Alrese's outcome

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In a hidden mountain valley. A youth could be seen silently meditating on a peak. Strands after strands of transdonic energy flow into him as time goes by. Bash focused on the energy that enter his bones at an astonishing speed. Suddenly, a cracking sound reverberated in the atmosphere signifying that he had broken past the eighth level of bone-strengthening evolution. “ Finally, l broke through after three days of hardworking”. Bash exclaimed with joy. A smile which has not been on his face for a very long time finally found its way into his face but the smile did not last very long as his face soon reverted into a solemn one. The unfavorable events of five days ago resurfaced into his mind like a nightmare. Those bastards nearly succeeded in their goals after turning him against the whole world. If it wasn't for the sacrifice of alres, he and the others wouldn't have survived and escaped that disaster. After he finally calmed his thoughts, he immersed himself inside his mind in other to check the contents of the spell in which he obtained from the tablet at the time before he exited the pyramid. Instantly, piece after piece of the words once inscribed in the tablet started to become clearer in his mind until they began to make sense. ( First ability of wind arcane, the soaring flash steps). Bash mumbled as he continued to perceive its meaning. He learned that in other to practice this spell, one has to create a space in your body through a special method written in the spell in other to absorb and store wind elemental energy. The energy will instantly increase the body’s momentum and agility when released, enabling you to become 10 times faster and agile. Damn It, I thought that it was going to be something more powerful. Bash cursed disappointedly but he resumed his examining of the spell. At least it was better than nothing. As he started the process of practicing the spell, the energy in his body started to dissociate gradually. Then he felt another foreign type of energy begin to condense inside of his body slowly forming a thin and narrow capillary which becomes more solid as time goes by until his internal energy finally stopped dissociating. “The air capillary has finally been fully formed”. “Now, let's start the second step” bash muttered as he concentrated on drawing in the wind in the atmosphere into his wind capillary. Slowly, the wind which entered into his body began to accumulate as time passes by. Bash noticed that the wind takes a purer form that has more pressure and is more distinct than it originally was as it reached a certain concentration within his body. “it's really elemental energy?”. “So this is what elemental energy feels like?”. “This transdonic spell deserves its title of heaven defying”. Bash exclaimed excitedly as he recalled that the image once said to him that elemental energies cannot be used unless one undergoes a transdonic transformation and enter into the third evolution of transdon. However, with the help of this mysterious heaven-defying spell from the tablet, he was able to use a fairly pure wind elemental energy. However, even if it was not very pure, it was still an unimaginable concept. “ have you finally had a breakthrough?” While he was in his thoughts, a sweet voice suddenly sounded in his ears. He turned around to see zee and zarnes who were staring at him with inquiring gazes. “Yes I had made a breakthrough and from the looks of it, it seems that I am not the only one”. Bash replied as he smiled at zee. “Looks like your senses have grown keener to be able to see through me and ruin my surprise”. zee blurted with a little annoyance. “you were the one who ruined my surprise first and now you have to make it up to me by calling yourself an old aunty”. Bash blurted while making a sad face. “You little brat! are you making fun of me?”. She said as she ferociously pounded on his head. “ Ouch!, that hurts, you wicked witch”. “Who are you calling a witch!”. Zee raged as she threw out a barrage of punches at bash. “Hah, they've started again”. zarnes sighs as he was standing by the side They had spent two days wandering around in secret before they discovered this hiding place. Along the way here, those two argued often and It has been a little taxing for him to put up with their small fights. After they were done playing around, bash suddenly asked seriously. “ What's the situation outside”. The once cheerful atmosphere suddenly became solemn after that question. After some silence zarnes looked at bash as he finally answered. “We've now become fugitives that are being sorted after by everyone in the trial ground”. “This is because the guardians doubled the reward of six grade two crystals and even added a grade two armament into the reward for anyone who can expos our whereabouts”. “What about alres? have you heard any news about him?. bash further inquired. “ as of now, alres is been held captive by the guardians in the ascension area”. “Two days ago, they just announced that alres will be executed on the day that the ascension platform appears if you don't turn yourself in”. “looks like in the end, I still have to face them”. Bash muttered calmly as he gazed at the sky for some time with a calm expression then suddenly his expression transformed overcast as he loudly yelled. “Those bastards, am going to make them pay for this!!”. After the outcry, bash shortly sprang towards the way outside however, zee pulled him back as she chided. “You freaking i***t, do you even understand the situation outside?”. “don’t worry I have a good plan and no matter what the situation is, I still have to go and face them, after all, everything happened because of me”. “ wait a second, you still think that all this is your fault, how can you even think like that when you know that alres had no hope even if you. . . ..” “ He's right about one point”. Just when she tried to reason bash, zarnes voice boldly reverberated in their ears. “You also think am right?”. Bash inquired in surprise because he knows that his actions were rash from the time he made up his mind to go out of here. That is also why he was baffled when he heard someone agreeing with him. “Yes” “Why did you say that” “We can’t just wait here until they execute alres because when that happens, it will affect our hearts as we will all wallow in regret furthermore the death of alres doesn’t mean that we will be forgotten by them”. “And even if we try to hide from them forever, It will not be possible because we will miss the ascension platform”. “Once we miss this time's ascension platform, we can only wait for the next one which we must pass through or else we will be eliminated by the management”. “By that time, we will all end up in exactly the same situation as alres”. “Either we wait to be eliminated by the management or fight to the death with the guardians”. “so if you look at it carefully, bash is actually right, we must go out and face the doom no matter the situation outside”. “Have you got a plan?”. Zee asked. “yes, I plan to ask bash what plan he has to see if his plan is a good and feasible plan, now let us first listen to what he has to say”. “sometimes your so weird with your thinking”. “here, I thought that you have already thought of everything, but there you are, diverting the question towards bash”. Zee complained with her hands on her hips as she turned back to bash. “I only know a plan that will help us to save alres more easily”. “what plan is that?”. “My plan involves distracting the guardians so that we can buy our time, saving alres”. “how do you plan on doing that”. Zee inquiries. Instead of answering her directly, bash turned to zarnes and asked him a question. “since you previous trial takers claimed to have seen the monsters which vanchel chained during your trial season, can you take us there”. “Of course I can wait a sec, don’t tell me that you actually plan to release those chained creatures in other to use them against the guardians?”. “precisely, look at it this way, no matter what reason vanchel had to seal those creatures, that doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that it will not spell good for him when the monsters are released”. “If not, why will he make an effort to chain them in the first place.” “Great plan now when do we get started?”. Zee blurted excitedly. “Now that we know how to handle the guardians, what about rau and the rest?. If you look at it very well, we are still outnumbered”. Zarnes suddenly said. “There's no need for you to worry about them. I know a perfect way to handle them”. “What way is that?”. Zee interjected as they both turned to him with inquiring gazes. “ My way”. Bash said with an evil smile that resembles that of a demon thirsting for blood.
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