Start of the blood storm

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After formulating their plan, both culi and gujer swiftly made their way towards bash from behind. When they came into a closer distance to bash, gujer suddenly brought out a spherical rock. This spherical rock was the source of his confidence. He raised his arm which held the spherical object and was about to throw it towards bash but then, he suddenly froze before it could get out of his grip. Blood suddenly gushed out from all over his body as he let out a blood curling scream. His body collapsed and his companion culi was shuddering in fright as he witnessed what was transpiring. In culie's eyes, one could see the view of bash who was walking forward seconds ago now zoomed close and standing on guja’s remains two feet beside him while steering at him with a cold gaze filled with murder. He immediately attempt to run but as he moved three steps, bash appeared high up in front of him with a punch headed straight for his head. He tried to evade bashe's fist but the fist was too fast for him that he couldn’t even view it properly with his eyes. Bash hand punch hard on his face and knocked his head to the ground making his skull shatter and creating a rumblings sound which made the whole place shake. After all the suffering bash had been put through by his enemies, he no longer cared whether or not his heart could bear killing anyone, all that was in his mind was vengeance. " the soaring flash steps is really amazing". bash muttered. This was the first time that he had actually used any transdonic spell in a fight ever since he learned it. Upon experiencing the speed which it granted him, bash was delighted by how effective it was in battle. Just now when those two idiots discovered him and tried to sneak attack him, he also thought of using them to test his transdonic spell. With how sensitive he has now become to outer changes, how could he not have sensed them before they got close to him? From the commotion he had caused, he knew that it was only a matter of time before a crowd of his enemies arrive so he quickly took their belongings including the unknown spherical rock and walked forward calmly. Today, he is going to die the sky red with their blood if they dare to get in his way. As bash calmly walked forward, a large group of people who were rushing in his direction came into his view. "Everyone look, It's that demon who disobeyed the guardians". One of them suddenly pointed out. As they all saw bash, madness and greed appeared in their eyes. The only thing they could think of was the bounty on his head. " look at how cruelly he killed those two, gentlemen this is great evidence that proved that bash has become a demon and it's up to us to vanquish him”. “ in the name of the guardians, attack this demon for his cruel killing of our friends”. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!”. The Person in the lead let out those ridiculous righteous remarks as they all gushed towards bash like a tide. Meanwhile, within the canyon, there were six people silently standing on a flat rock. The force of level 10 could faintly be felt from their body from time to time, if bash was here he will recognize four people out of them as rau, ilstork, luminance, and abutu. As for the other two people which bash wouldn’t recognize, they used to be the two strongest people in level nine of bone-strengthening known to everyone before the arrival of bash. These two had broken into level nine today because they caught vanchel's attention during the time which they led the crowd to attack bash back at the ultimate treasure location. As the six of them stood there, a metho race youth rushed in and knelt on the floor before reporting. "Bash has appeared alone in the ascension area, and he's making his way here to save alres. "The commander in charge of the army netios has led the wave of men to intersect bash at outskirts of the ascension area". “How dare he show himself here?” abutu yelled as he clenched his fists”. "What galls? he there'd to show up here at this time?”. Ilstork blurted out in amazement at bashe's unexpected arrival. “Why are you all acting strange, Is this not good news?”. “Him coming here has given us a chance to destroy him once and for all". Rau said. "Your right let's all go and surround him. Am sure he won't be able to escape that way". Luminance added. "No, not all of us are going there because if bash alone came here am certain that someone else also came along with him in secret". rau said with the feeling that he has everything under his control. Meanwhile, bash gazed at the trial takers as they approach him, he could sense that, in the trial takers, the proportion of level nine, eight, and seven has doubled after the five days of his hiding. " so much level nine looks like you all have improved, supporting those guardians did you well”. “ Now let's see how long you'll last when I attack you”. With that, he also sprinted towards them with unstoppable momentum. In a flash, he appeared in front of a female creel level eight and punch at her abdomen swiftly, before any of them could react. His hand then mercilessly blew her away. She let out a screen, as blood sprays out of her mouth before she collapsed, “fainted”. This petrified the others who were in or below level eight of bone-strengthening. For some moment, they all stood there in fright, not knowing what to do, until the person in the lead, who led them to attack bash suddenly man up and charged at bash with a ferocious cry. When he surged towards bash he unleashed his armament, ‘a huge club', and flung it at bashe's head. The club caused a huge disturbance in the air current as it gushed towards bash, however, bash only spread his palms and caught it with his bare hand. When he caught the club, the force of the club continued to surge behind bash as it caused dust to rise. “No way”. The leader yelled. The trial takers all watched in disbelief at what was happening right in front of them. This event looked too unbelievable for them because bash blocked the full attack of someone in the ninth level of bone-strengthening without using any external appliance, this action in itself, was impossible, even for those at level ten. “Since you want to die, there’s no need for me to not kill you”. “ENERGY BURST, FORCE BIND”. After bashe's yell, his body suddenly started glowing with multicolored light as the force emitted by his body became more concentrated. The club in his hands was crushed and he punched at the leader’s abdomen. With a puff, his hand was stabbed into the body of the leader. The leader fell to the ground with a look of disbelief, still not able to accept his easy defeat. When the leader collapse, bash looked at his hands that were covered in the leader's red blood. This sense terrified his attackers even more. Meanwhile, bash was feeling joy after he used the second transdonic spell apart from the piece of the heaven-defying transdonic spell which he had obtained in the pyramid. Just as he had expected, the energy bust spell will instantly bust out the energy in the bones thereby boosting the force which is emitted out of the body through force binding. Although this transdonic spell was a grade one spell and unable to compare with the heaven-defying transdonic spell, it was still exceptional compared to other grade one transdonic spells he had encountered so far. While he was speculating about the spell in his mind, a group of level nines, seized the chance to surround him and mounted a sneak attack by unleashing their deadliest attacks. “Heaven cleaving”, “body destroying point” “piercing finger..…”. Their voices resounded as tremendous forces of their transdonic spells and weapons all shot towards bash from all directions. The level nines who unleashed these attacks revealed excited faces as their attacks were about to overwhelm bash. In their beliefs, there was no way he could ever survive the all-out attack of so many level nines without being heavily injured. "Energy burst, Force bind!" As the forces were about to touch his body, bash yelled. “ Boom!” A powerful level nine force with might that seemed to even surpass the peak of bone-strengthening erupted from within his body. “Booooooooom!!”. He raised his right leg and mercilessly step on the floor creating an eruption force that swept through all the forces of their attacks, destabilizing them, and sending the level nines to retreat fifty meters away at the same time. Those with weaker strength were directly sent flying a hundred meters away by the shock waves of the clash of forces. After this clash, bash stared at the crowd, solemnness returned to his face. Now that he had finished testing out all the transdonic spell he learned in an actual battle, It was time for the blood storm to begin.
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