Exiting the pyramid

1934 Words
In a hidden area located in the forest, the guardians could be seen together with Rau, ilstork, and luminance who kneeled on the floor. “Trash!!” “How can you lose the treasure to that kid who is two levels below your level in bone-strengthening”. “ I wasted so much of my time sending you on the mission to get the treasure but you have proven to me that you are not good enough to accomplish anything. vanchel yell at the kneeling threes, his aura on the verge of busting out from his thunderous shouts. “Calm down boss, you know the blood trial management will sense your aura if you let it out of your body and…….” Negmol quickly reminded him after he sensed the turmoil in the energy of vanchel. Vanchel quickly calm himself and prevented his energy from leaking out his aura. he knows that it will not end well for the three of them if the management were to sense their existence in the first ground of blood trial. “ Since you, three have proven yourself's to be unreliable, maybe I should get rid of you”. “ shouldn't I?” The kneeling three all jolted in fright at the same time and sweat started dripping from their forehead after hearing what vanchel said. After regaining a little courage, Rau suddenly begged. “Master, please forgive us, it was all our fault for underestimating the enemy, if you give us another chance, we will surely not let you down. “Master please have mercy” “Please don’t kill us” As rau started pleading, the others also joined in as they beg vanchel together. “Alright, I will give you a second chance”. Vanchel finally said after spending some time listening to their mutterings, making the three of them heave a sigh of relief. “all the effort I spent on putting the enslavement spell on you will go to waste if I were to kill you now, and you are still useful to me in getting back what you failed to obtain so I will not kill you” “ Thank you very much for spearing us master, next time, we promise not to fail you”. The trio thanked vanchel for not killing them after their failure as he listened to them with a mysterious look in his eyes. In the pyramid, bash was baffled by the sudden reaction of the tablet when he made contact with it earlier, it is not to be forgotten that he had tried countless methods to make it react but it didn’t have any reaction previously. When he recovered from his shock, he tried teleporting the tablet again, and to his surprise, this time it worked as the golden tablet instantly disappeared from his view. As bashe’s figure slowly walked out of the pyramid, the public burst into a huge uproar upon his emergence. Countless praises were being made as well as countless bad remarks made by jealous people like those level nines who were envious of his achievements and didn’t want to accept the fact that someone who was one level below them ended up obtaining something that they could only dream of. abutu, along with their followers also made bad remarks about bash as they glanced at him with scorn and jealousy. Bash paid no attention to the buzzing of the crowd as he quickly met up with zee and the rest. “You this smelly kid, after all this while, you are finally willing to come out, I even started to think that you have forgotten about us”. Zee exclaimed cheerfully as they met. “Sorry about that, I was just taking my time checking out the stuff”. “Since you have apologized I think I will let you off”. “Congratulations on being the ultimate winner at last”. zee exclaimed with a smile on her face before adding with a threatening face. “now that you obtained so much, you better not forget about your big sister”. “Okay, I won’t forget” Bash replied to her jokes with a wide smile. “did you also obtain the peace of it” Alres inquired. “Yeah” “hope you don’t have any connection with it, otherwise…..” Alres didn’t have to complete this statement as all of them were already aware of the implications of that happening. “Since I have obtained the greatest treasure, becoming connected to that thing is unavoidable” “Am now in a similar situation as you, at the end of the day, we can only fight it out with that guy if we both want to survive”. “What a terrible faith we have, for us to be forced to face that entity” Alres exclaimed with a sad voice. “don’t worry, you guys are not alone I will help you in this fight” “And me too” Zee said followed by zarnes. “Alright, but we first need to leave here in a hurry and formulate a plan, since bash has obtained the peace of heaven-defying spell, vanchel, and the other guardians can come here looking for it at any moment”. Just as the four of them started to move away from the front of the pyramid, a commotion suddenly happened in the crowd due to the arrival of some people, drawing their attention. “Hey look it's the guardians, their coming together with rau, ilstork, and luminance”. “ from the direction of their movement, it Looks like they're heading towards bashes direction”. “could they be here to offer him their blessings”. “Ohh, I bet they are here to punish him for using underhanded means to obtain the greatest treasure”. “shut up, how do you know that he cheated, were you present when he obtained it?” “you shut up, even if I wasn’t present, didn’t you hear the truth from abutu's mouth, do you think that abutu will lie to us?”. “I wonder why rau and the rest followed the guardians here” “no matter what it is, I don’t think that it’s something good”. “I mean when they came out of the pyramid, they quickly rushed away without paying anyone attention so why did they come back with the guardians behind them”. “It seems that we acted late, they’ve already come to us and they are here for the treasure, there's no doubt about it”. Alres said. bash squeezed his fist upon seeing vanchel and the rest. The company has come to snatch something that will cost him his life when he loses it, so There’s no way he was going to give it up to them without a fight. “since they are here, how are we going to get away now' will they attack us If we try to run?”. Zee mumbled agitatedly. “There's no need to worry, They won't dear attack us here”. They are afraid that in the ultimate treasure location, their energy will be sensed by the blood trial management when they use it”. “If they get discovered, they will be erased by the management so we don’t have to worry about them attacking us”. “The only thing they can do now is to threaten us”. As alres explained all this, the guardians got closer and closer to them. Vanchel and company finally stop moving as they reached the front of bash and his friends. then vanchel moved to bash and stared deep into his eyes. “Congratulations youngster, for winning this trial season's struggle for ultimate treasure”. “I must say I am impressed by your performance”. “In all my time as the chief guardian of the first ground, you are the first one I have seen who was able to win the greatest treasure without reaching the tenth level of bone-strengthening, You are what they call a real genius”. Vanchel complemented bash one after the other with a wide smile on his face, As if he meant all the nonsense he enunciate. “enough of the compliments, can I help you?”. Bash replied indifferently. “You?” The expression of rau and the rest behind vanchel immediately darkened upon hearing bashes comment. How dare he address the chief guardian so casually?. Isn’t he aware of how powerful the chief guardian is for him to lord over entities like starko and negmol? Is he so brainless that he is not afraid of displeasing such an entity? The chief guardian will surely teach him a lesson. While rau and the others were expecting vanchel to be angry and teach bash a lesson, vanchel acted as if bash's lack of manner didn't affect him as he said to bash solemnly. “ your colleagues have proven to me that you cheated to obtain the greatest of the ultimate treasure instead of competing fairly as the management had planned”. “to the management, this is a very big offense that can be punishable by death”. “As a guardian of blood trial, it is also within my duty to monitor all the trial takers during the struggle for the ultimate treasures and punish all those who go wrong so I rushed here to make sure that justice is served”. “Yes finally the truth has been revealed, bash cheated and he will die for his actions” “I knew it there’s no way a kid from some unknown race will win over our strongest gyptians”. The people who were discontented with bash voiced their opinions in excitement after they heard the words which came out of vanchel's mouth. “I don’t believe you” “me too, those three rau, ilstork and luminance must have conspired against bash”. “I agree with you because when you look at it, their action of disappearing into the distance together when they emerged from the pyramid looked very suspicious”. “do you think that anything could be hidden from the eyes of the chief guardian or are you trying to say that the guardians participated in a conspiracy?”. The opposition instantly shut up upon hearing that comment. “you're finally going to pay, you insect”. Abutu grinned upon seeing what transpired. Vanchel continued with his speech as he released a piece of news that shock the entire people present here. “But as I said, you are a real genius and the management like real geniuses so I will reduce your punishment into a minor one”. “Instead of killing you, I am going to ask you to give me a little piece of the treasures which you obtained among the greatest treasures”. “damn, is that even considered a punishment”. abutu muttered under his breath, feeling displeased that the chief guardian decided to give bash a very light punishment instead of killing him. While abutu and others were displeased that the guardian gave bash a light punishment, bash and his friend's face darkened after hearing vanchels statement because they know very well which part of the treasures vanchel was going to request for.
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