Astonishing gains

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Outside the pyramid, numerous people could be seen performing different activities. Some stood at the outskirts of the pressure idling around and waiting for the return of those who entered the pyramid. some did the same thing as zee by meditating under the pressure in other to improve themselves, while some even started to scatter away into other parts of the green land. Ever since they were forced to back out of the quest for the ultimate treasure, Some of them decided to leave the area while those who are related to the ones who entered the pyramid as well as those who wanted to see the outcome, remained. Some distance in the forest, the ones who called themselves guardians could be seen on top of trees steering intently at the pyramid, waiting to see if their plans have succeeded. Since when the barrier opened and the trial takers entered deep into the forest, they have always stayed away from the trial takers so as not to interfere with the trial takers competition as the management of the blood trial will take notice of them through their actions and eliminate them when it happens. “Why haven't they come out up till now, It's been 2 hours already”. Starko, one of the persons vanchel enslaved into a guardian complained with eagerness. “Starko, can't you be a little more patient” Negmol said to the impatient Starko. “I want to be more patient but I can’t, waiting here for those idiots to obtain it, is getting me more anxious as time tricked by”. “I mean, what if they do not end up being the ones who obtain the treasure?” “won’t the lord's plan be ruined then”. Starko said all this while pacing front and back. “There’s no need to worry, even if they don't succeed, it will not be a big deal as we can always revert to the old ways”. “When we do that, am sure everything will be under control”. As negmol comforted starko, the pyramid flashed with golden light as 6 figures were ejected out of it. “Finally their out, the last part of the heaven-defying spell will be mine too and when that happens, I shall be invincible”. The chief guardian vanchels who kept scrutinizing the pyramid during the discussion of starko and negmol suddenly exclaimed loudly as his eyes were filled with desire. Meanwhile, inside the pyramid, the golden bulb started to c***k as bash energy kept entering it. As time passed by, more cracks continued to appear until after five minutes did the light bulb finally broke apart, revealing what was inside it. The instant the light bulb broke, a golden tablet with instructions on its surface rushed at bash and send out rays that entered into his flesh before he could react. When this happened, bash felt his vision turn into a gold colour. As every other colour instantly disappeared, the view inside the pyramid began to blur and change until everything in his sight transformed. After the change of view, bash saw a man in blue armor who wielded a giant sword as he surged towards an army of dozen gigantic space ships in outer space which beseeched the planet in which he was coming out from. To bashe's surprise, the features of the man does not resemble any race which he recognized, be it rilnord, creal, senate or metho race. The image only told him about the race which he will meet in the first ground of the blood trial however, he also said that there were dozens of other races out there, So although he was shocked by the man being of a mysterious race, bash did not become too surprised by the encounter of a foreign race. The man’s facial features show that he had four eyes without any eyelashes or eyebrows, His body structure rhymed with that of a human being except for two tentacles that stretched out from his back and his skin was cyan colour. Plenty of those ships fired massive laser cannons towards the man in other to obliterate him upon seeing his approach. The man look insignificant in the front of the huge laser beams which swiftly gushed towards him but he still moved forward without wavering. Just when the laser beams were about to destroy him, the man waved the sword behind him with a heaven-shaking might as he cried out at the top of his lungs. “SOARING WIND s***h!" At the muttering of the transdonic spell, a vast amount of wind from a hundred billion kilometers of his surrounding, surged towards his sword, wrapping around it, forming a massive wind blade which covered the span of a thousand kilometers that destabilized the whole outer space. He sent the massive wind blade forward to meet the incoming laser beam. “Boom” “Boom” “ Boom” Thunderous explosions occurred as the laser beams were utterly vanquished by the wind blade which continued to hurl towards the space ships without losing much momentum. “Boom” “Boom” “Boom” Several other deafening booms resounded as several giant space ships were destroyed by the wind blade as it touched them. Bash opened his mouth the whole time as he witnessed this amazing sight. He hoped very much to see the end of this battle but unfortunately, his view suddenly distorted and returned to the pyramid. “What the hell just happened”. “Who was that man from an unknown race and which army was he fighting”. Bash asked himself these questions in his mind but no matter how much he thought about them, he couldn’t come up with anything useful, so he gradually kept the questions at the back of his mind. When he recovered from his contemplation, he stare deeply at the golden tablet as he felt that his body had developed a strange connection with it. From what alres once told him outside the pyramid, he was convinced that this golden tablet contained a piece of the heaven-defying transdonic spell that vanchel had been plotting for. Now that he has already established a connection with it, there’s no going back for him. He has to either defeat vanchel or die trying because, from what he heard from alres if he allows vanchel to sever his connection from the tablet, his only outcome will be death. Bash studied the tablet looking for what exactly it contains but the tablet did not react so he moved his attention to the other stuff in the golden light bulb. Bash gasped in astonishment upon seeing the other contents. Among them, there were about fifty-five grade two transdonic crystals which released an energy two times denser than that of grade one crystals. The image mentioned to bash that transdonic crystals were also grouped in grades based on the density of energy contained within them. Apart from the crystals, a longsword that possessed a special formation of transdonic marking which formed a type of pattern in the center of its hilt which was connected to the other inscriptions on it could be seen. This special pattern was what the image described to bash as the inscription core on a grade two armament that could store, absorb and release a quantity of energy that far surpassed that of grade one armament. There were five stalks of grasses that had leaves brimming with a dens purple light. Upon seeing the stalks of grasses, bash remembered that the image once mentioned a plant among several special plants which have good use to gyptians. The name of the plant is the purple leaf ascension grass which improves the quality of the energy storage created by a gyptian when ascending into the second evolution of transdon. At that time, he was only able to imagine their appearance in his mind, however, he never thought that he will encounter the purple leaf ascension grass among the ultimate treasures. After some time of examining his gains, bash finally held his excitement and decided to teleport everything inside his space storage. A moment later, everything was teleported into his space storage but to his astonishment, the golden tablet remained on the ground no matter how many times he tries to teleport it. Since the tablet refused to be teleported away, he reached out to lift it. But as his hands made contact with it, his body jolted as countless words which represented some sort of transdonic spell began to appear in his mind. He immediately became immersed in memorizing them. After he finished memorizing the words, some inscriptions on the tablet became somewhat blurry and slowly disappeared. Meanwhile, outside the pyramid, when they returned, Rau, luminance, and ilstork quickly rushed into the horizon in urgency without speaking to anyone. Zarnes and alres met up with zee who started to bombard them with questions to which zarnes answered excitedly. Rima stood quietly at the entrance of the pyramid as she gazed at the crowd with her cold expression. Abutu on the other hand met up with his followers carrying a dark expression on his face. Upon seeing his bad mood, none of his followers dared to ask him about his experience in the pyramid. The crowd listened intently to zarnes talk in other to find out about what actually happened within the pyramid. The crowd went into an uproar upon learning that bash obtained the ultimate treasure from zarnes mutterings. Countless exclamations instantly rang out. “Wow, bash is so cool”. “for him to be able to obtain the highest treasure at the midst of all the level 10 present in the pyramid, he must be very powerful”. “From now on, he's my idol”. “Yes, from now on that guy is also my idol”. The new trial takers present even began to cheer his name. “Bash” “Bash” “Bash “Bash” “Mhhhh, all of you shot up!!, am sick and tired of hearing you cheering his name and praising that insect at the same time”. “The bastard only got the greatest treasure only because he used underhanded methods in other to win it” “What’s so good about that”. “he couldn’t even match me in a fight”. Abutu coldly snorted intimidating and silencing the exited crowd Upon hearing everyone praise bash. “yes I knew it, that bash must have cheated if not how could he have been the ultimate victor with his meager skills” “The truth has finally been revealed, bash is an absolute cheater and he must be brought to justice”. Abutu’s followers along with some level nine who were jealous of bash for stealing their limelight began to make bad remarks about bash after hearing abutu's comments. “Abutu, stop trying to lie to the crowd or ruin his image because of your jealousy” zarnes voice also rang out from the crowd. “What did you just say?” Abutu blurted in rage upon hearing zarne’s remarks. “I think that you are jealous of him simply because he obtained that which you craved”. “bastard!!” Abutu yelled with a terrible look on his face but before he could say anything zarnes made further remarks. “What? isn't it written all over your face”. “How dear you imply that I am jealous of some insignificant brat of an inferior race!!”. abutu barked, feeling humiliated by zarnes remark. A deafening force erupted out of his body as he clenched his fists. “what's with that reaction, are you thinking of beating me up?”. “You can come and try because I am ready to accompany you at any time”. “You....” Abutu became so angry that his face turned red as a tomato and he became speechless. He so much wants to go and cross fists with zarnes but there’s no way he will rush there and be faced with zarnes and alres at the same time. He only snorted and guided his followers into a remote location. After he left the crowd continued bustling as plenty of people began to voice their opinions about the event. When the crowd was buzzing with numerous exclamations, rima who gently stood by the entrance of the pyramid started walking into the distance after heaving a long sigh.
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