Learning about the royals.

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“ you bastards, am going to kill all of you.” “ How dare you.” Both jaguar and elfi scream at the same time upon witnessing the disaster which bashe's team befall on their teams. Earlier when up to seventy percent of both of their teams died in the battle, they didn’t feel anything unexpected as those casualties were unavoidable in a fierce battle like this one. but when bash and his team members suddenly started hurling out attacks which drastically started to amplify the casualties, they couldn’t help but feel the pain and rage that accompanies it when you lose your team members due to a little miscalculation. The two of them instantly seated their battle and turned towards bash team. At this time they badly want to tear apart bash and his group. Just when they surged towards his group murderously, bash moved towards them and intersected them. “energy armament spell”. Bash blurted and condense a shield made up of his energy and continued to inflate the shield with more of his energy until it was large enough to cover the radius of five meters then he hurled it towards them. “s**t”. The two of them cursed as they were forced to defend themselves against the huge shield which bash threw at them. “second ability of the wind arcane: soaring wind s***h”. “instantly, a vast amount of wind elemental energy gathered towards bash as he formed a massive wind blade spanning five meters wide, fifteen meters long and slashed it towards them”. From the moment he and his team exposed themselves, he knows that he has to act fast against these two and not give them any chance to turn the situation around and that is why bash plan to rapidly attack them with everything he’s got before they could get any chance to mount any attack. The greatest reason for his action was because he wasn’t sure he can stop these two from killing his team members if he gave them any chance of attacking. Jaguar and elfi both struck the shield desperately with their weapons before it shattered and disappeared. But just when the shield obstructing them became no more, they saw a massive wind blade heading towards them at a quick speed. “dreadful claw spell.” “ crimson leaf.” The two of them instantly unleashed their most powerful attacks in other to counter it when they felt how threatening the attack was. They sensed that if they didn’t attack it will all their might, the two of them will be cleaved into two. A jaguar claw condensed in front of the jaguar which he put his hand on and tore at the approaching wind blade. At the same time, elfi summoned a crimson leaf with a sharp edge making it resemble a blade, and cleaved it at the blade storm. “ rumble” “ rumble.” As they collided with the wind blade, a great explosion of energy happened as the two of them were sent flying fifty meters away by the wind blade while their two counterattacks were vanquished. In this clash, bash had obtained the absolute advantage because his attacks were composed of elemental energy and energy type that is far above the energy in the storage building evolution. If not for the presence of wind elemental energy, bash would have at most been evenly matched with them due to their weakened state that resulted because of their grave injuries. After the clash, bash panted heavily due to the draft of his internal energy which was caused by using the powerful second ability of heaven-defying spell, he brought out two explosives from his space transmitter and threw them in their direction. He hoped that he will be able to kill the two with the help of the weapons in his arsenal because he wasn’t willing to continue with the expenditure of his energy and become weakened after killing them. What if another team shows up at that time, how are he and his team members going to survive then. this is why he had to prepare for the worst possible scenario. After their crash, jaguar and elfi rose from the ground with a deep cut on their abdomens. This injury was left by the wind blade which hurled them away. Just when they rose from the ground, two spherical metals fell in front of them. “ what the hell?”. “ crap”. The two of them immediately condensed a barrier and coated themselves before the detonation of the explosives. “ boom,” “boom.” Two loud explosions engulfed them and everything around them. when the two explosives detonated. At this juncture, bash was finally able to view the situation of the battlefield and check out the status of his team members. On the vast battlefield, the two larger teams have almost become extinct as bashe's team continues to eliminate them. From time to time, two or three people from the large teams fell to the ground. dead. This turn of events resulted because of the grade three explosives which bashe's team unleashed on the two teams earlier. Bashe's team also sustained plenty of casualties in fighting against the two teams as the number of his team members has narrowed down to ten people. However, bash felt relieved that macpeltus and the girls wear still alive. Bash once again turned towards his opponents, to see if they have died out. “ s**t, it’s really difficult to kill someone in the fourth level”. Bash stated as he discovered that none of the two had really died. Jaguar and elfi could be seen in the worst state than before, as it appears, the detonation of the explosives was only able to increase the injuries on their bodies but couldn’t kill them. “kid. nothing will stop me from killing you”. “now that you are out of skill you are dead, kid”. The two of them breathed heavily as they both charged at bash murderously under the assumption that he had no more energy or means to attack them any longer. After all, to them, bash was just a trivial level one who obtained the same energy percentage level as them through some unknown means so all those attacks he pulled earlier should have drained most, if not all of his energy otherwise, why will he resort to using explosives. And again, the fact that he hadn’t used more explosives also made them believe that he had run out of them. Upon seeing their foolish action, bash brought out the terminator's mechanic glove and wore it on his right hand. “ oh no, it’s terminators mechanic gloves.” The two of the approaching team leaders instantly halted their movements when they saw the weapon on bashes hand. Apprehension instantly filled their minds. It appears that they know exactly how mighty the globes were. The two tried to change their direction and flee but they were too late to act as bash instantly fired an external energy blast in between them using the hand with the mechanic glove. “vum!!.” The energy blast bombarded them and send them hurling in different directions. “ cool, I never expected that this thing could be so amazing”. “It is like I have the energy percentage of five right now”. “ I should have used it sooner”. Bash muttered to himself in amazement at how powerful the weapon was and also regretted that he didn’t use it earlier if not, he would have killed the two previously. What amazed him more about the weapon was the fact that any attack he unleashed with it will be amplified to the level of the energy percentage above his original internal energy percentage. When they landed, the injuries that they sustain was so terrible that they could no longer get up, After all, they were inflicted by an energy level percentage that was far above what they could handle, this is equivalent to being blasted by someone in the fifth level of storage building evolution. Jaguar’s skin was partly burned and his bones were broken in numerous sections. what was worst was that internal injuries were range in all his internal organs. Elfi on the other hand fared much worse than the jaguar, she lost her left leg on top of sustaining similar injuries to which jaguar. The two continue to cough out blood as they lie on the ground twitching. “ I really didn’t expect this weapon to be this powerful you know, otherwise you two would have been dead a long time ago, I was so anxious and hasty to kill you earlier however, seeing you like this make me feel a little pity for you”. “ I don’t need your pity, since you’ve won, just kill us and be done with it already.” Jaguar sharply stated fiercely, not lowering himself to plead for anything like mercy, elfi wasn’t able to say a thing as only blood was coughed out of her mouth each time it opened however, with the arrogant expression that was clear in her eyes, one will know that she was on the same page as the jaguar. “Any last words”. Bash said while bouncing towards them. “ he only made this offer to them because he felt a little admiration for this two as they were the only group leaders he had encountered who retained their dignity and not beg for their lives even when they knew that they were going to die.” “don’t think that you have already won, this is just the beginning of your doom because Zazu's team is coming for you and when that happens, you and your team are going to die. hahaha.” Jaguar stated then burst into laughter. “ who is this zazu, tell me”. “all that I will tell you is that he is a royal and he lords over the most powerful team in this cage, when you meet him you are going to all die, then you will realize that no matter how strong you are nothing in front of a royal. hahaha.” “ Just what is so special about a royal”. Bash inquired anxiously but he was only replied by more of the jaguar's laughter. “ tell me!!.” Bash demanded vehemently. “ Sorry, my mouth is sealed”. “ damn!.” Bash cursed as he blasted both jaguar and elfi to death. He didn’t do this because he had lost control of his emotions when the jaguar ignored him rather he killed them immediately because he knew that it was impossible to get more information from the jaguar since he wasn’t willing to tell. After all, it is impossible to scare or threaten someone who has nothing more to lose at this point. After killing them, he went on killing all the survivors of their teams. In an hour, the whole battle was over and the winners became clear. Bashe's team swept through the battlefield collecting anything useful for the next possible battle in that hour. After everything was finished, they were finally able to settle down and deliberate about the next move. “ what’s the general situation in the cage now”. Bash asked roger. “ apart from us, there’s only one team left. From the direction that they are in, it looks like they also just went through a difficult battle in eliminating another powerful team and….” “ and what.” “The team is rapidly migrating to our location.” Everyone went silent the moment these words wear uttered by roger, the atmosphere instantly became solemn, even the usually chatty macpeltus became quiet. “ what is their status”. Bash asked. “ they have the number of twenty-one members”. “ hahaha, looks like we still have hope, we are ten in number but they are also just twenty-one in number, although they have more numbers, it cannot compare with the two teams of fifty people”. “ yep, the odds are against us but it cannot compare with what we have faced, we just have to go all out with our weapons and we will win”. “ What is wrong”. Zefer asked bash when she discovered that he still had a solemn face when everyone was excited. “ instead of answering her directly, bash suddenly stated loudly”. “ Does any of you know anything about royals?.” “ never heard of it.” “ it rings a bell, but I can’t even remember where I heard it from.” “ I know a little about it.” While everyone was expressing that they had no clue about royals, macpeltus suddenly exclaimed drawing everyone's attention. “Why are you suddenly interested in royals?.” “ just cut the crap and tell me what you know.” Macpeltus asked bash with a suspicious look when bash shut him down and asked him to start speaking. “The only thing I know about royals is that they are people who possess a royal mark that boosts their strength when they use it?”. “ is that all” “yep” “ then get ready guys, in our next battle, there is going to be a royal”.
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