Glowing light bulbs

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The struggle for the marrow strengthening fruits continued as the teams did their best to get the most crystals by fiercely plucking in high speed but as usual bash team was still in the lead. The raze continued for about 3 minutes before the crystals were completely obtained as they reached the end of the forest with the marrow-strengthening trees. What came after the marrow-strengthening trees were withered trees that nobody could identify. With the absence of more fruits, the competition was over. The teams now focused their attention on shearing their gains. In bash team, they each got 25 percent of the fruits they obtained. It was very easy distributing their gains as they have smaller numbers. As for the other teams, thins was much more complicated as not everyone got the same amount as the level 10 Did the most work, the level 10s obtained the highest shear while the remaining was split between the other team members. Only after they finished sharing their gains did they look around to discover that only half of the trial takers survive the monster tide. After a slight lamentation, the trial takers continued their journey to find the ultimate treasure. After walking for some while, they entered into a place littered with plenty of small rocks the size of bricks, that stretched to the area of 200 meters. Up ahead of the numerous small rocks, an ancient pyramid that exuded a strong suppressive pressure could be seen. As their eyes gazed at the pyramid, everyone was convinced that this was the true location of ultimate treasures. They all rushed toward the pyramid upon having that thought but due to the pressure it exuded, their speed drastically slowed down. All those in level six who were lucky enough to survive the wolf park were even forced to retreat immediately when the pressure descended on them as they were not strong enough to withstand the pressure ahead. Bash and his team had no problem moving forward as the weakest in their team have the strength of the peak of level 9 bone strengthening. As bash continued to move forward, he felt that the pressure increases along with each step he took. This phenomenon made him remember the time which he faced a force similar to this at the barren land. As the trial takers reach a hundred meters to the pyramid, bash looks to his side and saw a lot of people at the 8 level of bone-strengthening backing out because of the pressure but those above that level continue to move forward. The stubborn people in level eight who tried to force their way forward ended up exploding into blood mist. This served as a warning to others who have the same thoughts. Anyway, this amount of pressure still didn't affect bash much, the same could be said to the rest of his team except for zee who felt the pressure weighing down on her shoulders gain drastically. When they reached ten meters to the pyramid, the pressure underwent a huge transformation. It became so intense that only those in level ten could move forward. Those at level nine on the other hand we're being forced to back out. “You guys should take care of yourselves as you go forward, as for me, I am going to use the pressure here to try and break into the tenth level of bone-strengthening.” “When you get your hands on the ultimate treasure you better not forget about me because I will be here waiting for you”. Zee exclaimed one after the other as she settled down. She knows that she had reached her limit. Bash and the others all nodes their heads and head forward. The four of them now have a stronger bond than before as they got to know each other better over the time of their teamwork in fighting the wolves earlier. Even alrese’s true identity became disclosed due to the trust developed between them. Soon only those with the strength of level ten remained in the quest of the ultimate treasures. After some minutes, they reached the entrance of the pyramid. At this moment bash could not stop himself from asking “since both of you have participated in the struggle for the ultimate treasure previously, can you tell exactly what we are going to see in there. “you better not dwell on the idea that you can get any useful information from us because it’s different every time”. Alres stated. “He’s right, even if I tell you about my experience, I don’t think it will help you one bit because during my trial season, what we saw at the final ground of the ultimate treasure was different from what I see today”. Zarnes added. We encountered a tomb filled with numerous statues of lions that contain powerful skills and transdonic crystals on top of them. “At the end of the day rau ended up obtaining the greatest treasure”. “wait a sec, did you just say that rau obtained the greatest treasure?”. Alres suddenly interjected quietly with a serious expression. “yes, rau obtained the greatest treasure, is there something wrong about that?”. Alres replied with a lowered voice. “From my discovery, anyone who obtains the greatest of the ultimate treasures will end up being killed by vanchel because a part of the treasure he is after, (the heaven-defying spell). usually appears within the greatest treasure”. “If anyone obtained the greatest treasure, the piece of the heaven-defying spell will attach itself to the person when he opens the treasure, and removal of the piece from his or her body will lead to death”. “I have told you that vanchel will do anything to obtain that spell so if that guy is still alive then it must only mean one thing”. “rau is under the control of vanchel” Bash suddenly blurted in shock. “looks like we have to be careful of him when we enter the pyramid”. Zarnes declared. "There's no need to worry too much, I have a way to make sure that we will be the final winners in this struggle. let me teach you about a spell i…". Alres explained about the trump card that will help them obtain advantage over the others as they moved on. After they finished whispering among themselves about their plans in handling the other level tens present, the group once again focused on getting to the pyramid. The pressure disappeared after they entered the pyramid. Inside it, they were greeted by the view of a giant platform several meters wide. above the platform were 20 spherical bulbs twenty times the size of a volleyball on the earth which glow with multicolored light. In the middle of the light bulbs, was a bigger light bulb two times the size of the others glowing out with Golding light. The light bulbs were arranged in planetary formation. the smaller light bulbs orbiting the bigger light bulb at the center. The light bulbs illuminated the inside of the whole pyramid creating a spectacular sight. “Wow” bash exclaimed when he saw the beautiful display of illumination. Bash was so excited to see what the bulbs were all about so he ran forward and tried grabbing one of the glowing light bulbs. After there’s saw his action, they also rushed after bash. They cannot allow bash to get his hands on all of the light bulbs, If the bulbs were the only things present here, then they must be connected to the ultimate treasure somehow. As soon as bash caught it with his hands, it quickly escaped his grip and started running away from his location. Just like that, all the other light bulbs also scattered away in panic, running in random directions so that no one can catch all of them. “Hay!” “Where do you think you are going” bash blurted and caught it again before it could get far, this time, he held it with more of his strength so that it should not get away. Meanwhile, the others also chased after other light bulbs, trying to find out what connection they have with the ultimate treasures. Bash peeked at the bulb in his hands with curiosity as It continued to struggle in his grip. “What could this light bulb possibly mean” “ is it a key to the ultimate treasure or something”. Bash mumbled Apart from its glowing light, he didn't sense anything special from it. After some thinking, he quickly came up with an idea. He channeled his energy into it in other to see what would happen when his energy enters it however, to his surprise the light bulb broke apart revealing a black axe that exuded a presence that was slightly greater than a grade one armament. Together with the axe, ten grade one transdonic crystals which glowed with a multicolored light could also be seen. “ So the bulbs have been the treasures that we are searching for” “they were right in front of us but we didn’t even realize it” bash exclaimed in surprise. However he was also disappointed because he already have some other grade 1 armament but when he examined the armament more carefully to see what grade it was, his expression immediately brightened because he discovered that the axe was a quasi-grade two armament. (A quasi-grade two armament is an armament in which the level of transdonic markings inscribed on it has reached the requirement of a grade two. however, the armament lacks an inscription core which all grade two armaments should possess as a result it is regarded as a quasi-grade two armament). (Apart from the level of transdonic inscription, the main difference between a grade one and grade two armament is the presence of the inscription core that can contain, store and release immense energy. The energy which surpasses anything in the first evolution). ( This is why, even if the level of transdonic marking inscribed in the armament has reached the requirement, the armament cannot be recognized as a grade two armament unless it possesses an inscription core). (However, even without an inscription core, a quasi-grade two armament is still more powerful than any grade one armament out there, this is why bash grew excited when he realized the grade of the armament). After looking through the valuables he obtained, bash immediately teleported them away. Alres, zarnes, and the other level ten in the middle of chasing after the light bulbs increased their speed after seeing bashe’s gains, they became eager to obtain their own treasures. Immediately bash joined in the fray as they chased after the light bulbs.
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