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When the palm was descending upon bash, the sense resembled an ant that was about to be crushed by a human palm. Bash stared at the palm. terrified and lost for a little moment, then his expression changed as if taking note of something before it transformed into a fierce glare filled with unyielding determination. When the descending palm was two seconds from enveloping him, bash channeled all of his body's internal energy into his two hands as he prepared to unleash the greatest attack which he had never used before. "The demon will soon die" "You are finally paying for humiliating me". " my brother will soon get redemption". Rau, abutu, lipian, and all the level nines all started rejoicing as they watched the giant palm envelop bash under it. However, when this happened, a shout suddenly resounded in the whole atmosphere. "First ability of wind arcane:the Soaring flash steps, force bind". "Energy burst, force bind". " Boom, boom, boom, boom, Bashe's body suddenly busted out with dense wind elemental energy which spread out and surrounded his body forming an armor of some sort. At the same time, his whole body started to glow with a multicolored light as his internal energy started to boil like a water in hundred degrees, then it erupted out of his body forming a very powerful and dense force of destruction. All of his transformations were carried out within three seconds and immediately after that time passed, bash instantly shut up toward the hand like a rocket. Just when the palm was about to reach bash who surged up with a powerful velocity, he punched at it with his hand as both of his energies started to assemble into the attacking hand. “Boooooooooooooooom!!”. A catastrophic explosion suddenly took form when both sides smashed together. Bash was instantly shot back towards the ground with a great force due to the impact. The giant palm also caved in and started to slowly disintegrate, until it reached a state where it exploded and completely disappeared. At the same time, the ones who summoned the monstork, all received terrible backlash due to the explosion of their protector. The first collapsed on the ground after uttering loud groans before the energy in their bodies lost balance leading to their death as they all exploded one by one. Meanwhile, in the backside of the ultimate treasure location, the surrounding was filled with havoc which ensued as a result of the destructive clash between two bodies. These two bodies were the body of vanchel and that of the eagle monster, behind vanchel negmol and starko could be seen offering support as they both chanted an intonation that created a force field above the monster which prevented it from taking flight. Vanchel and the other guardians spent some time going after the bird in other to prevent it from swallowing the monster core, but it took almost an hour before they were able to corner it and discovered that it had succeeded in swallowing the monster core. The only good news for them was the fact that it hasn’t fully digested the core yet. So it was still short of entering the genuine second level of the second evolution. After their latest clash, the bird spread opened its wings and opened its beaks as energy flowed out from its core, surging towards its throat as it gathered into an energy blast that was fired at vanchel. “damn it, of all the things you could do, you chose to fire that annoying monster breath!!”. Vanchel cursed as he defended himself from the monster's breath with a staff which he teleported out of his space storage in time. “Rumble” In the middle of defending himself with the staff, vanchel brought out a long spike and hurled it at the bird. “Creeeeee” The monster shirked as the spike was impaled into its upper beak thereby shutting its mouth and preventing it from hurling out more monster breath. Upon seeing this, vanchel brought out another spike and once again aimed it at the bird “our troubles will soon be over”. Starko from behind vanchels said in joy The bird tried to struggle out from the cage in other to flee because of the threat which the spikes possess to its life. At this time, vanchel flung another spike towards it again. The bird let out a shirk as the spike Pierced its left wing, disabling it. As the monster shirked, vanchel brought out the third spike and aimed it at the bird again. Upon perceiving its hopeless situation, the eagle resolutely began an implosion process. It disturbed the balance of the energy in its core in other to implode itself. Upon sensing its action, vanchel tried to stop it by attacking it with the spike but he was too late as the process of implosion had already begun. Even after the spike stabbed into its chest, the destabilizing of its monster core did not stop, soon the monsters shattered apart with a disastrous explosion that enveloped the guardians in it. After the self-implosion came to pass, there was only a dead and barren land within the square of seventy meters, a deep gorge which stretched up to ten meters radius came into view at the exact place of the explosion. The dilapidated pieces of the bird's flesh could be seen scattered around the gorge, vanchels rose from the ground now wearing raged fabrics, his skin was burnt, at this point, even his mask had crumbled to pieces. He looked behind him to see the carcass of both negmol and starko who hadn’t survived the self-implosion by the bird. Although he was a little saddened by their demise, he was not surprised by their outcome, he of all people knows that the implosion of a monster's core or gyptian storage has never been a minor thing. This is because all the energy within the body of the one imploding will instantly bust out at the same time creating an explosion that is difficult for anyone in the same level of strength to bear, talk less of people like stark and negmol who were in a weaker level than it. “waste of investment”. He could only sigh in lamentation at how their deaths have wasted all his efforts in enslaving them. “This is all because of those kids who want to ruin my plan, I am going to make them suffer for releasing these monsters”. Back in the canyon, where zee's trip and the other trio faced off against each other in other to rescue alres, the barrier which was projected out from the shoulder of zee and zarnes as they both stood under rima's shocked gaze suddenly disappeared. Let’s go, zarnes said as he stepped towards the chained alres in the distance. “what was that barrier just now”. “Sorry, but I cannot tell you”. Rima asked as zarnes moved into the distance to which zee answered. “ keep it to yourselves then”. Rima remarked as she followed behind zarnes. “what took you guys so long, I was expecting you sooner, you have disappointed me”. As the three of them reached alres who was tied to a huge statue, alres exclaimed weakly. “if that is the case, why don’t you chase us away”. Zarnes replied to his remarks with a smile. “ like I have the strength and choice to do that, enough with the jokes, it’s time you break me out of these chains, am so tired of having them on my limbs”. “Alright”. Zarnes muttered as he teleported out a sword and swiveled it at the chains, breaking them one by one until all the chains binding alres were destroyed. When that happened, alres weakly fell to the ground panting heavily. Both zee and rima helped him get up. “how hard had it been”. Zee asked him “You still ask that question after seeing my state. “am sorry mister alres, but I can’t see you clearly”. “mmhh, stop making fun of me, I have suffered so much for you guys. as you can see it was worst than a nightmare. anyway, I have a couple of questions to ask you”. “ How the hell did you all pull this off”. “It was simple, we…….”. Zarnes narrated the whole event which transpired in the trial ground after alres was held captive. “I can’t wait to see the look of vanchel's face after he finds out that I have also escaped”. “Let’s get the hell out of here, and go and help bash”. Zee blurted. “Speaking of bash, where the hell is he?”. “He's outside alone, facing off against everyone”. “ha, I can’t wait to see him”. Just like that the four of them started to walk out of the canyon but just when they reached the outskirts, rima suddenly turned around as she perceived a movement from behind. When she turned, she saw that among the victims of the spiral lightning formation, there was one person who started to twitch and that person was her greatest foe, luminance. Rima suddenly changed her direction and started moving back towards the feeble luminance. Zee, zarnes, and alres turned around to see what was happening as they all noticed rima's action which astonished them but they all understood the situation when they saw the movements of luminance. As rima reached the location of luminance, she immediately teleport out her short sword and pointed it at luminance's neck, ready to finish her off. “Please don’t kill me, I beg you, I don’t want to die”. Luminance pleaded for mercy but rima just stared at her coldly. “please I am willing to do anything for you, even becoming your slave, as long as you don’t kill me”. “Unfortunately, you are useless to me, so you die”. Rima said expressionlessly then resolutely cut the sword at her neck. “Noooo!!”. Luminance wailed miserably as her throat was slid open by rima's sword, blood instantly gushed out from the cut. After killing luminance, she joined up with the rest as they all walked out of the canyon. On the outskirts of the ascension area, after the great clash between bash and the shadow palm, except for one, all of bashe's enemies were killed due to backlash from the monstork. In a gorge, bash climbed up in a terrible state, his upper body became bare with plenty of injuries visible on it, his hair was mixed with dust from the ground. As he got up and looked around, he found out that only rau was still standing, out of all his enemies. “you know, sometimes, I really wonder what it is that you are made of which makes you so powerful and indestructible”. “when you first showed up, I like the others didn’t show you much attention so we underestimated you, however, no one ever thought that you will rise to this level”. “no wonder the chief guardian was so concerned about you ruining his plans that he left plenty of preparations to kill you”. “The first thing he designed, was a chain created to restrain anyone in the first evolution than a formation whose power nobody in the second evolution can handle”. “but he didn’t just stop at that, he also sacrificed two level tens, seventeen level nines in summoning a transdon protector in other to kill a pesky little roach like you but as it turns out you are even more incredible than he thought”. “This is why I have to step in to finish the job”. “Shweee” The sound of his weapon chiming could be heard as he unleashed it in the middle of his speech. “ ah, am so surprised, this many measures, just to eliminate a weak being like me”. “vanchel is eager to obtain all the pieces and you, you are the top dog of the chief guardian and I can understand that you want to kill me because of vanchel, but do you know that when the time is ready, vanchel will Kill you in the end for his precious heaven-defying spell”. “you think that I want to kill you only because of that?”. “Bash or whatever you are called, you have not only been invincible since you appeared but you have also taken my position as the number one among all those in the bone-strengthening, “ Tell me, how do you expect someone with my ego to accept that”. “This is why, no matter what happens, I will make sure you die by my hands today”. “oh, how do you intend on doing that, are you strong enough, or do you think you can now kill me because of my state”. “Since you want to know where my confidence comes from, let me show you”. The moment that rau finished this statement, his body suddenly got enveloped by a black armor, this armor was the great two armament which alres used at the time of the escape. Right after that, he took another step as he yelled. “First ability of the thunder arcane: lightning fury”.
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