Obtaining the golden bulb

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Inside the pyramid, the platform trembled as several battles were taking place on top of it. These different battles even shook the whole space in the pyramid. On the other hand, the golden light bulb was suspended in the air, undisturbed by the shockwaves of the battle as it awaits the one who will obtain it. As the battles went on for some hours, everyone started to show signs of tiredness. Sweat was dripping down from their forehead as they began breathing heavily. The only person who didn't have any signs of tiredness was bash who kept swinging his axe at abutu at rapid speed. “ Is this kid a monster or something” “ how can he still not show any signs of exhaustion after all the time we have been fighting” Abutu muttered inside his mind but what he didn't know was that bash was also surprised by what was happening. Ever since that incident with the strange bird, a lot of changes happened to his body which he himself was unaware of until now. It was after defeating the alpha wolf that he was able to sense the changes. When he defeated the alpha wolf and became totally exhausted due to the overdraft of his transdonic energy, he felt his heart beats quickened as his energy restored at an alarming rate. Right now, in his fight with abutu, the same phenomenon kept happening and that is why he is still energized after fighting over a long time. “Damn, I cannot continue like this, I need to finish this fight before I completely run out of energy”. Abutu mumbled inwardly, as he planned to unleash his greatest trump card in other to finish bash. however, before he could even start, he suddenly heard alrese's voice which resounded in the whole atmosphere “ Bash, zarnes, are you all ready to initiate!” “Yes” bash and zarnes both replied simultaneously with a yell. “Alright let's begin” alres exclaimed. After their small dialogue which disturbed the ongoing battles, Bash suddenly exploded with a terrifying force that caused both him and abutu to be repelled in opposite directions creating a huge distance between them. The same event occurred in alrese's and zarne's fight. After doing that, the three of them teleported away their weapons and quickly stretched their hands in the direction of their opponents before alres yelled out. “Body imprisonment spell”. All this events played out so quickly that their opponents did not have time to react. However, their opponents acted at a later notice upon seeing their actions by quickly rushing foreword to attack them in other to stop what ever it was they were trying to do. But they were too late as a web made of energy spread out from alrese's fingers which linked to the fingers of bash, and zarnes thereby forming a triangular net that instantly rapped around their bodies and suppressed them. “how dare you trick us” “what the hell is this let me go” Their three opponents struggled fiercely as they curse bash and company but no matter what they did, they couldn't escape the nets. It was as if the net was suppressing every cell in their body from the moment it touched them. Looking at that, one can tell how terrifying the transdonic spell was. Some time ago, before they reached the entrance of the pyramid, this transdonic spell was specifically introduced to the rest by alres as a trump card that will enable them to win the competition of ultimate treasures after they racked their brains on how to handle rau and the others. Alres told them that he gain the spell during the time which he explored the trial ground searching for more information about vanchel. He explained to them that the spell was a low grade two transdonic spell which could only be powered by more than one person in the bone strengthening evolution for it to be successfully activated From what alrese's speculated, with the strength of the webs created by the transdonic spell, it should be able to trap someone at the second evolution of transdon for a few breaths when the three of them power it. so holding down more than one person at the bone strengthening evolution is not a problem. “Bash, quickly severe your connection to the web and go grab the golden bulb”. “Remember, The spell will only last five minutes after you severe your connection from it because the energy of both me and zarnes is not enough to suppress those three for any period longer than that”. Alres told all of this to bash as he focused on channeling his energy into the body imprisonment spell. “ Alright” After the reply bash immediately severed his connection from the net and rushed towards the golden light bulb suspended in the air. When he reached the golden light bulb, he immediately wrapped his arms around it and started to madly channel his energy inside it. Another quality of the body imprisonment spell which alres introduced is that, as long as the web is stabilized, one of the energy suppliers will be able to sever his connection from it without causing it to destabilize as long as it has enough energy supply. The two girls fighting in the distance, upon seeing the change of the situation around them, immediately seized their battle and rush forth in panic while brandishing their weapons in other to stop bash from obtaining the greatest of the ultimate treasures. Meanwhile, bash who wrapped both his arms around the golden light bulb kept on madly channeling his energy into it, in other to break it open and sweep in all it's content into his space storage before the girls could reach him. However, the golden light bulb was unlike the other light bulbs as it kept on devouring his energy with out having much reaction. As the girls got to a close distance to bash, they both attacked using their armaments in other to prevent bash from successfully obtaining the greatest treasure. “Come on, break already”. Bash shouted in panic upon sensing the threat carried by the girls weapons which kept getting closer to his body in every passing second. But just as their weapons reached ten inch to his body, the golden light bulb released a sonorous sound that induce the whole platform to lit up with a Golden light. After that happened, starting from the two girls, everyone else apart from bash was teleported out of the pyramid by the platform one by one . “NO!!” “You will surely regret this, you insect” Rau yelled as he was forcefully teleported out of the pyramid. “don’t think that you have won because this is not the end of it”. Ilstork also roared as he disappeared. The both of them were madden by what was happening. After all their schemes, they ended up losing to a kid whom all of them once looked down upon. However, what disturbed them more was the thought of the punishment they were going to face when they meet their lord due to their failure at the kid's hand.
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