Unleashing the chained terrors 2

1340 Words
Zee and zarnes spent a good two minutes before they could locate the braking point of the barrier. “Now that the node has been found, bring out the monster core”. Zarnes urgently said to zee. Alright, zee complied as she teleported out a monster core and passed it to zarnes. This very core was the monster core of the strange bird which bash encountered in the barren land. Since after he defeated it, he kept the core inside his space storage in preparation for when he will evolve into the second evolution of transdon. He later gave the core to these two when zarnes explained to him about the barrier on the chains, chaining the monsters down. The barrier prevented anyone in the first evolution from freeing the monsters. Bash gave the core to them to help break open the barrier because inside it contains a vast amount of energy exerted by only those in the second evolution of transdon. He hoped that the energy contained in the core will be able to blast open the barrier when it is detonated. Zarnes and zee proceed to channel their energy into the core thereby destabilizing the calm of the energy inside the core. Once the core is fully destabilized, the core will detonate after five seconds. After one minute of exerting their energies, zarnes threw the core at the node of the barrier as both he and zee ran away from the area in other to escape the range of the detonation. “Boom”. A great explosion occurred as the core touched the barrier at the point of its node. The barriers suddenly weaken five times as they became covered in small cracks. "It's finally going to be broken." Zarnes muttered as he gasped for breath. "Great, I can't wait to see those guardians' ugly expressions when they discover that the monsters which they suppressed had now escaped". Zee blurted. “let's quickly get out of here before the monsters escape, we only have up to three minutes' worth of time to before the barrier completely disappears". Zarnes stated as he pulled zee away. “ Rooooar!” “Rooooar” “Rooooar” Frightening rows of monsters suddenly sounded from six different directions to the barrier a minute after zarnes and zee left there. " it seems that whatever creatures are chained here have discovered the weakening of the barrier covering the chains, it won’t take long for them to breakout". Zee mumbled while she glanced behind as they were sprinting away. Meanwhile, in bashe’s location, abutu and his friends could be seen tied to a tree with deform bodies. Their bodies became deformed as a result of bash smashing all the bones in their body. This shows how brutal bash beating was to them. “What a wonderful sight, my heart feels joy after seeing you like this”. bash said with a smile on his face as he gazed at them”. “You better release us if you don’t want trouble or my brother will never let you off”. “if my brother finds out about this, he’ll……” “Roar”, “Roar”, “Roar”, “Roar”. Agaba was amid threatening bash, when several monster roars reverberated in the whole forest, shutting his lousy mouth. As it happened, he was badly frightened by the monster's wails. "Looks like the plan had worked”. “haha, the monsters are released, those bastard guardians will finally get what’s coming to them”. “What did you just say?” “You guys released those terrorizing creatures into the atmosphere just to go against the guardians?”. “are you out of your minds, don’t you know how many casualties this is going to cause?”. A keen person in abutu's entourage exclaimed one after the other in other to criticize bash after he heard bash mutterings. “plenty of lives will be lost if those monsters are released because the monsters' first action will be to pounce and devour anyone they come against due to their long time abstain from food”. “But what does that have to do with me, I wasn’t the one who asked them to push me into doing this”. “Since when they ignored their morals and besieged me, I no longer cared about all those greedy bastards”. “If anybody dies they get what they deserve for participating in the conspiracy”. “Oh, I almost forgot something important because of my mutterings, it's time for me to get out of here”. “help me greet the monsters when they appear". bash said as he turned his back at them and began to slowly walk into the horizon. "Bash, set us free right this minute if you don’t want to be killed by my brother”. " Set us free before you reach the point of no return". Agaba loudly exclaimed followed by some of his companions. "Shut up!!, if you keep on cursing him, he will not even think of releasing us. The smart guy from agaba’s men shouted at the idiots who were doing the same thing as agaba. When they heard him, they changed their remarks from that of cursing into that of praise, and even to the one of pleading just so that bash would release them. “Bash you are the kindest”. “you are in the right all along and we and the guardians are dog s**t when compared to you” “Bash please let us go” “ Please have mercy". Despite all their yelling, bash only increase his pace of movement while ignoring them until he was no longer visible in their eyes. After running in the bushes for some time, bash finally met up with the rest. " How did it go with your revenge on agaba?". Zee inquired. "It went great”. “I tied those idiots into a tree after trashing them so they can say hay to the monsters for me when they arrive”. Bash said with a gratified smile. " let's put on the powder again and check out how the monsters accept their greetings". Zarnes suddenly interjected excitedly. After all this time the effects of the powder has disappeared, therefore, the group had to put it on again in other to hide their presence from the approaching monsters. Just like that, they sprayed the powder on themselves before moving to a remote area to spy on agaba and his friends who were tied to a tree. “Bam!” “Bam!” “Bam!”. As they waited, the sound of trees falling which becomes more resounding as time goes by could be heard. All this was caused by the monsters which just got released, From the commotion caused by their movements, bash and co analyzed that only one monster came in the direction of agaba and the others. The other monsters went into other different directions. The monster kept moving forward until it reached a certain area which drew its attention as it saw agaba and co who were tied to the chain. "O no, we are dead, the monster has discovered us and is heading our way". One of abutu’s female followers cried out in fright. “Roooooooar” A wild roar rang out as the monster rushed towards them like crazy, and the ground trembled from its weight. At the same time, bash and his friends who have hidden some distance away witness the sight of the giant bear 80 meters tall, pouncing on agaba's company. After a few moments, blood-curling screams rang out as the bear devours them savagely. "What a terrifying creature" Zee silently whispered upon witnessing the horrifying sense. "Let's quickly get out of here before the powder effects fade away again" Zarnes urged.
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