Unleashing the chained terrors

2068 Words
In the innermost region of the green land located at the center of the first ground of blood trial known as the ascension area, a youth was chained to a huge statue within a canyon. In his front, the three guardians could be seen. And outside the canyon, a crowd of people was present performing various activities. Most of the people present here were also present on the day of the conspiracy against bash. " Little brat, you are still trying to put up a stubborn display aren't you”. “Don’t worry you'll see how I am going to finish you off when I get my hands on the last piece of the heaven-defying spell from that little brat". Vanchel stated as he stabbed a needle into alrese’s chest and used it to carve random words. "You are wrong about something, there's no way that you will ever get your hands on it because by the time bash get’s here, he will be ready to deal with you”. Alres blurted while he tried not to shout out from the pain he was feeling. Normally alres wouldn’t have felt much pain by the simple action of carving wounds on his body with a needle. However, the object used to drill his body seemed to be solely made for torturing people as it transmits the pain to all parts of the victim’s body, making the victims feel unbearable pain. "Hhhhm! We shall see about that when he comes". Vanchel snorted upon hearing alrese's remarks. "When is that kid going to stop hiding like a turtle and come out to face us!”. “Am losing my patience here". starko said in annoyance. "There's no need for you to be too anxious. I have a sense that we will meet him soon”. “after all, his time is running out”. Vanchel said with confidence. "Boss, what if he never shows up". "He will surely appear because, with his temper, there's no way he can stay calm after finding out about his friend's situation". "Good, I just hope that he can show up sooner so that I can give him peace of my mind for his past transgressions ". Starko declared. Meanwhile, In the backside of the ultimate treasure location, which was where the monsters were chained. A dense forest of jam-packed tall trees that stretched for fifty miles could be seen. Bash, zee, and zarnes had just arrived in the perimeter of the tick forest then they opened a discussion on how they were going to unchain the monsters. “ now that we are here, let us talk about how we are going to unchain the monsters without having them chasing after our tails”. Zee whispered as they moved forward. “That is very simple, we just have to destroy the restrictions binding them without being detected”. “How do we do that”. “We can accomplish it with the help of this”. Bash muttered as he brought out a transparent bottle filled with a powdered substance. This appliance was among the stuff originally put inside his space storage by the hologram image in the endroph zone. Before he exited the metal room, the image threw the space transmitter to him and remarked that it contains things that will help him to survive inside it. Since when he heard that, he had been curious about those survival items kept inside the space storage by the hologram but he didn’t have the time to check it out until after he and the others found a hid out after escaping from the guardians. At the time which he tested the appliances one by one, he discovered that some of them possess miraculous effects and that was why he started to formulate the plan of freeing the monsters. “We can use this presence Lifting powder to hide our presence”. “Looks like you prepared for this a long time ago”. Zee blurted as she also recognized what the lifting powder was. It was a potion created to lift off any form of presence whether smell, aura, or even sound when used. However, its effects can only last for five minutes unless administered again. “Alright let's do this”. Zarnes said after they had sprinkled the powder on their body. Soon, the three of them began to move stealthily in the forest. As they reach a certain distance, they began to hear a vivid voice coming from ahead. “ Did you hear those voices, I think we are not the only ones here”. Zee blurted. “Your right and from the sound of that voice am pretty sure that I know one of them” “It’s someone who I have longed to kill and there's no way I'll let this opportunity to kill him pass me by”. Bash said as he was getting prepared to pounce on everybody present in where the voice was coming from. “Wait, Let's hide and find out what their situation is first” zee told the restless bash. Nine feats ahead of them, agaba and his entourage were been led by two senrate race level nines into the forest. They've joined one of the teams sent out to scout out bash whereabouts in other to get back at bash for breaking all the bones in agaba's limbs. The scout groups were further divided into 50 teams of random numbers which spread through the whole blood trial ground. Agaba's team was responsible for investigating this location. They have already searched the whole area around the dense forest but the only place which they haven’t surveyed is the direction where the monsters were restricted, so they had no choice but to check it out. As they started their journey here, the further they went, the more nervous agaba and his friends became. “Hey, how about we just turn back, Am sure that they probably won't dare to go this far into this forest”. Agaba blurted as he look around with deep apprehension. “Are you even sure about that?” Among the two level nines leading the way, one of them answered annoyingly. This spineless i***t has been on their nerves ever since they came out to find bash and co. The worst part of it all is that he keeps on trying to boss them around with the use of his background as abutu's junior brother. If not for him being the junior brother of abutu, they would have since given him a good thrashing for his disrespect. “ Boss is right, this place is too dangerous and there's no way anybody will think of hiding here, let's just turn back”. “One of agaba's men said In support of agaba's motion. " why have you always been sabotaging our search since we came here, are you guise scared of that bash kid?". One of the level nine asked in a disdaining tone. " What is the meaning of that question, are you trying to imply that I, agaba, am scared of that trashy bash kid from a common race" Agaba yelled historically as he glared at the level nine who remarked with spite. "Is that so?". Before the senrate youth level nine could answer to abutu's talk, a voice suddenly sounded from behind, startling the group. " who's there” “ whoever it is show yourself and stop sneaking around". They shouted these words but only a burst of loud laughter resounded in their ears, making them feel a strange sensation of fright. Their reaction was normal because to suddenly hear a voice from nowhere inside the middle of a thick forest will make anyone feel the same as them. They all unleashed their weapons and put on their guard, their attention was focused on the source of the voice which was from somewhere behind them but Suddenly, bash sprang out from their front which they totally ignored because of how startled the voice left them. “Whoosh” Bash mustard a punch at the level nine senrate youth which was the closest to him as he gushed out from their backs when they looked behind. Before the senrate youth in level nine could even turn around to see what was coming, his skull was smashed to smothers by bashes fist. "So it's you, bash!”. The other youth in level nine of bone-strengthening shouted in a jolt. Bash only replied to his outcry by throwing out a fierce punch towards the youth. He had no plans in wasting time with these level 9 weaklings. Upon sensing the danger in bashes punch the creal youth tried to block it using his sword by unleashing a strike containing all of his strength. Since he was facing this monster who capable was of instantly killing his comrade even if it was with the help of a sneak attack, he'll be stupid if he were to hold back any of his strength. Upon seeing his response, bash sneered as his hands came in contact with the sword strike. A resonating boom resounded as the knife was broken into two by bashe's hand and without any pause, his hand continued towards the youth. When his hand reached the youth, It penetrated his chest and intersected his heart before bursting out from his behind. “This is impossible”. The level nine senrate race youth exclaimed with a shocked expression. Back when he slashed his weapon at bash, he had expected to be repelled backward upon contact, so he could borrow the distance drown between them by the bounce back to flee but never in his wildest dreams, did he expect bash power to increase to this level after all this time. If this was before, even though bash was at the same level of strength with all of the level tens, he will still need to put a maximum effort if he wants to quickly finish off someone in the ninth level of bone-strengthening. But now that bash level of strength has surpassed the tenth level of bone-strengthening after he underwent another bone transformation and entered into the eighth level, he can easily eliminate anyone in the ninth level without exerting much effort. “Dum” The body of the level nine fell to the ground just like his comrade. "Now it’s your turn". Bash said as he walked towards agaba and co. "You demon, don't you deer come near me". yelled the now shivering agaba upon witnessing bashe’s frightening strength and ruthlessness. agaba and his useless friend began to shake from fright and even lost the courage to run when bash turned his gaze towards them. When bash got close enough to them, he clenched his fists and prepared to unleash a cruel murder. Before you know it, sounds of brutal bone-breaking along with the sounds of agonizing cries resounded throughout the surrounding. Meanwhile, zee and zarnes were at a very deep and dark place inside the trees. The two had separated from bash earlier as he went to deal with abutu and company. In front of them, is a barrier made up of energy that covered a huge tree that had six chains wrapped around it, chains that spread towards six different directions. The most surprising thing about the chains is that they were also wrapped by the barrier even in the far distance to the tree. " This barrier was made up of energy which is powered by seventy grade two crystals. “This tree is the core of the chain formation which vanchel used to tie down the monsters”. “ Because the barrier covering the trees is powered by seventy grade two crystals, anyone in the bone-strengthening will naturally be unable to breach the barrier and get to the tree”. “This was how vanchel was able to keep the tree save from anyone who wished to free the monsters”. Zarnes explained to zee who watched the tree in amazement. "Alright, let’s concentrate our minds on finding a node”. Zarnes said as he brought out his weapon and started channeling his energy, going all out in other to find the breaking point of the barrier.
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