The royals

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In a thick forest filled with trees of yellow leaves, the wind flows gently creating soundless waves, and the leaves sway in the direction of the wind. This is the perfect description of natural harmony but this calm and peaceful environment is about to be disturbed by the arrival of uninvited guests who would bring destruction as they came. “Boom” “Boom” “Boom”. A huge bunny the size of a truck bounced along the forest, falling apart every tree in its path. Behind it, a man in a gold cloak who skipped from tree to tree also came into view. This man is vanchels, the self-proclaimed chief guardian of the first trial ground of blood trial. When he negmol and starko left to find and kill all the monsters, he had ordered the two of them to go and each handle a different monster while he followed the trails of this bunny. From his speculation, the bunny was the most difficult to handle as it possess keen senses and incredible speed and he was right. The moment it spotted him, it started to run as if it had seen its predator. He had been on the tails of the bunny for over five minutes now but no matter what he did, he just couldn’t get a hold of it. “if I continue to chase it like this, it will just waste my time, I need to get serious”. Vanchel spread the two of his palms as he mumbled. “second ability of the fire arcane”. “ raging fire blast”. The moment he uttered those words, a spark of flame suddenly lit up from in between his hands then the spark ignited into a raging flame twenty meters in diameter. As the flame spread wide enough, it suddenly blasted towards the skipping bunny at a speed faster than its own. Before the flame got to it, the bunny instinctively sensed the danger and tried to increase its speed however, no matter what it did, the blazing flame blast reached it and envelope it. “roooar”. The bunny howled as it was inflamed and burned to death after forty minutes. Vanchel watched all this happen expressionlessly as he squatted on a tree and absorb energy from grade two crystals. The spell he just used was gotten from another piece of the heaven-defying spell, however, what he just used was the second ability recorded in the piece, it allowed him to produce this very powerful attack but it also consumed more than half of his energy. From all of vanchel's research on the pieces of the heaven-defying spell which he had collected, he understood that each of these pieces have the records of three transdonic spells which were referred to as tree abilities. All the three abilities vary in strength and with that strength, came the enormous consumption of energy. this is in accordance with their ranking in ascending order. “Whose there?”. Vanchel suddenly yelled he as heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind him. “It’s me starko”. “have you killed the bear monster?”. “Yes my lord, however, I came here to inform you that we have an emergency”. “what’s the emergency”. “The situation on negmol's side is very bad, negmol informed me that the eagle monster suddenly appeared from the sky and stole the monster core of the python monster right after he had killed it. “ negmol is chasing it as we speak, we have to do something immediately before it swallows the core and breakthrough to the next level”. Vanchel instantly frowned upon hearing what ilstork had to say. A monster breaking into the next level of the second evolution will create a big problem for him. In the entirety of the first ground, he was the only one in the second level of the second evolution and that is why he had been invincible since when he arrived. Another entity entering that level will destroy his long-time invincibility moreover once a monster breaks into the second level of the second evolution, it obtains a powerful ability called monster breath which will make it very difficult to handle. “let's go and kill it quickly”. Vanchels stated in the middle of his rushed movement. At the same time, in the canyon located deep in the ascension area, six people in the tenth level of bone-strengthening faced each other in stillness. "Release him now or we'll do it the hard way” . Zee shouted domineeringly while she teleported out the advance saber, channeling in her energy the moment she grabbed it. Both zarnes and rima teleported out their weapons as well. “to make such a demand, you definitely have great confidence”. “but there’s something you should know, you all may have come here in hope of saving a hostage but you are unaware that you’ve thrown yourself into a deep river of doom”. The unknown level ten replied to zee's request. “is that so, we’ll see about it”. Zee commented as they surged at ilstork company. “ ha, since you are all eager to die, we’ll let you have your wish”. “Let the plan commence”. The once silent ilstork, commented while bringing out a glowing pillar with a small spherical rock similar to the one bash obtained from the dead gujer which glowed out with wight light. The surroundings suddenly became an illumination of white light as ilstork, luminance, and the unknown level ten, each all brought out a pillar and pointed it out at the approaching attackers. The moment they brought out the pillars, zee, rima, and zarnes halted their movements upon seeing their strange actions. “are you trying to attack us with a formation?”. Rima said with wide eyes. “ looks like that pretentious coldness of yours hasn’t turned you into an i***t”. Luminance stated. “The formation is one of the things specifically prepared by the chief guardians in other to kill intruders”. “This formation is called the spiral electric formation, it was inputted in the keystones on every single one of these pillars”. “if we release the formation trapped in the pillars, it will create a frightening spiral-shaped tornado of lightning and cause a devastation which anyone in the bone-strengthening will be unable to bear”. “you have one last chance to surrender before we act”. Ilstork said smugly, trying to frighten them into submission. “you all think you can make us surrender with that primitive formation”. “Pffhhh!, keep dreaming”. Zee almost burst into laughter as she said with her hands on her hips when she heard ilstork. “are you trying to get us ki..”. Rima exclaimed, trying to stop zee from continuing with her ridiculous remarks but her action was disturbed as zarnes palm landed on her shoulder. When she looked around to see what information he wished to confer, she saw him shake his head left and right, indicating that she should let zee continue. Ilstork, luminance, and the other youth faces darkened when they heard zee's comment. “You ungrateful little b***h, we gave you a last chance of survival and this is what you say?”. “we’ll make you regret your actions now”. Luminance blurted in rage as she channeled her energy into the staff in other to release the formation. Seeing her action, the two others also did the same. “Buzzz” “Buzz” Lightning instantly busted out from all of their pillars then gathered together to form a huge spinning spiral-shaped lighting tornado forty meters wide thirty meters long which spin towards zee, zarnes, and rima. Rima who kept quiet after zarnes stopped her from questioning zee's action watched the whole thing as it happened with a solemn expression. Inwardly, she hoped that the two have a way to handle the situation but her expression instantly darkened when she saw zee's next action. Zee stretched her arms apart as if she was waiting for a hug while closing her eyes with a faint smile on her face as she awaited the destructive spinning spiral of thunder that destroy its wake. “What are you trying to do”. Rima loudly exclaimed with a face filled with anxiety. “don’t worry we’ve got this, just trust us”. Zarnes answered while moving forward, stepping to the front where zee was. “hehe, idiots looking to die”. Luminance and the rest are inferred at the action of zee and zarnes. “damn it, you have killed us all”. Rima shouted in anger at the two foolish actions. She once thought that they have a trump card to handle the situation but she never thought that the two will do something so ridiculous, do they think that all this is a dream. In the end, she could only sigh sadly for listening to the talk of the foolish, who had led her to her death. It was too late for her to escape now because according to the speed of the thunder spiral, she couldn't outrun it, even if she used her agility transdonic spell. “Whoosh”, “whoosh”, whoosh” The spiral thunderstorm finally reaches the trio, just as it was about to destroy them like anything in its path, white light glowed out from the shoulders of zee and zarnes as a whitish transparent barrier came into being and absorbed the impact of the lightning at the same time repelling the lightning spiral back to the direction it came from. “Crap!!” Ilstork yelled when the lightning suddenly changed direction and started coming towards them faster and more ferocious than it previously was. As it reached them, it swam them in the storm of destruction. They attempted to flee but it's fruitless as the formation moves faster than them. “Nooo!!” “This is outrageous!” “I refuse to believe this is possible”. The three of them yelled as they were swallowed by the spiral lightning. their sorrowful howls soon followed. Meanwhile, in a metal room designed with beautiful architectural patterns which illuminated the room as they glowed, the back view of a rilnord sitting in a chair could be seen. Behind the rilnord, a huge and muscular rilnord was stationed there. In front of both of them was a projection screen which was divided into three views. The one on the left showed the view of vanchel as he chased a bird flying in the sky, the view in the middle was the scene of bash facing lipian and the last sense showed that of zee and the others when they deflected the formation. “What an unexpected discovery, zoom in". The rilnord on the sit muttered as he stretched his hand and pointed to one of the views on the screen. Immediately, the images of zee and zarnes became wider as they filled the screen. The screen continued to zoom towards their glowing shoulders, when the zooming came to a halt, two identical transdonic patterns which glowed brightly with white light became visible on their shoulders. “is that not the royal mark of the royals?”. “ morgran, tell me, what are the royals doing in the segment of noneties”. “forgive me, milord, I am unaware of this, I never put much surveillance on this matter as it is too uncommon for royals to send their new breeds here”. “in that case, pay more attention to those royals so this doesn’t happen again, the blood trial is my experiment ground and everyone should follow my rules when the do something in it". “I will make sure of that, but lord ralzit, what about the lawbreaker who descended from the second ground of the blood trial”. “you have given me an instruction to not eliminate him previously but what happens when he tries to destroy your precious project?”. “hehe, morgran, you seem to be in doubt of my decision”. “I don’t dare”. “fine I will explain everything to you, I was the one who leaked the news of the heaven-defying spell to vanchel and I also gave him a method of hacking the platform in other to descend into the first ground”. “ I did all this to make things more interesting in the first ground”. “ as for bash, he is the most unique project that I have made so far and I honestly don’t want him to die early but whether or not, he lives or dies will depend on himself”. “if vanchel kills him, it means that he’s a failed experiment because, with how unique the transdonic origin is, and with the surprise I left in store for him, there’s no how him perishing is possible ”. “Alright enough of the talk, let’s see the action of bash in question”. When ralzit commented, the view in the screen where bash could be observed, suddenly zoomed out and covered the screen. In the outskirts of the ascension area, as the seventeen people, all in the ninth level of bone strenghthning chanted in a strange tone which created a golden shadow that spread drastically as it consumes energy of the atmosphere. Under the shadow, bash was mystified by the happenings. Unable to determine his course of action. Should he attack the chanters, the shadow will be stimulated to react faster and he was incapable of attacking the shadow as it was suspended for in the sky, from where he could not make direct contact. “The medium is ready, now you two should consummate the summoning”. Rau said to abutu and lipian. When they heard him, abutu and lipian both raised their hands as they yelled. “THE ALL GUARDIAN, THE PROTECTOR OF ME, SHOW YOUR PRESENCE AND LET THE WORLD TREMBLE IN THE MIGHT THAT IS YOURS” “RUMBLE, RUMBLE, RUMBLE” The shadow in the sky quaked as it condensed into a giant palm shadow covering the range of a fifty-meter radius. When the palm finished condensing, it suddenly started descending towards bash as it created massive airwaves in its path. “Holy crap” Bash muttered while looking at the descent of his disaster. In his mind, he wondered how or whether he was going to survive this terrifying palm.
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