker once within five meters to them. “Ahh” “ ahhhh”. “ahhhhh”. Numerous agonizing wails resounded amid the heated battles as many lives wear lost, due to the drastic number of casualties, the whole ground was dyed with red blood. Even when bash had tried a lot in protecting his team members by eliminating numerous threats with his incredible speed, there was still a considerable number of casualties on his side though it was phenomenally minor compared to the loss of the two powerful teams. He had lost a total of four members so far The battle went on for three hours with plenty of trial takers kicking the bucket from time to time. At this time, the number of the dead has become almost twice that of the living. As the fight continued, the two giant teams began to show bashe's team more attention when they noticed that the insignificant team retained fewer casualties than both teams. One level three from each of the strong groups took the initiative to attack bash as he was the main reason for the minor loss of lives of his team, his strength has been proven qualified for their attention. At this point, bash had to show more of his skills as he defended and countered the attack of both level threes by utilizing the energy armament spell to create weapons which he shot at them. At the same time, the battle between jaguar and elfi had reached a c****x as the two of them began to use their most powerful trump cards against the other. The both of them clashed intending to kill and exchange several moves until they became gravely injured during their battle. “ it’s finally time”. Bash muttered to himself when he discovered the grave injuries of the two team leaders. Earlier, the casualties of the teams had already reached the point in which he and his team members can expose themselves but the two leaders of the teams became the only obstacle to the success of the plan. But now that they are injured, the time is now ripe for the plan to commence. However, bash didn’t give any signal to the survivors in his team yet, instead, he scanned the battlefield and counted how many level threes who were close to his team, remain alive including the two he was facing. “perfect, only four people remaining alive. the others are eider dead or in the right distance”. Bash muttered to himself feeling happy that he only have four level threes to eliminate. After scanning fifty meters close by, he discovered that only two level three who faced against each other remained together with the two he was fighting. Making them a total of four in number. “ what the hell are you distracted about”. One of the level three he was fighting said to him as he attacked bash with a huge hammer. Bash watched the hammer with a faint smile as it descended towards his head. “ hahaha, due!!”. The attacker laughed and exclaimed just when his hammer was about to land on top bash, he could already imaging how bashe's head was going to be squashed by it. But unfortunately for him, his fantasy was destroyed as bash disappeared from his view. The next thing he saw was a sword that stabbed into his heart without warning. “ how… can.. You.. Be this.. Fast”. He mutters as he felt to the ground. The other guy stood there in shock at what he was seeing at this time his status reader had detected bashe's energy percentage level. The one whom they both saw as a weakling now appeared far stronger than them and killed the other guy. Due to fright, he wanted to quickly run away from this place but at the same time, it will be a disgrace for him a level three to run away from a level one. But in the moment of his hesitation, a vine sliced him into three from his behind. In the moment of his indecisiveness, bash had utilized the soaring flash steps to get behind him and unleashed the limb vine spell manifesting a hot energy vine that severed his body. The instant he felled, bash once again utilized the soaring flash steps and appeared in between the two other level three who were facing off against each other and released his full aura in other to suppress them and spread his two arms in their direction. “ four percentage of energy level!!”. The two of them muttered as the limb vine shut towards them from the fingers of bashes hands. They both tried to evade but due to the suppression of bashe’s aura their movement was slowed, instantly, it penetrated both of their chests. “ How can someone in the first level of storage building evolution have four percentage of energy level that is the same as their masters”. This was the thought of the two before they both lost consciousness. After they felled, bash suddenly blurted out loudly. “Everyone, there’s no need to hold back, kill all these bastards with all we've got.” “ attack!!!”. “ This is what I have been dying to hear.” Noiter stated as she immediately brought out two explosives and held them with her two hands before unleashing them at the concentrated area of the two powerful teams where two clashing level threes could be seen. Zefer also followed her little sister's footsteps, flinging out explosives at the enemies. Her target, the level threes Meanwhile, macpeltus brought out a huge cannon that is twice the size of the one from the first ground which was owned by alres, and opened the fire of a destructive laser beam to all of his targets. Just like that, everyone in bashe's team who remained alive brought out explosives and used them to attack the two stronger teams which had drastically reduced in strength as a result of the casualties sustained in the battle. Their targets were eider level threes or where there is a concentrated number of people from the two powerful teams.
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