Attack by monsters in the treasure location

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When trial takers entered deeper into the treasure location, they found themselves in a forest filled with tall trees that cover the sky, the trees have thick branches, blue leaves, and wide roots that stretched across the ground. Amid the blue leaves, numerous crystalline fruit were impaled into holes on the branches, from the looks of it, the crystalline fruits were given birth to by the trees. “Is that not the marrow strengthening tree” Somebody yelled from the crowd. “Ahh if that is so then those fruits are marrow strengthening fruits” “I have heard that these fruits can strengthen the foundation of anyone in the bone-strengthening evolution as it tempers the bone and bone marrow when taken” “everyone I don’t know about you but these fruits are mine”. Ilstork blurted as he surged towards the trees “How dare you think that they are all yours”. “those fruits belong to whoever plucks them”. Abutu also blurted out as he dashed. Followed by these two, eventually, everyone rushed towards the marrow-strengthening fruits. The presence of those crystalline fruits made everyone present go out of their minds as they madly rushed towards the crystals but Suddenly. “ Awooooooo!” “Awoooooo” “Awoooooo” numerous howl of monsters resounded as the invaders were attacked by a huge pack of silver fur wolfs which gushed out from between the trees. The wolves who were almost five times their numbers attacked the trial takers. The wolves were of different sizes and they exuded a different level of force ranging from the sixth level of bone-strengthening to the tenth level of bone-strengthening. The size of each wolf decides which level they are in the bone-strengthening evolution. All the wolves in the tenth level of bone-strengthening which were five in number walked slowly while monitoring the trial takers as the weaker ones surged out. Behind the five level ten wolves there was one who was slightly bigger than them which didn’t move a muscle. As the pack of wolves darted towards the trial takers, the trial takers realized that these creatures were stationed here to protect the fruits because they only show up when the fruits were endangered. As a result of their discovery, the trial takers instantly retaliated. Before you know it, a great battle between the trial takers and the wolves initiated. The ground trembled from the battle between the trial takers and the monsters. The trial takers will do anything to get their hands on the marrow-strengthening fruit. On the other hand, the monsters will fight to the death just to stop the approaching trial takers. Various agonizing howls filled the forest as lives were lost from both sides. As the fight continued, the trial takers realized that anyone alone will become the target of the powerful monsters at the tenth level who haven’t joined the fray. So they formed various groups and seek the leadership and protection of a single person in level ten in other to stay safe. The strongest in bone-strengthening on the other hand accepted and protected the other weaker trial takers because they will be able to obtain more fruits with their numbers. When this happened, the five monsters instantly surged towards the five level ten trial takers which were ilstork, rau, rima, abutu and luminance which accepted a team under them. While others made groups in large numbers under every level ten that accepted them, there was one particular group that stand out because the group refuse to accept more members. This group is comprised of bash and company. Their group had the smallest numbers because they didn't trust anyone enough to allow them to join in. “them it” Ilstork yelled because he saw that the speed of bash and company far outweigh the speed of the other teams including his team. This only happened because of the level ten monsters which targeted teams with large numbers. Bash, alres, and zarnes took the role of fighting the monsters securing zee who swiftly plucked and store away the fruits. “ Whoosh” “whoosh” bash slashed at a level nine wolf, splitting apart its skull, it let out a cry before its consciousness vanished. He swung his sword again causing numerous weaker wolves around him to be sent flying as their blood sprayed in the air. These wolves were easy to handle for bash as they were all at below level 9. Since when the battle began, bash had eliminated countless wolves without stopping. He was able to kill them unscrupulously as killing them did not place any burden on his mind like the way killing other gyptians would. zarnes was able to kill numerous monsters at a pace that slightly surpass bash because his strength was at level 10 not to talk of alres who was a veteran in the bone-strengthening evolution. Zarnes was surprised when he discovered the strength of alres after sensing the force he emitted as he kills the monsters, After all, in the blood trial, only he and the other five were recognized by everyone as the ones in the tenth level of bone-strengthening, for someone he suddenly met to also be in that level will no doubt surprise him. Alrese's existence has shown him the possibility that there might be another level ten out there who keep a low profile. Zee was able to pluck at a pace which the other teams cannot compare to because of the efficiency of the other three. The other groups could only watch in envy at how fast they were advancing. Some people even loudly cursed at them. At the same time, ilstork and other level tens were baffled by the strength displayed by bash and alres especially when alres turned out to be at the same level as them After all their group is not only the smallest but their rate of obtaining the marrow strengthening fruit was faster than everyone present. “Awoooooooooo” A fierce howl suddenly sounded The number of wolves killed by bash and his friends alarmed the alpha wolf, it was the wolf that was slightly bigger than the other level ten wolves, it emitted a force which was at the absolute peak of bone-strengthening which is the peak of level ten bone-strengthening evolution. Outraged by the killing spree of bash company, it let out a roar causing 50 percent of the attacking wolves to converge in their location. “hahaha, looks like someone is finally about to pay for their sins”. “Who told them to pluck more fruits than me”. Ilstork celebrated However, his expression soon turn for the worst as he witnessed that, that didn't change the situation when bash and his friends increased the fierceness of their attacks, causing even more wolf deaths. Upon witnessing this sight, The alpha let out an enraged howl as it rush towards bash and company. It rushed towards bash as it saw him as the weakest target to eliminate among them because of his aura which was below level 10. As bash slashed his sword releasing a sword force that cut towards countless wolves, several wolf heads were sent flying upward But before he had time to breathe, he sensed a dense killing intent lucked unto him. Bash promptly retreated five inches upon perceiving the incoming danger. “Boom” the ground where he was previously standing was crushed by a terrifying wolf claw, leading to an explosion. Bash was baffled as he gazed at the alpha wolf which attacked him because he sensed from it, an aura of level 10 bone strengthening. The nearby alres and zarnes became alarmed the moment the alpha appeared because they sensed the threat which it possessed. Even the other level ten around, felt threatened from feeling the might of the alpha wolf. “thank goodness, for a moment there, I thought that you were lucky, but what I didn’t expect was that you have a dug s**t luck, we’ll see how you handle this one. Istork loudly exclaimed so that bash and company could clearly hear him. Every other team present was now feeling happy that with the alpha wolf as it will slow down the speed of bashe's team. Zarnes and alres turned their awareness to the monster and started moving closer to the spot where it landed because the alpha is not something that can be handled by one person alone however, bash voice resounded with a shocking request. “There’s no need for you guys to slow our progress by helping me.” “ go ahead and leave this one to me, I can handle it” Bash blurted and raised his weapon for a swing. “Are you sure about that” Zarnes inquired “no way, you must be out of your mind, don’t you feel how powerful that thin is?” Zee blurted before bash could answer. “don’t worry, even if I don’t end up killing it, I can make sure that it wouldn’t be able to harm me.” Bash said as he put on a look of assurance which calmed the others. “alright take care then. Alres said as he turned away. From bashes action, alres can tell that bash intends to use the alpha to temper himself so there’s no need to help him out as it will only end up affecting his training, the alpha might be frightening, but it was nothing in the face of bashe's hidden power. Seeing alrese's actions zarnes and zee also turned away shortly after telling him to be careful and to seek help if the situation gets out of his control. upon seeing what bashe's group was doing, the other teams began to wonder if they were all out of their senses, how can they let a minuscule bash handle something that even the strongest present here are not confident of handling, are they not sending him to his death. Even with their thoughts, no one made any comment because they were happy with the situation. Bashe's team will drastically slow down when bash is killed by the alpha wolf as it will find another opponent which will be either alres or zarnes. The alpha wolf raised its paws as a berserk and blade-like force percolated out of its claws which was spread apart. It sprang high so that its claws can descend on bash with an undeniable force. Bash's expression turned serious the moment he witnessed the alpha wolf’s form of assault. From the force of the attack, he sensed that if he stands and let the wolf reach him, the attack could slice him into different parts the minute it touches him. Instantly, bash mobilized his energy into his weapon and released a deadly attack with all his might. Judging by the monster's attack, If he doesn’t go all out, he’ll only end up dead. A loud boom resounded as the dust raised from the ground and monsters nearby were sent flying, those monsters below level eight were instantly bust apart by the frightening force of the collision. When bash collided with the monster, the force of his armament directly clashed with the force of the alpha wolf's claws for a short moment before his sword force became overwhelmed by the claw force. The claw force instantly extinguished bashes sword force and head towards his skull When this happened, bash instantly flicked the sword and used it to defend the incoming monster claw. “Great” Abutu loudly remarked upon seeing bash disadvantaged. Since the time bash disgraced him he had always longed for the death of bash. As the claw hit bashe’s armament, bash was slipped to some distance away before he could stabilize his footing after that, he instantly teleported out the spear armament and channel his energy into both weapons to amplify his strength further. But he wasn’t given enough time to complete the process because the alpha wolf instantly approach him with another desperate assault. He could only strike back with all he’s got. Numerous small rucks were sent flying together with some monsters around them as they continuously collided in the process of exchanging moves. When they finally separated, bash and the Alfa Wolfe both watched each other murderously. Everyone present even in bash team was all dumfounded by bash crazy action of using two incompatible armaments at the same time to fight the alpha wolf. “mhhh, what so great about using two armaments at the same time, you’ll only consume your energy quicker and that will also quicken your death.” abutu blurted as he saw the surprise of the crowd. After their earlier clashes, bashe’s chest and limbs were riddled in claw marks, and blood slowly dripped from it as he panted heavily. On the other hand, the Alfa wolf only had a small sword cut on its head but its breathing was also ragged. From this site, one could imagine how tough their battle was. As they both stared at each other, Bash kept channeling his energy into his two weapons in other to accumulate forces, readying himself for another round, A moment later, bash and the Alfa wolf both rush towards each other at full speed. bash peered at the movement of the wolf as they arched closer to each other and targeted its hind limbs before shooting the spear towards it quickly. Upon seeing bashes action, the alpha wolf instinctively tried to block the incoming spear with its claws before it passed to its hind limb. but unfortunately, its claws were only able to slightly scrape the spear. However, this was not enough to stop the spear as bash has accumulated a lot of his energy in the spear earlier. It was only able to slightly change the trajectory of the moving spear. The spear passed beside its hind limb and the force around the spear caused an injury that disturbed its balance and lessened its momentum. Upon seeing the alpha wolf's status, bash increased his speed in other to take advantage of the situation. When bash got close enough, he stabbed his weapon at the alpha wolf the monster sent its claws towards him to meet his attack as it sensed danger. but just as they were about to meet, bash withdrew his attack and skillfully twisted around its claws, then his sword shot towards its head in other to behead it in a fast motion. If there was anything he learned from their previous clashes, it was to not face it in a head-on clash. The alpha wolf instinctively shifted its head to evade however, the sword was too fast, it wasn’t able to fully evade as bashe's sword cut its neck. Although the attack wasn't able to behead it, the sword was able to slit open its throat. “ Awoooooooo!!!” The Alfa howled miserably as it started to retreat but bash wasn't going to give it any time to get used to its circumstance, he advanced as it moved back. “damn you, why won’t you just die” Abutu growled in discontent after seeing that the wolf was going to fail. “it’s the fault of that brainless monster, it couldn’t even kill that trash because of its lack of intelligence, it was killed”. Ilstork said with a displeased look. In the end, bash chopped off its head before heaving a sigh of relief as he watched its corpse fell. He almost collapsed after this battle with the monster, due to overexertion of his transdonic energy, after all using two armaments at the same time consumes one's energy at an alarming rate. Fighting this wolf was very dangerous for him. One wrong move and he will join his ancestors. If he hadn’t strategized and utilized his agility, and speed, only God knows if he would have survived the battle. apart from the strange bird, this was the toughest opponent he's faced so far, even the threat that the gang of chilli and company possessed paled compared to this monster. From seeing the fall of their leader, the wolves immediately lost the will to fight and started retreating. When they left, numerous corpses that were scattered across the forest come into view but no one had the time to care about that except for a few who lost someone important to them. At this time everyone was focused on plucking fruits as the obstacle in their paths have disappeared. even bash who just had a tough battle rushed towards the marrow-strengthening trees. After some time most of the fruits were already plucked, the teems all began to madly fight over the remaining using their speed of obtaining them. But bash and company were still the fastest because they were the only ones who have two level tens and someone with level ten battle power in their team so they were no doubt faster.
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