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Splash, Splash, splash. blood sprayed out to the ground as a creal race level nine’s arm was cut off from his body by bash using his bare hands which was sheathed by indistinct wind elemental energy. Another gush of blood sprayed out as the level nine's hand was decapitated, this guy was the tenth level nine to fall under bashes hand so far. From the time which the level nines surrounded him to now, everything happened within the span of three seconds. The others didn't even have time to process what they were seeing. As his body felled, bash immediately moved to another target, a fat level nine metho race youth that was the closest to the creal race level nine. The metho race level nine quickly used a metal shield to defend himself upon seeing bashes approach. Boom! Bash hand collided with the shield creating a thunderous sound that reverberated in everyone’s ears. The metho race level nine was propelled a thousand feet away and the shield was disabled by bashe's attack. Even though he used a powerful grade one armament shield to defend bashe’s attack, there was a large hole in his disabled shield, which showed a deep wound in his chest that blood dripped from. At this time, six chains flow towards bash from four directions and wrap around all his limbs at the time when he least expected an attack. No matter how much he struggled, he wasn’t able to break the chains. Bash was a little shocked when he discovered the durability of the chains, he reckoned that the chains are definitely related to vanchel somehow. “After all of the sacrifice, we finally got a hold of you”. After shouting these words a tall and slender, creal race level nine youth, gently stepped out from the midst of the crowd of people below level nine which bash hadn’t been paying much attention to earlier. “who the hell are you”. Bash said to the creal youth. “let me introduce myself, I am netios, the real commander of this group, I ordered my second in command to take the lead of the army earlier in other to by time to carry out this plan which the chief guardian engineered”. “At first, I thought, that the plan wouldn’t succeed because of the strength you’ve displayed earlier, but I never thought that you will let loose your guard after several level nines made the sacrifice of attacking you”. “looks like, in the end, you’re still just a rookie in the gyptian world”. “Enough of that, gentlemen, your deputy commander, and others have sacrificed their lives in other for us to finally restrain this demon, let us honor their deaths by erasing this heartless demon from existence”. “Now everybody attack this demon at the same time with all your might when I say so”. “kill the demon”. “kill the demon”. When netios commanded, this time not just all of the level nine but everyone present let out an outcry as they all gazed at bash. Bash steered at them calmly. All this time, he has not gone all out to kill all of them because of two reasons. The first reason he hasn't used all his strength is that he doesn't want to lack any energy during the time when he faces rau and the others. The second is that bash doesn’t want to become a cruel demon who kills people without batting an eye even with how vicious they have been to him. He had released the monsters because he had no choice, he had to save alres from the hands of the guardians, and the only way to do that was to release the monsters, as for the deaths that it will cause, he was sure that the guardians will handle the monsters and prevent too many casualties. Along the way here, all those he had killed were those people who had acted against him, so he didn’t feel any wrong killing them. . when they surged here, he hasn’t attacked those below level nine not because of their weakness but because they haven’t dared to attack him yet”. Right now, bash wanted to see if they were all going to attack him when he is in a moment of weakness, this is why bash hadn’t stopped the chains when they were about to wrap around him. With the speed granted to him by the heaven-defying transdonic spell, it would have been an easy feat to evade the chains earlier when the sort to restrain him. From his actions, bash has offered them a final chance of survival, whether they are smart enough to take it or stupid enough to leave it was up to them. He hoped that majority of them who haven’t reached level nine will not try to kill him so they can keep their lives. however, if they all attack him, he will make sure that no one is left alive among them. Unfortunately, bashe's hopes were going to be mercilessly destroyed. Because, upon seeing that he was restricted, hundred upon hundreds of attacks were unleashed from all directions as they surrounded him in their center when netios gave the order. Everyone present participated, including those weaker ones who previously didn't have any courage to face him. Disappointment filled him as bash saw their attacks aimed at him, he let out a soft sigh before determination overtook him. “Rumble!” Vast wind elemental energy suddenly busted out from his capillaries and surrounded his whole body. The chains binding him were immediately ripped into countless pieces. When that happened, bashe’s attackers only saw a vivid azure-colored energy surrounding bash before he disappeared from their sight just when their attacks were about to reach him. As a result of bash suddenly vanishing, they were forced to withdraw their offenses before they clashed with each other. "Where the hell is h…..". A senrate race youth was on the verge of exclaiming when a hand pierced through his throat before he could finish his sentence, red blood sprayed everywhere from his neck. “whoosh” “whoosh” “Whoosh” Before his body collapsed, twenty others around him, all had their limbs and heads decapitated. Bloodcurdling screams reverberated in the whole surrounding as this kept happening. Bash is finally going all out by using the full potential of soaring flash steps. Earlier, when he use the transdonic spell, he had only released 20 percent of the wind elemental energy stored in his air capillary and joined it together with his internal energy through force binding, but now, he has released 50 percent of the wind elemental energy and only used pure wind energy that made him incredibly fast. With another whoosh, twelve more heads flew through the air. Bash continued by attacking everyone around his victims without pausing, before they could even think of running, they will see their headless bodies on the ground when their heads fly in the sky. Upon witnessing such speed of s*******r, the entire crowd was terrified. Deep dread and fright could be seen in the faces of the level nines. "wha… What d…the f**k just happened". How can this he be s.. so terrifying." "Let's quickly escape before he turns in our direction, that demon is not something all of us can handle, if we don’t run, he's just going to harvest everyone here like weeds". The level nines muttered and turned around to escape with the weaker ones around them however, a gust of wind blew behind them as dozen limbs and heads flew to the sky. Soon, only ten percent of the weaker ones who ran remained, but their numbers kept reducing by the minute, the level nines who lead the escape became scared because they know that bash will soon reach their location due to his pace of m******e. "I don't think there’s any way we can escape this demon with our speed, let's just turn around and fight him to death". A metho race youth said among the retreating level nines as he looked behind and saw how fast people were being guillotined by bash. "You of the metho race are all idiots who only use your brawn to think, Do you actually believe that you can even survive one attacked from him with his speed?”. “You won't even have time to defend before your head is cut off”. Netios shouted at the metho race guy who suggested fighting bash. “ I suggest we seek for his forgiveness and maybe he will let us off". A very thin level nine creal youth suggested after netios berated the metho race youth. "let's do that". Netios agreed to the youth’s suggestion. Meanwhile, hundreds of feet behind them, bash bloody m******e swept through everyone he passed by, like a raging blood storm that decapitates everything it touches. After two minutes, bash got thirty feet closer to them. By the time bash swept through all those below level nine, only four people were remaining who ran faster than the rest. Two level nine creal race youths netios among, one level nine metho race youth and a level nine senrate girl. Behind Bash, seventy handicapped people and hundreds of corpses without intact bodies could be seen littered on the floor. "He’s here, immediately kneels on the ground and beg for lord bashe’s forgiveness”. just when bash got sixty more feet to them, a yell came from netios. At that time, bash had just killed the metho race level nine youth, who was the only one among them who dared to fight to the death with him instead of continuing running. As his corpse fell, bash caught his weapon which was a grade one armament golden axe, and stepped towards the coward trio who was now kneeling and begging for mercy. "Lord bash please forgive us for our evil actions. We were brainwashed by those despicable guardians to do all of this, Please show mercy….”. Bash calmly stared at the spineless idiots before saying. " you want me to show mercy now?”. “ didn't you say that I have lost my senses and became a demon?”. “so why do think this murderous demon will have the rationality to show you any mercy?”. “ No lord bash must have heard wrongly, you are the most unique being in this trial grounds so how can your action be judged by our minor intelligence”. “We were just spouting nonsense because of our brainlessness and greed". The thin level nine creal, yelled anxiously one after the other while still on his knees. "Is that so". bash said with a smile “Since you want to live, I have got a proposal for you, if you guys can kill that commander of yours, I will think about spearing you”. “ Really?”. Both the creal race youth and the senrate race girl, all shouted at the same time. Their faces instantly bloomed with happiness as they found a way to survive this terrible disaster. They both turned to their commander with killing desires. You two, what the hell do you think you are doing, I am the great commander stationed in the ultimate treasure location. Don’t you dare do anything funny, remember that you will also become fugitives if you do so. . Netios told them all of this as he perceived the change in their emotions. Deep down, he knows that he will end up at a disadvantage if the two join hands to besiege him. “If we kill you before anyone notices, who will expose us?”. The senrate girl said as she teleported out a sword and started moving towards netios step by step. “No!!, don’t you dare, you are breaking the rules of the highest order set by…….” Netios stop what he was saying as the ground behind them began to violently shake when he turn around to see what was happening, a look of delight appeared on his retched face. Bash look ahead and saw the crowd of twenty people coming his way. This time, the ones in the lead were rau, ilstork, and a muscular creal youth which also had the aura of level ten bone strengthening. As for those behind them, there were made up of seventeen level nines. "Finally lured out the big fishes that were partly responsible in that crisis". bash muttered to himself, His fist tightly clenched. Some of the ones responsible for all his unjust have shown themselves to handle him again. Do they think that he is still as weak as before?. This time, he is going to make them all pay and… bashes thoughts suddenly got interrupted by a burst of loud laughter. “Hahahaha!, You demon, the Reinforcement of level ten has finally arrived”. “Let me see how you are going to kill me, the great commander, netios”. “Am sure that you're going to start running away now with your tail between your legs just like in the treasure location" “However, no matter where you run to, we shall chase you because, after today, people have realized that you are a demon from seeing how many people you just massacred”. netios quickly gut up as he steered at bash condescendingly as if he was among the level ten which he thinks bash was terrified of. As he made these remarks, he brought out a grade two armor and was about to activate it. He was confident that once he activates this armor, bash wouldn’t be able to kill him before the level tens get here Bash who now had explosive killing intent upon seeing his real enemies was further angered by netios stupid remarks. In the blink of an eye, the axe in his hand was swung towards the i***t before he succeeds with his actions. “Puff”, netios didn't even have the time to move as the axe cleaved into his skull “It was not supposed to happen this way”. He said, even at the moment he died, netios was still filled with disbelief. He wanted to protect himself before bash attacked him but he had no idea that his speculations were just the same as fantasy as bash acted on an earlier notice. The others tried to run but their heads were decapitated the moment they got up. Since bash has already made up his mind to kill all of them, there's no way he'll leave any survivors.
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