transdonic Monstork summoning

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Rau and the others were utterly stunned by the gore in front of them. Hundreds of corpses without intact bodies littered the floor, Some missing limbs, and heads and some had large holes in the chest or abdomen from which internal organs poured out from. the culprit, bash, had his hands completely covered in the blood of many kinds as he majestically approached them like the demon which he was called. Meanwhile in the innermost region of the ascension inside the canyon: zee, zarnes, and rima appeared close to where alres was being held. "We are finally here" Zarnes said in relief. It had not been easy sneaking in here, even when bash created a diversion outside to draw the attention of those stationed here. "Where did you say that alres was being held". zee said to rima after looking around the place for a bit. " if my speculation is correct, I think he should be at the hill range over there" rima muttered while pointing in the north direction which was a field with slender tall hills. "Are you sure that we are heading in the right direction?" Zee suddenly inquired as they reached deeper into the north. “of course, there’s no other place that is more suitable to detain him than this place. Are you suspecting me”. "am just making sure that you are certain of your claims" As they moved along, they finally caught the view of alres. They were surprised beyond belief by the state which he was in. Alres was chained to a statue with deep inscriptions on his chest which blood dripped from, his body looked haggard beyond belief, he is now two times thinner than before. They almost did not recognize him due to his drastic change. The group immediately want to go and save alres but just then, they perceived three powerful forces coming from up above. As they glanced up, they were greeted by the image of ilstork, rima, and an unidentified senrate youth. “well, well, what do we have here”. “you have come to rescue your previous friend after he sacrificed himself to help you escape”. “How sweet”. “I must say, am very touched by your loyalty, but this doesn’t change the fact that you are all stupid for going against the guardians”. Luminance kept mumbling as she gazed at the approaching trio viciously. In the outer surrounding of the ascension area, blood stench filled the air due to bashe's massacres. The second wave of attack swiftly approaches bash. "Bash kindly surrender and hand over what belongs to the guardians before it's too late". Rau demanded. " I have a better suggestion, how about you all stretch your necks so I can gently cut it open instead of making me do it the hard way?". Bash retorted. "You ungrateful bastard, you're still refusing to do the right thing”. “Aren't you worried about your friend's life, we already know that your plan is for the others to sneak him out while you create this commotion to draw our attention but do you think that we will let that happen?" rau berated fiercely. "so your finally willing to show your through colors". “ I must say I'm surprised". Bash muttered playfully as if he was unconcerned by what he just heard however, even though alrese's safety was now in the hands of the others, he still felt a little anxious inside. "Bash you peace of s**t, I am going to…… ". " Alright, enough yapping and come at me already, Or are you thinking that you can talk me to death". He knew promoted level ten was in the middle of making his comment when bash ruthlessly shut him up. "You…." He was so angered that words couldn't make their way out of his mouth. Since when has he lipian, face this kind of humiliation. When he was at level nine, he used to be the strongest, and now when he has become a level ten, none of them looked down on his strength all thanks to his amazing transdonic spell, but this bash had the guts to disregard him like some nobody. He needs to teach this kid not to underestimate anyone. “You little brat, Am going to make you pay”. With that yell, he sprang towards bash as a mighty force erupted out from his body. A sneer came from bashe's lips as he rush to meet the incoming lipian. Rau and the others stood where they were, quietly spectating. As the two of them collided, a huge boom sounded as dust covered the surrounding. Lipian's figure was sent flying fifty meters away like a broken kite. "What?". " How can you be this strong?". “ didn’t he have equal strength with level ten previously at the struggle for ultimate treasures, if he is this strong now, then it means that he had broken through to level nine”? Lipian muttered inwardly. In fact, he's not the only one who was astonished. The level nines present at the sense were also the same. The only exception was rau and abutu who’s thoughts were completely unreadable by this moment. "trash like you think you are a match for me? you better go and fix your brain because you are having brain malfunctioning". Bash mocked in other to aggravate him more “How dare you say that you insignificant creature, I'll show you how strong I really am”. “ Rage might!!”. “Boom, boom, boom, boom. lipian unleash his powerful transdonic spell, the force being emitted from his body suddenly became extremely berserk thereby doubling his might but he did not immediately attack bash. Instead, he unleashed his armament, a mighty grade one axe armament before rushing towards bash. Upon seeing his action, bash only smirked and channeled a vast amount of wind elemental energy from his wind capillary as he sent fort a punch at the incoming axe. Upon seeing bashe's action, the audience began to voice their remarks. "Is that kid crazy, why does he think he can block boss Lipian’s all-out strike with just one hand”. “ hhhm" he’s just overly arrogant after being blinded by his little strength". As they were about to clash, Lipian's mind can already imagine how his axe was going to cleave through bash hand because of how bash has underestimated the strength of his attacks. but as they clashed, nothing of that sort happened. Unlike what he was expecting, he felt a terrifying force from bash hand repelling him which filled him with numbness before he was propelled three meters away. What made him feel despair was the fact that bash only took three steps back. Except for bash himself, everyone was in disbelief at the fact that bash could easily handle a level ten. This fact shows that he is now more powerful than even those in the tenth level of bone-strengthening evolution. In the clash just now, he had used eighty percent of his wind elemental energy so it was not that much of a surprise to him that he could easily defeat an all-out attack of a level ten. " no, this is not happening, h…..". Lipian muttered to himself but before he could finish his exclamation, an image of a fist appeared swiftly in front of him catching him unprepared. “Boom”. he has repelled for another three meters away. Lipian's sorry figure fell to the ground with scars on his skull. The moment he fell to the ground, bash rushed towards him because he wanted to use that opportunity to finish him up. But just when bash sent out another punch towards his raptured skull, a sensation of crisis immediately overwhelmed him. He quickly changed his movement by using both his hands to block instead. Just as he blocked, a raging punch swirled the wind and pierce towards him with the intent to kill. After the collision with the fist, he was repelled for some distance before he could regain his footing. This happened because of how unprepared he was for that unexpected attack. After stabilizing himself, he glanced ahead to see his attacker 'the senrate race abutu' whose eyes were filled with unquestionable intent to kill as he gazed at bash. "You took your time to mount this sneak attack in other to avenge your brother, well done ." Bash was not surprised that abutu had suddenly mounted him a sneak attack, instead, he would have been in disbelief if abutu did not try to do anything to him judging by the kind of grudge between the two of them. "I knew you will do this." Bash blurted as he gaze at abutu in disdain. "Bash, today I have sworn that I will avenge my brother so get ready to die because this is your last day in this world”. Abutu remarked loudly. “ Everyone, attack and destroy this atrocious demon”. Rau’s voice suddenly reverberated after abutu’s remarks. After hearing rau's command, all the level nines gushed towards bash with a war cry as they all unleashed their weapons. Bash unleashed the sword armament and channeled in his energy as he awaited their offense. However, instead of attacking him with their weapons, the level nines all stabbed their weapons on the floor and started to mutter in a strange tongue. Shock was the only thing in bash's mind at this very moment. "What the hell are they trying to do". He thought. " bash developed an ill foreboding, because of the strangeness of the situation and rushed towards them to strike. There's no way he'll let them succeed with their plans even if he does not know exactly what it is. Upon seeing his action, rau, abutu, and lipian snickered from behind. “Hah what an i***t, he doesn't know that acting against them will only push the (monstork transdonic incantation) into acting faster” Lipian blurted. “ Is that not a good thing, this will at least, quicken his death?”. Rau said. “I don’t want him to die so easily, I want to make life a living hell for him before he dies”. Abutu said with clenched fists As bash sword was about to reach the level nines, it was repelled by an invisible force field that surrounded them. "Impossible, what the hell is this?" Bash exclaimed as he sent out another strike, however, a pressure suddenly appeared from the sky which made him divert his attention from them. At this instant, he viewed a golden shadow that suddenly appeared in the sky which compressed the nearby transdonic energy in the surrounding towards its center as it became denser and denser.
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