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"Which part of the treasure are you referring to?”. “the golden tablet which contained transdonic inscriptions”. “Sorry, it’s not that I cannot hand that over to you, rather I refuse to hand it over to conning people like you, are you going to snatch it with force”. Bash replied with even more lack of respect. Why should he show any courtesy to someone who plans to slyly kill him by taking away something that he could not live without? “What gall, you dare to disrespect us, guardians, aren’t you aware of what honorable deeds we guardians have committed”. “if not for our protection, do you think those monsters who are chained will let you live such a good life”. “chief guardian, this kid is ungrateful and lacks manners I suggest we lock him up and teach him a good lesson”. Starko blurted as he gazed at bash like bash had committed one of the most inexcusable of all sins which have ever existed. “do you think that I will believe all that bullshit ?”. Bash uttered calmly in his mind but his hand were tightly clenched and his aura was on the verge of busting out. Judging from his actions, Everyone present could see how infuriated he was. What crappy protection, they were just using all this as an excuse to snatch his possessions. Upon seeing bash turbulent force, zee, alres, and zarnes also got ready to make a move as well. you better kneel and seek forgiveness then hand over the tablet otherwise, we shall not spare your life?”. “now kneel”. Negmol threatened and awaited bashe's surrender. However, to the disappointment of his expectation, bash neither looked scared nor seek any forgiveness, he just stared back at them with a cold and rigid gaze. Since from when he was on earth, bash had never bowed to the suppression of anyone and this was also the reason why he always gets into trouble with bullies like Turner’s in school. “he will only respect those who deserve it and will never show any respect to those who do not deserve it, no matter the consequences”. These are bashe's principles. Upon noticing that bash will not compromise, vanchels still kept his smiling expression but he suddenly glimpsed at rau with a side-eye. Upon seeing his master's signal, rau suddenly turned towards the crowd as he exclaimed in a high volume. “Everyone listen carefully to what I am about to say”. rau's announcement instantly grabbed the attention of the whole crowd. “Today we are all able to live safely and carry out the struggle for the ultimate treasure because of the guardians who have protected us from behind the scenes”. “In exchange for their protection, we are expected to show respect and reverence for the guardians” “ but bash this ungrateful swine along with everyone in his group had disrespected the guardians because the guardians tried to correct bashe’s wrongdoing. The chief guardian even lessen his punishment into a minor one but he still refused to comply with their punishment. “and this is all because of his greed for the treasures”. “Because of his greed, he cheated in the struggle for the ultimate treasures. Because of his greed, he wants to wrongly hold on to those treasures, all to himself and rather defy the guardians”. “Brothers and sisters, I invite you on behalf of the guardians to stand together with me so that we can make things right by snatching the treasure from the wrong hands and giving the treasure to its rightful owners which are us”. “because of bash is too insignificant for the Guardians to directly act on, they have informed us to collect all of his treasures and capture him as punishment for his greed and disrespect”. “The guardians are willing to reward us each with six grade two crystals if we assist them in handling bash”. “What!!” The crowd was instantly astonished by rau's words as greed started to appear in the face of almost everyone present including those who once supported bash. After all, the reward of grade two transdonic crystals is too enticing to ignore and not to talk of them getting a share of all of bashe's treasures. “Bash, immediately hand over all your treasures now before it’s too late”. “Yes, you despicable cheater, you better do what is right if you don’t want you and your friends to die” “bash, this is your last warning, you better………..” One of the level nines who were jealous of bash suddenly blurted out followed by the rest of people like abutu and all the supporters of abutu, rau, luminance, and ilstork”. “Before you know it, a considerable number of the crowd surrounded and started shouting at bash to hand over all the treasures which he had obtained”. Some of them were doing this in other to deal with bash, while others were simply greedy for the grade 2 transdonic crystals. “Everyone please hear me out, all you heard are just lies and excuses that they made up in other to snatch all bashes treasures”. “shut up, don’t try to dishonor the guardians by uttering such lies, your treasures will also be snatched in other to honor the guardians”. “If you want to honor the guardians, why don't you start by giving them all the treasures you own”. Zarnes yelled out to the crowd in anger. He had tried to make the crowd listen to their side of the story but all he got was an answer which enraged him from those whom he least expect. He knows that by now, everyone has been bought over by the allure of grade two crystals. No one in the crowd even thought of stopping their actions, they only increased their determination to deal with bash company further so that they can get rid of their guilty conscience. Bash hand over the treasure immediately or we will all be forced to attack you, bash…………”. The voices of countless people in the crowd continued to ring in bashes ear. As he watched the crowd, he noticed that the people who once looked at him with respect were now looking at him with spite and disdain and this was all because of their greed. He became furious due to their Hypocritical remarks. He got angrier the more he here them. All of those bastards kept on demanding that he should hand over his possessions so that they should not attack him, do they think that he is afraid of them attacking him. When he finally couldn't stand their nonsense anymore, bash suddenly roared. “ you can all stop trying to make me surrender with words because I will never give in, and if you all insist on using force to besiege me, I swear that I will make you all regret your actions if I survive”. “What? how stubborn, you even dear to threaten us when we are trying to make you correct your mistakes”. “do you take us all for some weaklings which you can easily squash”? “One of those level nine who were against bash from the beginning blurted out in other to fan the flames”. “He’s right everybody attack, let's put this kid in his place how dare he sees us as pushovers ”. Ilstork suddenly added a sentence that made the crowd more violent. “Yes let us show him how powerful we all are”. “ ATTACK!!”. “BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM”.
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