Fighting over the light bulbs

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On top of a huge platform, bash and the other people could be seen chasing after flying light bulbs like a group of children who are chasing after a group of fireflies. After some time passed, several light bulbs were obtained by each of them. From the original amount which is 20 light bulbs, Only 11 remained now. Everyone got 1 light bulb except bash who recently obtained another one, inside of it, he obtained plenty of crystals and a tablet containing a grade one transdonic spell called (energy burst). Soon three other people were rau, rima, and alres obtained their second light bulbs reducing the total number of light bulbs to 8 including the golden light bulb. everyone started fighting over the remaining light bulbs apart from the golden bulb which was simply moving too fast for anyone to get close to. In the end zarnes, rau, and ilstork obtained another light bulb. Now only three multicolored light bulbs remained, as a result of that the battle became fiercer. Bash was just about to get his hands on another light bulb after chasing it for a long time when suddenly, a swift blade force attacked him from the side. he quickly changed his movements to evade the blade before it reached him. When he looked at his side, he saw the figure of luminance who obstructed him while her partner Rau stretched to grab the light bulb. “ s**t!” He cursed. This was the second time those two from the metho race had obstructed him from obtaining his third light bulb, however, they too, still haven't gotten their hands on it. Luminance came again with another blow so that rau will have time to catch the light bulb. “If You guys are trying to play dirty then I will show you what is dirty, none of you are truly up to the task of playing dirty with me ”. After shouting in anger, bash instantly teleported out the axe and swung it with an indomitable might but not to block the blade approaching him, instead, he twisted his body so that the blade could only cut some part of his shoulder at the same time, he swung the axe towards the light bulb which Raul was about to grab. “What a crazy fellow”. luminance exclaimed in shock upon seeing his action. How can he ignore his wellbeing just to stop rau from obtaining the light bulb?. “Boom” just when the blade cut him, the light bulb exploded shortly after making contact with his axe. As for its contents, they were sucked inside his space transmitter before the two could even react. Meanwhile, zarnes was fighting with ilstork over another light bulb. On another side alres, abutu and rima were fighting over the other remaining multicolored light bulb. After obtaining his third light bulb, bash no longer paid the two any attention and quickly went to aid zarnes in gaining his third light bulb by obstructing ilstork. He did not try to go after the golden light bulb as he knows that it will take him time and effort to pull that off and with those two obstructing him he will surely fail to obtain it as his trick will not work on them for the second time. he needs an ally if he wants to successfully obtain the golden light bulb, furthermore, this is his chance to get back at ilstork for all of his nasty remarks back at the marrow strengthening forest. “You bastard, what the hell are you doing here, get out of my way if you don’t want to die”. Ilstork barked at the approaching bash but bash only replied to him by swinging his axe forward. He could only face bash attack and let zarnes chase after the light bulb. On alrese's side, the struggle came to an end when rima got her hands on the light bulb with the help of an agility transdonic spell which she cast that enable her to quickly get a hold of the light bulb before they could do anything to stop her. After spending some time chasing it, zarnes was able to gain the last multicolored light bulb leaving only the golden light bulb. When all the multicolored light bulbs were obtained, the golden light bulb became suspended in the air and no longer made any movements. all of the surroundings suddenly turned quiet as everyone turn their attention towards the golden bulb. No one made the first move to obtain it as they were all aware that whoever tries to grab it will become everyone's target. After having secret eye contact with ilstork and luminance, rau suddenly broke the silence by saying. “Everyone, I have an important suggestion to make”. Then he suddenly pointed at bash before saying. “ I think we should get rid of that kid since he's the only one here that is not in the tenth level, he is not qualified to fight over the greatest of ultimate treasures”. “letting him enter here to fight over the ultimate treasures is already good enough for him. What do you all think”. “ I agree with you brother rau”. “The alien race kid must leave this place, Only us who are at The tenth level of bone-strengthening qualify to via for the last bulb”. Ilstork was the first to voice his agreement. at this moment, he hates bash more than anything in the world as bash hindered him from obtaining his third light bulb. As the vengeful and narrow-minded person that he is, he will of course use this chance to seek vengeance. “I also agree with your suggestion” abutu said because he wants to use this chance to avenge his brother. Luminance did not comment and only brought out her blade as she stepped towards bash readying herself in other to fight. Although she hasn’t said anything, her actions show that she also agreed with rau. Apart from bashes friends, rima was the only one who didn't agree with them. she quietly stood at some distance away that separate her from the rest, looking at everyone with her cold face that was almost devoid of any expression. “Hay bash kid. you have two options”. “Either you walk out of here by yourself or we eliminate you and obtain everything in your possession”. rau exclaimed as the four of them slowly converged toward bash while they brandish their weapons. Inwardly rau was gleeful that he came up with this idea which caused even agaba to act against bash. Their lord vanchel had sent him, ilstork, and luminance on a mission to acquire the greatest treasure among the ultimate treasures as it contained something very important to him. At first, he was confident in their ability to obtain the greatest of ultimate treasures because no one will be able to contend with them when they join hands as he knows that the cold and prideful rima will disdain to work with abutu and zarnes or any other person at the tenth level of bone-strengthening. However, as bash and alres showed up from nowhere and teamed up together with zarnes, he felt a deep threat to his team’s success. That is why all this time he had been looking for a way to act against the group so that he could eliminate them from the competition. From his assumptions, the best way to get rid of bashe's team and also obtain the light bulb was to get abutu to their side so that he will help them to fight bash company and send someone from his team to obstruct rima from obtaining the last light bulb so that the possibility of his team obtaining the treasure will increase. Apart from anyone in his team, no other person is allowed to obtain the golden light bulb. Unfortunately, he knows that although abutu wants nothing other than to kill bash, abutu will not attack him because of two reasons. The first is that abutu was deterred by the teamwork of bash and the two others. The second is that getting his hands on the golden light bulb was more important to abutu than his desire to destroy bash. So the only way to stop both abutu and rima from after the ultimate treasure while he, ilstork, and luminance were fighting bash company was to make bash the target of everyone so that bash team will be weakened when bash gets eliminated after all they still viewed him as the weakest here due to the limitation of his level. When bash is eliminated, he and his team will be able to easily eliminate the rest of bashe's team, after that, his team will be assured of obtaining the golden light bulb. “You're shamelessly using this reason as an excuse to eliminate our team aren't you!!”. Zarnes yelled in rage as a powerful force exerted out of his body. As it appears, the act of their conspiracy had truly ignited zarnes anger. “ Nonsense, we are only protecting everyone's interest by making things right”. ilstork barked. “ So according to you guys, me being here and competing for the ultimate treasures is wrong?”. Bash suddenly blurted with a serious look. “Of course it’s wrong”. “ as you have witnessed before, the pressure outside this Pyramid was engineered by the management of blood trial so that only those in level ten can reach the entrance”. “ for someone below the tenth level to be here implies that something went wrong which is distorted the plans of the management of blood trial”. “ Your presence here is the source of this distortion” rau explained confidently as if he understood the arrangement of the management. “ if that is what you all think, then I have nothing more to say to you ”. “However, If you think you can eliminate me, you are welcome to try”. In the middle of his speech, a powerful force busted out of bashe's body while he broth out his axe and rested it on his shoulders, waiting for anyone stupid enough to attack him. The silent alres also channeled his energy in his a halberd armament upon seeing that a fight was inevitable not to talk of the already enraged alres.
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