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“Bash hand over the treasure immediately or we will all be forced to attack you, bash…………”. The voices of countless people in the crowd continued to ring in bashes ear. As he watched the crowd, he noticed that the people who once looked at him with respect were now looking at him with spite and disdain and this was all because of their greed. He became furious due to their Hypocritical remarks. He got angrier the more he here them. All of those bastards kept on demanding that he should hand over his possessions so that they should not attack him, do they think that he is afraid of them attacking him. When he finally couldn't stand their nonsense anymore, bash suddenly roared. “ you can all stop trying to make me surrender with words because I will never give in, and if you all insist on using force to besiege me, I swear that I will make you all regret your actions if I survive”. “What? how stubborn, you even dear to threaten us when we are trying to make you correct your mistakes”. “do you take us all for some weaklings which you can easily squash”? “One of those level nine who were against bash from the beginning blurted out in other to fan the flames”. “He’s right everybody attack, let's put this kid in his place how dare he sees us as pushovers ”. Ilstork suddenly added a sentence that made the crowd more violent. “Yes let us show him how powerful we all are”. “ ATTACK!!” “BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM” The crowd suddenly became violent as numerous attacks were suddenly unleashed upon bash and his friends. “looks like no one here is a good person, their all so treacherous” zee muttered as she defended their attacks. In the beginning, she had thought that some people will at least stand by the truth and not attack them out of greed, but never expected them to act up like this. Their actions have proven to her that all the people present here are black-hearted. While the crowd surrounded bash company, vanchel and his company steered at bash and his friends with a smirk on their lips. The plan against bash had worked perfectly. Before they came here, vanchel had thought of a possibility that bash will refuse to comply with their demands. Once that happens he and the other guardians won’t be able to act on bash due to the management surveillance within the ultimate treasure location. And if he asks rau and the other three level tens to act on bash alone, they might be able to beat bash and his friends but he and his friends will still be able to escape. Therefore the best way to handle bash was for him to be handled by the whole crowd of people. That way, he won’t make it out alive. As countless attacks continued to approach them, Bash and his friends at one point stopped defending and immediately unleashed their weapons as they stroke back against the crowd. “ Ahhh” numerous cries rang out as bashe’s axe blew away a considerable number of attackers on his left angle without any mercy. Since they have acted against him and his friends, they better be ready to pay the price of his retaliation. Zarnes, zee, and alres also did the same by ruthlessly sending out strong attacks to the crowd. Upon seeing bash and the others ruthless attacks, plenty of the level nines converge in their location taking the lead in other to slow down the momentum of bash company while those below level 9 retreated to behind their backs in other to give them support. When the level nines joined the fray, bash and his friends were put under more pressure as a result they became more frenzied and aggressive with their attacks. Bash unleashed his sword armament in his left hand and the axe armament in his right hand as he rained down attacks with reckless abandon. zee, alres, and zarnes also unleashed their other means of boost to increase their fighting capacity Thereby pushing back the crowd. Just when bashe's group gained a little advantage, agaba ordered his companions to join the fray. “Boom!!” “ Boom!!” The sound of explosions reverberated throughout the atmosphere but the two sides remained locked in a heated battle with no side gaining the advantage. After some time of waiting, the instigators who set up the whole thing became impatient as the crowd was unable to suppress bash and his friends after all this while. Vanchel turned to the rau and other level tens as he gave them the order to engage. When vanchel gave the order, ilstork was the first to rush into the battle. With a ferocious roar, he charged towards bash as he emitted an unstoppable might. With his arrival, the pressure on bash instantaneously amplified leading to him sustaining a lot of injuries at a rapid pace. However, all of this was not enough to extinguish bashe's will to fight, even the amount of pain he felt in his wounds was nothing compared to what he's been through in the past. The only thing he was worried about was zee safety, after all in his group, she was the weakest. Soon, rau, abutu, and luminance joined the fray. they all rushed towards bashe's direction the moment they arrived. Alres who was the first to spot them immediately became uneasy. If that trio joins ilstork in fighting bash, there will probably be a little hope for bash to survive. However, he is so occupied by this group of level nines that he cannot a ford to approach bash. Zee and zarnes also thought the same thing as alres when they noticed the action of rau, abutu, and luminance. As rau, abutu, and luminance got closer to bash, alres suddenly thought of something then his expression became calm and resolute afterward as if he had made an important decision. Bash who was in the midst of battle suddenly sensed several level 10 forces converging in his direction. Worry immediately clouded in his mind upon sensing them. How the hell was he going to fend them off when they join hands with ilstork?. He felt like yelling out that this is an unfair fight but unfortunately for him, he has no choice but to fight to the end since they weren't going to let him off no matter what he does, even if he relinquishes. Just when bash made up his mind to fight them to death, he saw alres rush forward towards them from his side, holding a canon while ignoring plenty of attacks unleashed on his body by the level nines and the rest of the crowd. No matter how many attacks touched him, alres paid them no heed because right now, covering his body, was a grade two armor armament that protected his body from all of their attacks. The only thing in his mind right now was to stop the approaching rau, abutu, and luminance. When he got close enough to the trio, he activated the canon, and immediately, a terrifying force emitted from within it, shrouding the surrounding with a powerful presence. The battle came to an abrupt halt as everyone became alarmed by the powerful presence emitted by the cannon. Even the three who were approaching immediately stop in their tracks at the sense of the powerful presence. “Such a powerful presence, that thing must be a genuine grade two armament”. Abutu loudly exclaimed in a jolt. “Alres, what the hell do you think you are doing!!”. Bash yelled with a voice filled with worry. Some time ago, alres had told him that he possesses a trump card which was a very powerful top-grade two armament that he can only power thrice with his energy because the armament needs a lot of energy to be used. Once alres uses the armament three times, he will be drained of all his energy and become unable to fight. This is not a good position to be in considering their condition however, what worries bash more was the fact that the guardians will instantly realize alrese's identity because alres also told bash that vanchel had seen him use the weapon before. What if the guardian ignores all their scruples and suddenly attack to eliminate alres who had been a great obstacle to their plans after they discover his identity. Just as bash had speculated, the guardians immediately frown at the appearance of the pressure. Apart from vanchel, the faces of the guardians immediately lit up with greed as they steered at the canon in alrese's possession. As it appears, the top grade two armament in alrese's possession is something that even the guardians desire. “What do you think that you are all doing by standing there like idiots and watching him activate the weapon”. “ all of you, immediately intercept him and kill him before he activates the weapon, don't let him succeed”. “and make sure that you kill him while at it, keep in mind that the person you all attacking is a criminal that has committed an unforgivable offense he is alres the treasure thief, the most wanted criminal of the guardians in the trial ground” Vanchels yelled at rau and the rest of those in the tenth level. “So you are the treasure thief who the chief guardians once told us about, No wonder that bash kid has been so resistant. Turns out it was you who mislead him”. Starko blurted with a look of realization. “You guys should quickly get the hell out of here”. Alres yelled at bash and the rest as he aimed at the approaching rau, ilstork, abutu, and luminance. “Boom!” With a booming sound, alres fired the canon straight towards them before they could reach him. The majority of the crowd was sent flying by the force produced from the explosion of energy. As for his major targets rau and the rest, they were sent flying fifty meters backward with minor injuries. “s**t, how the hell are we supposed to get past this guy” Ilstork cursed under his breath as he stood up from the ground. Who said that we can’t get past him, we just need to wear him out. Luminance stated. “what if we die before then” “stop complaining like a child, whether or not we die, we must comply or we will surely regret it. Rau said. finally shutting up the scared ilstork. “ Even if he has a top grade two armament, there’s no way he can endure the massive energy consumption for long”. Rau added. “day after day, I only ran and hide like a rat because of you bastards but today I shall run no more because I am sick and tired of it, I am going to have my last try at fighting you but I will make sure that for the first time you don’t succeed in your plans vanchel ”. Alres declared as he once again activated the armament. “what the hell are you trying to do, alres, have you given up”. Bash blurted as alres talked on. “bash kid, you should get out of here as you are the only hope in defeating that monster, I will do all I can, to buy you time so you can escape”. “what about you, do you think that we will run away and leave you here”. Zee's voice suddenly resounded before bash could speak. “Don’t worry too much about me, I can guarantee that they won’t immediately kill me if you all escape with the treasure that vanchel is after” “Are you sure about that?”. Bash asked calmly as he clenched his fists. He felt that all this happened because of his lack of strength. If he had enough strength, nobody would have dared to attack him and his friends. If he was strong enough, vanchel wouldn’t have made him a target. “Today am going to become the most famous in the whole of the first ground of blood trial even if I die, So you guys should piss off and don’t ruin my moment. “go!!, get lost because I am not sure how long I will be able to hold them off”. After getting rid of their reluctance, Bash, zee, and alres quickly made their way into the forest horizon. Except for the level tens, no one among the crowd tried to stop them because they were afraid that alres will fire the cannon in their direction when they do so. “Where do you think you're going?”. Ilstork blurted out as he and the other level tens tried to stop them but was blasted away by alres. Just like that, the group disappeared into the horizon under the watchful eyes of vanchel. The hatred that vanchel had for alres increased as he saw the escape of bash company. For years, he had planned meticulously to obtain all The pieces of the heaven-defying transdonic spell, however, just when he was about to obtain the last piece, alres showed up and complicated things for him. Right now, he no longer wants to kill alres but instead, he wants to slowly torture him in the most cruelest way possible In other to alleviate his anger.
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