Intense fight for the golden light bulb

1094 Words
In the pyramid, 7 auras surged in the atmosphere as a fierce battle was about to take place. Everyone’s weapons were making chime sounds as full energy injected into them was flowing through them. The only person who wasn't a part of this was the cold senrate race beauty rima. Before anyone attacked, rau suddenly gave luminance a meaningful look which made her nod in understanding, and then rushed towards rima in the distance. “you think that you are smarter than all of us don't you?” Luminance blurted after she reach rima's side. “ I don't understand what you are saying”. Rima answered indifferently. “You intentionally stood far away and did not get involved in the fight so that you can obtain the golden light bulb while everyone is busy fighting, am I not right?”. Luminance mumbled on however, rima made no further comment after her previous sentence. She only stared coldly at luminance. “You think that you can fool me into thinking that you are not elaborately scheming to obtain the golden light bulb as we fight Just by misleading me with your cold expression?”. “Just admit it, your a scheming b***h aren’t you?”. Luminance continued to interrogate rima “How dare you say all this to me” “I will not take these insults laying down, you’ll pay for this”. Rima stated in anger, then a powerful force began to emit from her, while she brought out a short sword. “Mhhh, you’ve finally shown your through colors”. “ that’s good, if you don't like it then come at me, I have always wanted to beat the heck out of you since when I heard people calling you the most beautiful girl in the blood trial ground”. Luminance taunted as she channeled her energy into her blade. “As you wish” rima said as she besieged luminance”. Shortly after that, the two girls began to exchange moves. On the other side, the first person to attack was the hot-tempered and vengeful ilstork. He quickly rushed towards bash in other to stab him with his saber but he was obstructed by zarnes on the way. “Where do you think you are going” zarnes said while he sent his sword towards ilstork's saber. At the same time, alres rushed forth with a halberd in hand, swinging it at rau to which rau responded with a spear thrust. A deafening boom rang out as their weapons met. Both of them were repelled shortly after the collision. they rushed back towards each other as they entered into a heated battle. After a long stalemate, Rau cast a transdonic spell with a yell. “Almighty Piercing spell”. When he cast the spell, the spearhead of his weapon became dozen times sharper as he kept trusting it fiercely at alres in other to break his defenses and heavily injure him. However, alres was no pushover as he immediately countered by casting a transdonic spell ( spinning frenzy ), which caused all the force on his halberd to spin fiercely, thereby boosting its destructive force and enabling it to evenly clash with the piercing spear. The whole pyramid trembled as the two battled due to the effects of the powerful spell they cast which amplified the strength of their weapons. Bash was now left to deal with abutu. They glared murderously at each other before pouncing at each other resulting in a devastating clash which shook the whole space. After that, Bash and abutu continuously exchange countless moves with no one getting the upper hand. During their fight, abutu casted his hammer hand as he wore a glove armament and punched towards bash with an unstoppable might in other to suppress him. bash responded by bringing out his axe and swinging it aggressively with all his might. Space shook because of the might of their clash. In the clash, the two kept exerting more of their energy into their armaments in other to extinguish the opponent's force but despite that, no one among them obtained any advantage. At the end of their clash, they were both hurled far away from each other due to the aftershock of their collision. The two of them instantly rushed towards the other the moment they landed in other to seize the initiative over the other person but in the end, they only ended up in another fierce clash. As the battle went on, abutu became angrier and angrier in every second of it. He had used an armament and on top of that he had even cast a transdonic spell but this brat only used an armament with a slightly higher grade than his own so how can this damn brat be evenly matched with him in a heated battle. When bash used a trick to easily defeat a monster that he was afraid of, he didn’t take it to heart as bash was only able to kill it due to its lack of intelligence. And when bash was able to block his moves previously at the edge of the green land, it still didn’t mean that they were evenly matched as he didn't get the chance to use is full strength due to the arrival of the guardians. never did he expect that even when he used his full strength, that he will only end up evenly matched with the brat. On the side zarnes and ilstork were locked up in a terrifying exchange of moves, their weapons continued to clash fiercely as their fight became more heated at every passing clash. Similarly, in the distance, the battle between the two beauties turned fiercer as it went on. The two beauties were forced to unleash their trump cards one after the other as they fought. At the beginning of their duel, Luminance sorted to use her body strength and blade to squash rima immediately as rima possessed weaker physic than her. but rima ended up seizing the alternative because she was too Swift and agile when fighting after she unleashed her transdonic spell. Because of this reason, she was able to deliver more blows with her short sword. However, the tide of the battle turned again when luminance unleashed a transdonic spell that enlarged her body size and amplified her strength. After she cast the spell, rima became unable to breach her defense and whenever she attacks rima, rima will be put under great pressure.
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