The descent of the ascension platform.

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CHAPTER 43: the descent of the ascension platform. Vanchel finally returned here at this time after rushing over a long distance. When he arrived, he was infuriated by the sight of the deaths of his pounds. He had specifically enslaved the level tens for a reason and that reason has something to do with the events of the second ground of blood trial. “Am going to kill all of you”. Vanchel yelled as he stepped towards them while exuding great might. “Oh no”. alres muttered as he bent down towards the cannon and passed it towards zarnes before saying. “You two should think of how to distract him, I will attend to bash”. “if my plan pull’s through, bash will awaken with a strength able to withstand vanchel”. Both zarnes and zee agreed with alrese's suggestion because they both know that alres will be of little help if he were to join the fight in his condition. In his condition, anyone in level nine will be able to easily kill him. Furthermore, he has a way to help bash recover faster. Zee teleported out her advance saber and channel in her energy into it constantly without pause, slowly accumulating force in it in other to release a very powerful attack when released. Zarnes on the other hand held the cannon and pointed it at the slowly approaching vanchel as he channeled in a vast amount of his transdonic energy inside it. Vanchel sneered upon seeing their action. In his eyes, the action of these two was ridiculous as they do not understand the immense gap in strength between him and them, and that is why they do not understand when to give up and surrender As vanchel stepped twenty feet closer, zarnes who had accumulated enough energy in the cannon finally released it, unleashing a laser blast that surged towards vanchel in the blink of an eye. As the beam approached him, vanchel maintained a calm expression as his energy was projected out of his hand, forming a barrier before he slapped the beam towards another direction with his backhand. Zarnes's eyes were opened wide with shock upon witnessing the extent of vanchel's power but he teleported out his weapon and charged at vanchel together with zee who had finished accumulating force. The two of them know that no matter what, even if they ran, they will still end up dead in the hands of vanchel. so no matter what, they are willing to die fighting for any hope of survival. “ Mhhh brainless idiots” Vanchel stated upon seeing their pointless actions. As zee's saber approached him, he stretched his hand and caught it before breaking it with a squeeze and slapping away zee. Zee crashed to the ground as blood sprayed from her mouth due to the heavy force of the slap she received from him. “you bastard, how dare you put your filthy hands on my sister's face”. Zarnes yelled, anger filling his face and the tip of his sword head straight towards vanchel's head but just like what he did with zee's weapon, vanchel caught it with his hands and broke it into two before grabbing at zarne's neck. Zarnes tried to struggle his way out of the hand as vanchel raised him but no matter what he did, it didn’t make vanchel lose his grip on his neck. “you have guts, to curse at me in this kind of time”. “now apologize before it’s too late otherwise I will torture you till the end of your existence”. “puff” Zarnes spat on vanchel's face the moment he finished his statement. “How dare you!” Vanchel raised him further and send him down, smacking him against the floor in rage. “Stop!!” Zee cried out as she pounced at vanchel with a punch. However, she was once again slapped away by vanchel who uttered. “get out”. “ I will show you what it means to suffer”. Vanchel blurted as he once again raised zarnes and shoved him on the ground before doing it again for one last time. “To me, you are just an insignificant lowly being who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth”. “yet you, the insignificant insect, dared ignore your weakness and humiliate me?”. “where does your courage comes from!!”. In the middle of his last statement, vanchel raised his leg and heavily matched on zarnes chest. “c***k” “Ahhhhh” The sound of ribs breaking together with zarnes loud cry resounded in the surrounding. “brother, no!!”. Zee yelled in rage and anguish, at this time the royal mark on her shoulders began to slowly brighten. “haha", do you now see how weak you all are compared to me?”. “your brother is going to die by my hand cruelly and there's nothing you can do to stop me because you're weak”. Vanchel smirks while gazing at zee with a mocking smile as he continues stepping on zarnes unaware of the slow change in her body. The moment vanchel finished uttering his scorn, the mark instantly lit up as it sparkled like a star, at the same time, her other shoulder also began to light up as another royal mark slowly became visible. However, the lightning up of the two royal marks was unable to compare with the drastic transformation that was happening to Zee's body. “This is not happening, no, you are not one of them”. Vanchel said in shock upon seeing zee's transformation from the beginning to the end, even his hands started shaking due to his trepidation. After her transformation, zee now looks like an entirely different person, her beautiful eyes shined brightly like a star, her purple hair changed color as it shined with lite while at the same time danced in the air. Her moist lips and her whole face now look like that of a different person, she became dozen times more beautiful that her beauty could illuminate the whole first ground of blood trial. Even rima who was considered as the most stunning beauty by everyone in the first ground could not compare with the beauty of this transformed zee, it was like comparing a housemaid to a princess. After her transformation, zee suddenly sprang up into the sky with both her arms wide. Instantly, formation runes began to appear in front of her as they gathered in the middle of her hand and become more condensed from absorbing the light which came from zees body as if they were charging up in other to deliver a powerful attack. “you are a royal and you didn’t say so all along, damn it”. “Stop” Vanchel cursed then rushed towards zee in other to obstruct her before she finished charging the formation runes but he stopped midway when the phantom of a gigantic blade suddenly came into being from the formation runes. “die!!” Zee yelled as she shot the giant blade towards him at a lightning speed. When he saw the blade coming towards him, vanchel brought out his staff and instantly channeled a vast amount of his energy into it as quickly as he can. When he did so, a crescent barrier suddenly formed and block the giant blade which was shot towards him. “rumble”, “rumble”, “rumble”. After a millisecond of the collision, vanchel was shot away into twenty kilometers as the phantom ran through him after destroying his defense. After her attack, zee turned her face away from vanchel and quickly went towards her brother in other to heal his injuries. Now that the seal which hid her identity has been broken, she knows that she and her brother don’t have much time left on the first ground. At the time when zee and zarnes were facing off against vanchel, alres brought out an orb and placed it on bashes chest while sending in his energy inside it. When the orb absorbed his energy for five minutes, it suddenly lit up and started to rapidly consume his energy and at the same time, cracks started to form on it. when it finally broke apart, a blue liquid pure out from the shattering of the orb and drilled into bashe's chest. At the same time, alres fell weakly to the ground due to overexertion of his energy. As the liquid drilled into his chest it approached his heart area and started to envelop it, instantly bash heart turned blue and its beating slowed as time passed by. The blue substance started to spread throughout all his blood, putting his blood cells to sleep in the process. “Rooooar”. His heart which was beating slower suddenly let out a furious raw when it was about to totally stop beating. After that roar, it was as if a fierce predictor had been awakened from inside the heart as all the blue substances were instantly sucked into his heart which started to beat louder as it began to rapidly channel in the transdonic energy of the atmosphere at an incredible pace. When all this was carried out, bashe's eyes suddenly opened. Meanwhile, In the metal room, morgran's shocked voice suddenly resounded. “Lord ralzit, we need to stop him from using that orb, or else the curse will ruin your project”. “there’s no need to worry, the curse was the surprise that I have for bash”. “ I first gave alres the orb by putting in one of the remnants which he stumbled across”. “ I left him the information that the curse can awaken any hidden power within the body of a person and I ordered you the free the monster bird and direct it towards bash when bash was close to alrese's location”. “I calculated that when that monster is about to kill bash, the transdonic origin will act on instinct then eliminate the monster and alres will witness it all as it happens so that he can give birth to the idea of using the curse on bash in other to fight against vanchel, his worst enemy”. “ So the transdonic bloodline curse was your present to him all along”. “Lord ralzit is wise, but lord ralzit, are you sure that he can survive the domineering curse”. “ease your pressure morgran, everything is under my control”. “the transdonic bloodline curse may be terrifying, but it is like a firefly to the sun, compared to the transdonic origin when it is awakened”. “the curse will only serve as a threat with will boost the awakening of the full properties of the transdonic origin bloodline”. “what you should be more concerned about is dismissing the royals”. “my lord, do you mean that we should send down the ascension platform so the royals would be teleported away”. “mh, the royals have already served their purpose, there’s no need to let them stay there much longer”. “but it still remaining a day of the three weeks before the descent of the ascension platform”. “just send it down”. “ok” In the battlegrounds, zee squatted beside zarnes and healed his injuries using her internal energy. While she was doing that, suddenly a green light lit up in the sky of the entire ascension area as a platform suddenly came into being. The moment it arrived, zee glanced up at it before letting out a sigh. It looks like their time is finally over. “it’s the ascension platform” “haha, the ascension platform has finally descended, we can finally head to the next trial ground”. “Why are you so joyful when you are heading somewhere even more dangerous”. “you late trial takers do not understand what it means to fail twice in ascending to the next ground that’s why you cannot understand my joy”. As the ascension platform appeared, numerous trial takers spread across the whole of the green land who saw it began to eider feel joy or trepidation over the arrival of the platform. At the same time, some trial takers began to make their way into the ascension area. Back at the ascension area, the platform projected a green beam towards zee and zarnes and began to slowly suck them upward. They were both elevated up until they reached the platform, zarnes was immediately teleported away upon making contact with it but zee struggled against the force of attraction as she look toward bash for one last time before uttering her goodbye. then she allowed the force to pull her away and teleport her. When bash opened his eyes, the first thing he set his sights on was a beautiful angel slowly ascending towards the sky whose eyes and hir glowed brightly. his eyes became glued to her beautiful figure ever since, unable to look away from such a perfect creation of God. In his mind, he thought that he was already in heaven as he gazed at the slowly ascending angel but not until the beautiful angel turned her blossoming face towards him and spoke to him with a familiar voice did he get out of his fantasy. “i***t, goodbye, I will be waiting for you in the next ground, you better make it there alive, or else I will never forgive you”. “wait a second that was zee's voice”. Bash suddenly jolted up from the ground before looking at the surrounding for some time. “ now I understand, the ascension platform has descended and it carried away zee and zarnes” “that means am still alive” “I wonder why zee looked so different”. “bash, look ahead, that bastard is coming for us, better go and finish him up before he recovers from his injuries”. A voice suddenly sounded when bash was distracted by his own thoughts. Bash finally looked at the ground beside him to see the haggard alres whom he hadn’t seen in a long time. “Are you ok” “yes I am, but we will both be in trouble if you don’t quickly handle vanchel, so go”. Bash glanced into the distance and saw a heavily injured vanchel who had a deep wound on his chest making his way over. “Alright, I will handle him”. Bash's voice rang in alrese's ears when he surged towards vanchel at a frightening pace. Vanchel was shocked when he saw the moving bash as he recognized the wind elemental energy which enveloped bash as he moved faster. Others may find it hard to recognize the elemental energy granted by using a piece of the heaven-defying spell but vanchel who had obtained and studied three different pieces of the heaven-defying spell surely recognized it. Vanchel snorted when bash approached him with a punch and threw out a furious slap to smack bashe's hand. The final battle which will be the ultimate decider has finally commenced.
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