The end and the beginning

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Bash raging fist shot towards vanchel like a rocket but it only collides with his palm which sorted to slap bashes hand away. When they clashed, a big boom tremor throbbed as the ground around them caved in. Some seconds later, vanchel was pushed backward with a stupefied look on his face. “Impossible!!”. Vanchel loudly yelled How can someone in the ninth level of the first evolution produce a force greater than his own in a clash and even send him into retreating with the same force? This is something that shouldn’t be possible even in this weakened state which prevented him from utilizing his external energy. Not only is there a qualitative gap between the first evolution and second evolution but there are also three nominal levels separating them. Bash was also shocked by the stunt which he just pulled. He had never expected his strength to amplify to this extent when he awakened. but then again his shock only lasted for a short time as he sensed the source of this change which was the presence in his heart just as usual. In his heart, he could feel the hidden power slowly awakening, he wondered what boost will happen to his strength when that happens. Bash again whisked towards vanchel carrying out the same method of attack. Vanchel, upon seeing bashe's action, channeled out his energy and accumulated it on his hand then punched at bash. Vanchel's hand emitted a pure golden light when the external energy covered it, at the same time, blood sprayed from his mouth due to him forcefully using external energy but he refuse to stop as he had executed this method of attack because he was not willing to be outdone in any category by the once insignificant insect in his eyes. “Bang, their fists created a loud disturbance in the environment as dust rose from below them and shut up like a rocked forming a mushroom cloud”. As the dust settled, the view of bashe's back became clear as he stood still and stared in front of him where vanchel could be seen in a worse state than before. From the look of thins, everyone will understand who won the advantage. All this was possible because of the drastic increase in physical strength granted to bash by the presence in his heart. “chief guardian of blood trial is this the extent of your power”. “I must say, am truly disappointed if this is all” “you dare to look down on me”. “I will show you why I remained undefeated until now”. “limb vine spell”. The moment he uttered those words, five multicolored vines were suddenly projected out from the fingers of his right hand then he shoved it in the ground. Bash felt an ill foreboding upon glimpsing at vanchel's action. When he saw the vines sink into the ground, he thought of attacking vanchel before it reached him however, the vines instantly busted out from the ground and tied around him. When it happened, the vines started to slowly devour the energy coursing through him. He tried hard to struggle out of its fold but the vines tightened around him the more he struggled. Vanchel brought out the same spike which he used against the monster back at the backside of the ultimate treasure location. The moment the spike appeared, vanchel hurled it at bash. Puff, the spike stabbed deep into bashe's left arm, but he didn’t utter any cry, instead, he struggled more against the vine. At this time, he could feel the dormant presence inside his heart increasing in its activity. With another puff, a second spike was also implanted into bashe's second arm. Bash started struggling against the vine like a beast the moment that the other spike stabbed into his shoulder, his heartbeat became so high that even vanchel in the far distance could hear it clearly. Due to how fierce bash struggled, one of the vines was ripped apart and the others started having signs of reaching their yield point. vanchel teleported out a formation keystone that looked exactly the same as the one ilstork and the two others used in the canyon. He held it in his left hand as he began to channel his energy into it when he perceived the threat coming from the restricted bash who was struggling like a wild beast. From the formation keystone, a huge projection of a hammer suddenly came into being. Its image was similar to the blade image that zee used to attack him but it was way smaller without any formation runes and it emitted a lesser presence than hers. “it's time for your death”. Vanchel blurted as the giant hammer pounded towards bash from above. Bash who was halfway from getting away from the vines got pounded to the ground by the giant phantom hammer. Another cloud of dust mushroom happened as the ground below was broken into pieces. Vanchel awaited to see bash dead on the ground when the dust settles but instead, he was greeted by the sight of bash climbing out of a deep hole created by the hammer strike which resulted after the ground cracked apart. “Why won’t you just die!!”. Vanchel yelled historically as bash once again repeated the same action of surging towards him with a fist. “you lowly insect, this time, am go into make sure that you die”. “first ability of fire arcane: inflammation”. The moment he exclaimed those words, vanchel’s whole body was instantly ignited in flames and he rushed at bash in rage, delivering a fierce punch at bash. “Boom”, “Boom”. When they met, bashe's fist punched vanchel’s face just as vanchel's fist punched bashe’s face. Two booms resounded as they were both propelled from each other. As vanchel settled, he spurted out a large mouthful of blood while bash on the other hand only had a deep bruise on his face. Vanchel's sights turned black due to the heaviness of bashe’s punch. When everything became normal again bash in his front disappeared from his view as he heard a burst of loud laughter which resounded close to him. “hehehehe”. Bash instantly appeared in front of vanchel and kicked him in the head after utilizing the soaring flash steps. “before, vanchel always used something to obstruct him whenever he utilize its speed but this time he caught vanchel in an unexpected time”. “imbecile, you will pay for this”. Vanchel yelled in anger as he forcefully cast the second ability of the fire arcane. He was very reluctant to use this most powerful attack of his due to his poor condition but now he was forced to use it because of the anger that clouded his mind. “raging fire blast!”. Instantly, the whole flame which surrounded his body converged into the middle of his arms which were now stretched forward in bashe's direction. In a matter of moments, a fire blasted towards bash from in-between his palms. Bashe's hair was sawing wildly in the air due to air was caused by a giant fire blast surging towards him as it burns everything in its way but instead of evading or retreating, bash dashed towards the flame ferociously. “whoosh”. Vanchel who almost lost his balance due to the increase in damage which his attack had brought him, watched as the fire blast enveloped bash totally in its raging heat and within three seconds, the figure of bash was no longer visible from the outside of the flames. “i***t, you took the second ability to be as weak as the first one but you are going to be burned to death Insid……………..” “dum”, “dum”, “dum”, “dum”. Vanchel was in the middle of rejoicing when the sound of the largest heartbeat which he had never heard in his life interrupted his good moment. He instantly had an ill foreboding when he heard the sound. What the hell was going on in the flames. Bash within the flames was on fire moments ago but he was more than willing to be burned as his resistance to the heat became speedily stronger due to the faster awakening of the presence inside him. He sensed that the presence in his heart was about to come into being at the moment which vanchel ignited the fire blast but it still needed a little push in other to fully awaken at this time, that is why he rushed into the flames hoping to use it as a catalyst to hasten the process. “Duuuuuuuum”. After one great beat, his heart totally stopped beating but he could feel it absorbing the energies from the outside a hundred times more than before. “This is incredible”. Bash mustered when he saw that even the flame elemental energy was being madly sucked into his body. “This is impossible”, “absolutely impossible”. “This cannot be happening”. Vanchel historically yelled at the top of his lungs when he saw his flames suddenly get sucked into a hallow as bash became visible inside the hallow. For a moment in his mind, he even thought that he was dreaming. “so this is the full extent of its power?”. Bash muttered after feeling the full awakening of the presence in his heart. “absorbing time is over, now it’s time to release”. A telepathic voice suddenly reverberated in bashe's head carrying this information. When he heard its contents, he instantly understood the voice came from the awakened presence in his heart. “Ahhhhhhhhh”. Bash let out a fierce war cry while rushing towards vanchel with unstoppable momentum. He punched straight at vanchel's stomach when he reached his location. With a bang, vanchel was propelled into the horizon causing a lot of raking below him. However, before his body settled down, he was kicked away by bash who had already appeared behind him. “How can he be that fast” Vanchel thought inwardly Previously, bash had displayed a very fast speed in their battle but it was not to this extent that he couldn’t even fight back. While vanchel was still in a state of shock, bash once again, appeared above him just before vanchel's body landed on the ground. This time, bash punched into his abdomen. “Boooom”. Vanchel was smacked into the ground as dust rose everywhere around him. A short moment later, before the dust could settle, bash crashed into him creating another surge of dust. “bang”, “bang”, “bang”, “bang”. A deafening sound rang out as bash let out a barrage of punches into vanchel's face without any pause. When bash finally stopped with his attacks, he looked deep into vanchel's face before saying in a loud tone. “This is the extent of your power, in the end, you are nothing but another trial taker”. When bash finished his sentence, he gripped at vanchel's shoulder and raised him, and heavily squeezed the two shoulders. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “you are this happy just because you’ve won against another pond, but do you think that this is the end?”. “let me tell you, this is just the beginning, my master will surely come after you when you enter the blood c*****e, and trust me you will regret your actions”. “is that so, then I will make it easier for him to find me so that I can give him a piece of my mind when we meet”. Bash muttered while turning vanchel around and facing him at the crowd which had gathered at some point during the time of their battle. This crowd comprises all the trial takers who came out here to the ascension area in other to climb up to the ascension platform suspended high in the sky. “Listen carefully, those who were deceived by this bastard who proclaimed himself as a guardian of blood trial”. “There is no such thing as the guardian of blood trial, he is just another trial taker who had descended from the second ground of the blood trail on a mission to steal treasures from us. yet most of you idiotically fell for his schemes against me when one of such treasures landed in my hands”. As bash made this statement, he applied strong pressure on vanchel's shoulder and started pulling them apart from each other. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. An agonizing shriek resounded as vanchel was yanked apart into two by bashe’s hands which pulled apart his shoulders”. “as you can all see today, I have not only bitten the s**t out of him, I just ripped him apart but the blood trial management has not done anything to stop me, instead they only reward me by sending down the ascension platform”. After he finished the utterance, he collected a golden tablet along with the space storage of vanchel which fell to the ground when vanchel died. after doing that, he didn't even wait to see the crowd's reaction as he once again collapsed on the ground feeling extremely exhausted and weak.
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