The return of the chief guardian.

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“First ability of thunder arcane: lightning fury”. Bash gazed wide eyes as rau's body suddenly bust out with dozen lightning snakes that covered his whole. After the little shock, bash raised his axe from his shoulder and pointed it at rau as he also activated his piece of the heaven-defying spell. The ground trembled as they surged at one another then collided with a boom. One side was filled with swirling wind while the other side was filled with destructive lightning. Rau was pushed back three feet away, as for bash, he remained stationary, not moving an inch. Although they both used the same level of the spell, their strengths still differed because bash strength has far surpassed anything in the bone-strengthening evolution. It could even compare with those in the first level of the second evolution of transdon. Were it not for the energy he wasted in fending off the shadow palm, he would have been able to send rau flying in the air for over a hundred meters from their clash. Bash was surprised by how fast rau was with the lightning spell because he was just as fast as him. “looks like you are not as strong as you say” “ Don’t get complacent over a little victory, when the time comes, you are going to be begging for your life”. Rau sprang at bash for the second time as he raised his spear and yelled. “Almighty piercing” The force of the spear in rau's hand suddenly turned dozens of times sharper as it approach bashe's chest like a bullet. Bash cleaved at it using his axe at the incoming spear. This time the two forces on the weapons neutralized each other resulting in no one gaining the advantage over the other. After that, rau attacked bash in frenzy with numerous spear thrusts to which bash block every single one of the attacks. As they combatted, bash began to feel that rau was getting stronger after every attack but he knew that it wasn’t rau who was getting stronger but him who was getting weaker. After rau cast the almighty piercing spell, rau became evenly matched with him but due to the rapid attack of rau, bash had no time to recover his lost energy even with his incredible rate of energy recovery. As a result of this, bash became weaker as time goes by. He had thought of using his second transdonic spell to quickly finish this battle but he stopped himself from using it because the energy bust will bust out all his remaining internal energy if he used it and he wasn’t sure if rau will die by the attack. “Did you feel that? you are getting weaker as time goes by”. “I told you, didn’t I, you were too arrogant over a moment of victory but we still don’t know who will have the last laugh”. Rau blurted in the latest attack, bash was pushed three steps backward before stabilizing his stand. “hahahahahahahahahahaha”. “you’ve really got me, but this is just the beginning of this battle, of all the opponents I have faced so far, you are the only one that will see this side of me, you better be prepared”. Bash said after his long laughter with a crazy look in his eyes and an evil smile. Rau instantly felt apprehension from seeing the drastic change in bashe's behavior but he wander in his mind, why exactly was this kid who he was about to beat suddenly become more dangerous in his eyes. While he was in the middle of his thoughts, bash suddenly approached him with a punch covered in vast wind energy, headed straight towards his head. Though he was surprised by bash suddenly using his fist in the battle of weapons, he sent his spear in the direction of bashe's hand hoping to pierce through it. However, just as the spear reached his hand, bash spread his hand and grabbed at the spearhead. When he grabbed it, his hands suddenly became charred with many wounds due to being assaulted by the spear force. “Crazy”. Rau blurted, shocked by bash using his hands to grab the spear which carried the full force of his attack. What kind of brain damage does he have for him to pull such a reckless stunt, isn’t he aware of how dangerous that is, he could even lose his hands because of this reckless action. rau began to wonder in his mind however, he wasn’t given much time to relax as an axe cleaved straight towards his shoulder at a quick pace. Bash was delighted that his strategy though reckless, had earned him victory but he suddenly felt strange later as rau calmly let the axe tear at his shoulder without trying to struggle or evade. A clanging sound resounded in the atmosphere the moment the axe reached rau's shoulder. As it appeared, the grade one armament which was the axe was incapable of penetrating the defense of the grade two armor. Bash stared wide-eyed in shock after discovering that fact and in his moment of shock, he got kicked away by rau. However, bash did not lose his grip on rau's spear. He held the spear in other to reduce the distance which he was propelled and used it to get back to rau by pulling the spear with his hands thereby reducing the distance between him and rau. Instantly, as he was returning, he cleaved at rau's face while yelling. “the armor may have covered your body and made it impenetrable, but let me see how it can protect your face”. Rau who had expected bash to be propelled some distance away from him was caught unprepared by the sudden turn of events. When he saw the axe which moved towards his face, he sensed a great danger of losing his life because there’s no way he can defend this attack without his spear which bash held captive, so he immediately thought of the only thing that could save his life. Just as the spear reached five inches to his face, a canon instantly appeared in his hand as he activated it and aimed it at bash. Bash, on seeing the canon, instantly withdrew his weapon and used it to defend himself. He of all people knows how dreadful the attack made by the canon was as he had once witnessed its might in the hands of alres. The moment he did that, the cannon instantly blasted him away with a laser beam. Bash was blasted for twenty-four meters before the blast was over, the dust raised from the ground covering the whole sense. Rau teleported away the spear and held the blaster, pointing it in bashe's direction while he gazed into the dust, looking for any sign of bash. When bash finally came to view, the injuries visible on his body had double. His left arm had a deep scar admits plenty smaller wounds, his previous damages opened up and became wider, his skin became burnt as a result of the laser beam which blasted him, and even the quasi grade two armament he held had its axe head melted, leaving only the handle in his hand. As bash came to view, rau faired another blast towards him without wasting any time. He wanted to quickly finish bash before the weapon drains him of his energy. Bash was blasted away for another distance but strangely he wasn’t sent back for up to the range of a meter. “you think you are the only one with a grade two armament”. Bash's voice suddenly resounded in the atmosphere as bash speedily sprang towards rau while holding a long sword. “what, how come you have something like this and you haven’t used it earlier?”. Rau was baffled by what he was seeing but at the same time, he once again activated the canon and blasted towards bash. Bash held the longsword with his right hand and vertically slashed at the incoming beam. This time, he was not going to hold back anything, he was going to either kill rau with this last offense or die by rau's cannon blast. When the beam clashed with bashe's weapon, it only reduced his momentum a little but was not able to push him back like before due to the boosting of his strength brought up by the change in the grade of his armament. “How can this be” Rau started to panic upon seeing bash who was supposed to be propelled away, moving towards him quickly. He increased the intensity of his fire in other to stop bash but that had little use as bash was only slowed down for a second before he charged even harder and more ferociously with a loud grunt. In no time, bash reached rau whose face was now covered in panic as he teleported out his long spear and grabbed it with his other hand while thrusting it at bash. Bash's sword slashed diagonally at rau, cutting a deep scar on his chest which almost cleaved him into two. At the same time, rau's spear stabbed deep into bashe's shoulder and busted out from the other side. “ahhh” They both uttered loud cries of pain as this happened, but instead of retreating, they both channeled their forces into their weapons using the force to exacerbate the injury of the other person. If anyone among them collapses first, that person will be the loser. however, neither of them wanted to lose to the other so they both held on for some time of struggle for survival before they both collapsed on the ground, helpless with ragged breathing. “kudum”, “kudum”, “kudum”, Bash could hear the loud beating of his heart as he began to slowly lose his consciousness. Just after the two fainted, zee and the others slowly came into view after coming out from deep within the canyon. As the four of them step outside, the trial takers who remained behind in other to secure the outside of the canyon all stared at them as they moved along. No one wanted to die from stupidly trying to stop zee and the others who were far powerful than them. After some time of walking, the four of them reached the outskirts of the ascension area where bash was, but as they began to move further, rima suddenly stopped. “what's wrong” Zarnes asked upon noticing her strange action. “This is my stop”. Rima said calmly as she turned around. The others didn’t try to stop her as they were all now aware of rima's nature. She doesn’t like working with others unless she has no choice. Signs of a bitter battle could already be seen as the group viewed a lot of crevices in the ground as well as some decapitated body parts. “I wonder how he's doing, fighting against all those people at the same time”. Zee exclaimed in worry for bash after seeing the horrible scene of the battlefield. “there’s no need to worry too much about him ”. “he was able to survive and even kill an injured monster at the second evolution of transdon when he was just at the eighth level of bone-strengthening but now he is in the ninth level and his facing people who are in the same evolution as him”. “what could possibly happen to him”. “she's right for being worried for him. Vanchel had set up that formation in other to make sure that I don’t escape, but what do you think he set up in other to kill bash, his real threat”. Alres suddenly blurted with a voice of solemnity. “Why didn’t I think of that earlier ”. Zarnes said looking anxious. “if what you said is true, then bash must be in danger”. “Let’s quickly go and get him, I hope it’s not too late”. Zee blurted as they all rushed forward. As they moved further after encountering a huge dent in the earth where bash landed from the clash with the shadow palm, the unconscious bash and rau appeared in their views in a distance not too far away. “Bash!” Zee yelled his name when they finally got to him trying to see if he was still alive but there was no response from bash. When she saw that, she moved down to his body and started yelling his name while shaking his body to see if he was alive. “why!!” Zee cried out sorrowfully due to his lack of response, tears began to slowly drip from her sorrowful eyes. Not only was he her close friend, but bash had also saved zee in her desperate times, without any hesitation, he was willing to fight a gang of level nine and even offended a level ten just in other to save her, someone he barely knows at that time. Zarnes and alres also stood there, deeply rooted with sorrowful faces. To zarnes, bash was a good friend of his whom he had faced life and death situations with. It was a deep regret for him to lose such a friend. Alres also stood there deep-rooted in his sorrow, unable to say anything. Bash had taken a terrible risk alone in this battle, just so he could be safely rescued but without bash, there was no longer any hope in facing vanchel. For a moment, the entire atmosphere was silent and sorrowful until zee's voice suddenly resounded, carrying a message which brought shock and delight into everyone's faces. Wait a second, can you guys hear that, I can suddenly hear a beating sound”. Zee suddenly blurted as she pressed her hand on his chest. When she did that, a smile blossomed on her teary face as she loudly exclaimed. “ his heart is beating! he’s still alive”. The atmosphere instantly transformed from that of sadness into a joyful one. They were all delighted after finding out that bash was alive but their excitement will soon turn to the worst expression as someone arrived. With a boom, a golden figure suddenly fell from up and let out an enraged roar. “I will annihilate you, all of You” “you dare go against me". " All of you are going to die!!”.
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