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“I can’t believe this, the guardians that we all respect and look up to were just trial takers like us”. “You are right, no matter how much I look at it, am still finding it hard to believe”. “O yea, why don’t you both go and tell that to bash”. “Are you planning for me to enter my grave at this early stage of my life”. “Look at where you are, in this place, anyone can die at any time” “That’s understandable but it’s still better than courting death”. “you guys can keep chit charting, we are going to ascend now”. “ascend? do you even know how to?”. “we………”. When bash collapsed on the ground due to his overexertion, the crowd busted into a great uproar as numerous exclamations where been made mostly about bashe's announcement. The moment he finished handling vanchel, he wanted to check on alres but an intense numbness overcome him as he couldn’t move any single part of his body. This phenomenon was caused by the side effects of using the amount of energy which was far above his evolution of transdon. For a few hours, everyone in the crowd tried making contact with the ascension platform above the sky to no avail because no one here knows exactly how to make contact with it. It was until a senrate race girl in alres set who had once witnessed how they ascend to the next ground demonstrated to the crowd by stretching apart her hands and glancing deeply at the platform allowing it to scan her with a green light for over one minute. Then she was enveloped in the green light coming from the platform which sucked her upward to the ascension platform. It was only after witnessing it with their own eyes, did everyone understood exactly how to ascend to the second trial ground. From then on, numerous trial takers followed her footsteps, one by one as they all started to ascend then again, some failed to ascend the platform due to them not reaching the requirements of the platform when they were scanned. The example of those people was anyone who has not reached the ninth level of bone-strengthening yet and those in the ninth level who possess ordinary powers or low courage. Sometime later, the figure of rau could be seen getting up from the ground. After he woke up, he had heard from the crowd's discussion, what had happened while he was unconscious. His eyes looked around to find the truth and when it did, it saw a vanchel which he never expected to see in his life. A dead body that was brutally split into two by bash. Beside the carcass, he also discovered the weekend bash that drowns him in the see of hatred just by a mere sighting but he kept his cool and focused on escaping, just like everyone here he went for the ascension platform. The platform was the only place he could escape from the terrifying demon bash. Bash instantly took notice of rau from the time he saw the dead body of vanchel and sorted to pounce on him, but his body prevented him from doing so. Only bashe's fingers kept twitching as he struggled to get up and deal with rau but it was as if his body was against him as he could only witness the entire process from when the green light scanned rau to when rau was sucked up to the platform and disappeared. “Damn”. Bash suddenly cursed loudly steeling the attention of almost everyone present. Why the hell did the demon curse out so loudly, isn’t he aware that his sudden outburst will give everyone a heart attack. The tension in the crowd subsided later when the demon remained on the ground for some time without getting up. People once again relaxed and continued with their activities. After a few hours, bash was finally able to get up, by this time, a haggard alres who look far better than before, was already stationed close to him. Alres arrived here an hour ago and entered into a long idle conversation with the paralyzed bash, keeping him company until he was finally able to move again. Alres changed his tone as he entered into an important subject when bash got up from the ground. “ now that you are ok, let me ask you something that has been on my mind all this while”. “Why the hell did you make yourself the target by exposing vanchel and the heaven-defying treasure which everyone now thinks is with you, aren’t you aware of the implications”. Bash first gazed deeply at alres before he replied solemnly. “ by telling everyone here that the treasures are with me, you think I run the risk of them exposing me in the second ground and making me the target of greedy eyes once I enter the blood c*****e”. “is that what you are worried about”. “yes!!, why else will I be worried, once again you’ve made yourself the target of everyone, and you did that just in other to get back at vanchel's boss who is probably far too powerful for you to handle, tell me, how can I not be worried when you’ve implicated me as well!!”. “ if you had just kept quiet after killing vanchel, we would not have to face any of this”. Alres yelled at bash. “you are damn wrong if you think that we will have no problems without me saying what I said”. Bash remarked. “ The reason is that vanchel's boss whoever he is will still come after me because he will discover that I killed vanchel when he interrogates any of these ascending trial takers as he will still think that I obtained the heaven-defying spell after killing his subordinate”. “ as for the second part where everyone in blood c*****e will come after me because of the heaven-defying spell”. “ I don’t think that is possible because I only told everyone that there is a treasure in my hands which vanchel died for, but they are not aware of what treasure it is, and no one will ever expect that it is something as mighty as the heaven-defying spell”. “Now tell me, do you think that those who are truly powerful gyptians in the blood c*****e will come after a treasure which a lowly and unknown vanchel died for”. Bash asked alres as he surveyed the surrounding, looking as the trial takers attempt to ascend. “ I finally understand what you are getting at, you purposefully made yourself the bait so you can find out anyone who knows about the heaven-defying treasure apart from vanchels boss and eliminate them so that the treasure remains a secret”. “However, do you have the capital to do that?”. Alres suddenly came to a realization then blurted in shock before asking bash this question. “In the first ground, I realized that I can only improve faster with the help of great pressure”. “ in here, vanchel was my great pressure, but in the second ground, those people are going to be my great pressure to stand up to”. Bash said with a serious look in his eyes. “ you've got a lot of guts to take such a risk, but if you want to hear my opinion about it, your chance of survival is less than twenty percent” “ nope, from my speculation, I have at least fifty percent chance of survival as I heard from zarnes that the second ground is very vast. so it isn’t going to be easy for them to find me before I grow strong enough to eliminate them”. Bash said with a smile as a frightening gleam appeared in his eyes. “if you think so, then there is no need for me to worry too much”. Alres exclaimed as he started stepping towards the center, where people ascend but he suddenly stopped after taking three steps before turning to bash and asked. “ what about the big fish who escaped the net”. “you mean rau?, there’s no need to worry, I will surely eliminate him as well when I see him in the second ground”. Bash muttered as he also started to move towards the center while saying. “ I have been meaning to ask you something about the heaven-defying spell”. “after killing vanchel, I collected his possessions and scanned his space storage before collapsing. at that time, I saw two other pieces of the heaven-defying spell in it”. “how come vanchel had three pieces of the heaven-defying spell but he only used one among the tree during a life-threatening event?”. Alres paused as he replied with a solemn expression. “I also find that strange, but I think that it's because it is very difficult to make connections with more than one piece of the spell”. “ hah, I hope you are right”. After they both reached the platform, a moment later, they were enveloped by the green light which later pull them upward to the platform. “goodbye”. Alrese’s voice resounded in bashe's ears when they both got teleported away. Bash's vision suddenly turned dark. when he regained his vision, he could vaguely see himself propelled downwards like a shooting star from an ascension platform that was twice as small as the one in the first ground radiating yellow light. As he was descending, he viewed a large hole below him which disappeared soon after, then his vision changed again. This time, he was approaching a rough rocky ground filled with plenty of steep holes. “boom”. He fell to the ground with a large force creating an explosion of dust that rose from the ground. When the dust subsided, bash tried jolting up but he instantly stiffened in the middle of his action as he sense his bones showing signs of breaking due to the gravity of the atmosphere. Bash instantly eased his body's movement and got up slowly in other to prevent himself from getting hurt by the intense gravity. “where the hell am I”. Bash blurted as he scrutinized his surrounding. He saw himself in the center of four large holes that looked like they were burred by giant rodents which served as the entrance of four narrow paths. “tap”, “tap”, “tap”, “tap” “tap”. The sound of rushed footsteps suddenly resounded in bashe's ears causing him to turn around and gaze at the passage, awaiting whoever it was that was coming from that direction. Deep in the narrow passage, two people clad in green and red armors and also with helmets of the same color could be seen quickly walking forward. One of them, who wore the green armor, was a senrate race youth with a tall and muscular stature who held a dagger in his hand. the other guy was a very fat metho race youth who almost resemble a ball due to his fat body. He held a large gun in his hand which resembled a bazooka gun but it has a large handle attached to it which glowed with blue light. As they ran forward, the big guy opened his mouth and said in an excited voice. “ I pray that it’s someone from the first ground and not some ambush left by anyone, that way, we will be able to escape out of this cage”. “ I am sick and tired of fighting this cruel battle”. “ and I will rather drop dead here than be killed by any bastard”. The other guy just run forward without making any comment, his expression remained solemn without change as the big guy chattered on. After some time of running, they reached the outskirts of the passage and started to lessen the speed of their steps while gazing vigilantly ahead. “where finally her…”. “Shoosh”. The big guy exclaimed when they were about to get out of the passage but the other guy in green finally quieted him and pointed his dagger forward. When they both emerged, bash stared as two people slowly move towards him, taking step after step with their weapons pointed at him. Bash raised both of his hands in surrender. Earlier, he had already scanned the two intruders and discovered that their level of strength is within the range which he can handle. The first level of the second evolution, but he decided to surrender. He surrendered in other to keep a low profile as he doesn’t understand the situation in the blood c*****e. He doesn’t want to expose himself and provide information to those who are after him. When they pointed their weapons at him, bash was expecting them to attack him or interrogate him about who he is. but instead of doing that, they both focused their attention on looking upward where bash fell from before they started uttering disappointing remarks. “s**t!!, why the hell is the exit closed”. “am going crazy in here”. “A newbie has arrived but the God damn management decided to lock down the exit before we could arrive, is there any justice here”. “Speaking of a newbie, are we even sure of his identity, he may be a bait set here by another team in other to set an ambush”. The moment that the last statement was uttered by the senrate youth, the both of them turned back to bash, peering at him with vigilant eyes. “Are you a rookie from the first ground?”. The metho race big guy said. “Yes, I am”. Bash replied. “if that is true, then answer my question”. “you have one second to answer each question and you must not make any mistakes when answering otherwise, I will blast your head off”. The senrate race youth said as he began to speedily ask bash random questions. “What is your name”. “bash yaman”. “ What planet do you hail from”. “Earth”. “ Which race are you”. “Human”. “ What is the percentage of your energy level?”. “what energy level?”. Bash answered the last question with a baffled expression and gazed deeply at the senrate with an inquiring gaze. “ look's like you are really from the first ground”. “ if you were undercover, you would not have been curious about the energy percentage”. The big guy exclaimed as he lowered his weapon. However, the other guy did not put down his weapon instead, he started to direct his energy into the dagger and gazed at bash murderously. “ shredded, what the hell are you doing men”. The big guy exclaimed on seeing the action of the senrate youth. “what does it look like am doing?”. “am getting rid of this imposter”. “He has already proven himself, so why do you still call him an imposter”. “if you want to know why try scanning his energy level percentage with your status reader and you will understand”. The big guy tapped at a transparent glass screen that covered his face at the front of his helmet. Instantly, the transparent screen at the front of his helmet that was covering his face started to show numeral readings in percentages. From the time it started reading to when the status reader finished reading the percentage status of bash, the whole process took less than ten seconds. “holy moly, what the hell?”. “How can someone in the ninth level of bone-strengthening have up to one percentage of energy level? you must either be an imposter or an abnormally”. The metho race big guy, exclaimed loudly while pointing at bash with a shocked expression “what the hell are you guys talking about”. Bash asked, feeling more shocked than before. Where the hell does this percentage concept come from. “Shut up!”. “tell me who sent you?”. Shredded demanded as a powerful force of the level one of the second evolution exploded out of his body. “I don’t know what you are talking about” Bash exclaimed as shredded moved towards him while brandishing his weapon. At this time, he had made up his mind in fighting it out with these two, if they attack him. “shredded wait for a second, what if he is telling the truth”. Just when shredded was four steps to bash, the metho race big guy's voice resounded. “there’s no way that I will ever believe that, how the hell can someone whose energy percentage level has reached one percent be in the ninth level of bone-strengthening”. “Have you forgotten that only someone in the same level as us can possess that energy percentage”? “ look at this fact, since he claimed to be a newcomer, how come there is no exit out of here which appears whenever a newcomer arrives”. “even if he is somehow telling the truth, we mustn’t take any risks”. We have to eliminate him to prevent any unwanted possibility”. “ do you take me for some weakling which you can easily eliminate”? Bash suddenly exclaimed in the middle of nowhere with an enraged voice. “so what if I think so, brat, this is the blood c*****e, people like you are worthless than crap”. “is that so, then I will teach you who is………………….”. “Dum”, “Dum”, “Dum”, “Dum”. “tap”, “tap”, “tap”, “tap”, The sound of deafening footsteps along with plenty of other smaller footsteps suddenly disturbed bashe's statement as a huge burly senrate in tick black armor suddenly busted out from one of the passages and five other people stepped out from behind him and surrounded both bash and the other two.
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