The truth about the guardians

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“What?, how come as a previous trial taker, I have never come across anything like that during the previous struggle in the ultimate treasure location” A previous trial taker blurted in amazement. “ before we were sent here, we new trial takers also didn’t hear anything about any guardians of the trial grounds from the rilnords who are the management of the trial grounds” A new trial taker also muttered. “Ladies and gentlemen, am sure that all of you have started having doubts about what I just said.” “Both the previous and new trial takers have not heard of the guardians of the trial ground as I and my colleagues didn’t show our presence to the public during the previous trial season but am sure there are extremely few trial takers before your time who are present here, who know about us” “those two over there, are negmol and starcho, my subordinates and fellow guardians.” The golden cloaked man pointed at two other men. a creal and a metho race persons who were stepping out of the forest to the location of the crowd. “to the previous trial takers, even if we didn’t show ourselves during your season, there are still other prove of our existence.” “for example, the chaining of the monsters above your evolutional level which you saw deep in the ultimate treasure location was our doing” all the previous trial takers present including the six strongest had a look of realization the moment these words were uttered. “Together, we must protect you youngsters from powerful monsters and other harmful existence above your evolutional level.” “We are also here to monitor you in other to prevent accidents when the final treasures struggle starts.” “ so from now on, you will all have to listen to us.” “what the hell?” “So the guardians are responsible for everyone's safety within the treasure location” “Great, that means that we don’t have to worry too much about facing existence who are beyond our ability to handle” Many were excited by the idea while some had a look of relief. While watching the three men who were surrounded by the crowd, alres tightly clenched his fists. Deep killing intent continues to seep out of his body. “What's wrong with you” bash suddenly said from beside him after sensing his turbulent emotions. Alres lowered his voice as he said to bash. “Do you think that all that they just said is the truth?” Bash only shook his head as a reply because he was unable to make himself believe what he just heard. Vanchel had said that the rilnords kept him and his compatriots here to chain anything above bone-strengthening evolution and also to protect the trial takers. However, in the endroph zone, when the rilnord projection was giving out information about the existence above the first evolution level, why did he emphasize to be careful of them if the guardians are already in charge of handling them. Why is it that the guardians didn’t come to his rescue when he was being relentlessly chased by the strange bird?” Furthermore, from all he had witnessed so far, the rilnords will rather not have anyone come out alive than have people who need protection to survive the trial so the concept of putting a guardian here doesn’t make sense as it is unnecessary. Other ignorant people may forget these facts and believe in vanchel but bash is not among as he had witnessed firsthand, how cruel the rilnords can be from all that he went through in the lab up to the sight of the dreadful eraser. Upon seeing bash's reaction, alres started to elaborate. “Those people are not guardians of anything, rather they are just scheming bastards and their main objective is to use everyone to get something in the ultimate treasure location.” “They have done it before during my time. Believe me, they will stop at nothing to get that thing” “Looks like you know very well about them” bash exclaimed after listening to alrese's speech. “Of course, during my trial season, I accidentally stumbled into a hidden cave dug a long time ago by a predecessor who was from the past two previous trial seasons.” “ There, I found a message he left behind.” “ In the message, he described himself as one of the people who failed To ascend to the next trial grounds when the ascension platform descended.” “In his story, he mentioned an outsider above bone strengthening, which for some unknown reason descended from the second ground of blood trials along with some monsters above bone-strengthening evolution, when the ascension platform was about to disappear” “but that sounds impossible” Bash blurted in shock “impossible or not, it has already happened and no one can explain how or why” “ the message said that after his arrival, the outsider caused a huge transformation in the trial grounds” “he used a spell to e*****e everyone present as they failed to ascend. And for those who refused to be controlled, they were immediately executed by him”. “After that, he battled the monsters one by one and chained then deep within the depths of the forest” “if he wrote down all of this then how come he survived vanchel's plan” “the one who left this message said that he had witnessed this from a far distance when he saw what happened, he immediately went into his hiding place and jotted down this information as an alarm to new trial takers” “from what he left behind, he knows that he will eventually not be able to escape vanchel.” “During my trial season, I kept shut and act like I knew nothing because I know that there’s no one who can go against such a powerful and mysterious entity like vanchel”. “ Unfortunately, because of my friend who obtained something related to that treasure when she obtained the greatest treasure among the treasures, I was forced to expose vanchel however, things went wrong as through his lies, he turned me and my friends into the public enemy of everyone”. “ I was the only one who escaped that disaster, I watched as my friends died one after the other without being able to do anything”. “Even after that, they kept coming after me. making me hide like a rat all the time”. “ Because of that, I wasn’t even able to appear when the ascension platform descended because he will be able to discover and silence me so that his true intentions will remain a secret”. “However, this also drove me to spy on him and learn his greatest secret and that is, he was doing this all for a treasure called the law-defying spell.” “Because of that disaster, I manage to calculate that a piece of that spell will show up inside the greatest treasure among the ultimate treasures on every trial season when the ultimate treasure appears.” “Whenever that happens, someone must obtain a peace of it and become the target of the so-called guardians however, during my time, my friend was the one who obtained it and that is why I had to act against the so-called guardians.” “but in the end, I can only watch as my friend died when the treasure was cruelly extracted from her body.” Alres said as he continued steering at vanchel with hate and murder. After saying all this, alres stared at bash as he asked a strange question. “Look around us and see the strongest one's present are those at the peak of the first evolution, don’t you think that is strange?” “I mean, is it that nobody has broken through to the next transdon level or that everyone is presented from doing that?” “I don’t know” Bash responded in puzzlement. “from my investigation and experience, I have discovered that all those who broke through to the second transdon evolution will immediately disappear before the public eye and no one knows where they go” “Could it be that they were sent to the next trial ground” Bash couldn’t help but ask. “No, every trial season, vanchel will secretly attack and try to e*****e everyone who broke through to the second evolution.” “Those who refuse to work for him will be killed while those who yield will become his fellow guardian.” "I figured this out after I searched through some of their remnants. “ No one can escape him no matter who, I suspect that he has a secret spell which could detect any being in that transdon evolution level.” “This is the main reason why up till now, I haven’t tried to break through to the second evolution.” “ he must have done all this in other to eliminate anyone who possesses a threat to him” Bash interjected all of a sudden. “yes and also this is to give people the illusion that there are guardians in the blood trial whose job is to protect everyone from entities above our evolution level. “from what you have seen, of all those who broke through to the second evolution, only two people have yielded so far and their identities, I don’t have to tell you” Listening to alres remarks bash already knows that the two people who yielded were starcho and negmol. “All this plan was put to motion so he can buy his time on scheming against everyone who ends up obtaining a part of the treasure which he had come here for”. In the middle of their conversation, a voice suddenly rang out from beside them “What exactly is that treasure, for a powerful person like him to go to this extent just to obtain”. zee who was now upright beside them exclaimed all of a sudden. Turns out, she had been listening to their talk from beside them all this while. “When did you get here, weren't you in the process of healing your injuries” Bash exclaimed. “my harms are not as serious as you think, I recovered some time ago and saw two guys whispering like gossiping women in secret, so I got a little curious about what you were talking about”. Zee lazily Replied. “don't you know that it's bad behavior to intrude on other people's conversation?.” Bash stated as he gazed at her “ Hhhhhm” why are you blaming this big sister? I only thought that you guys were up to no good and that's why I had to find out” “ What if you were gossiping about me.” Zee snorted, trying to hide her embarrassment. Bash and alres were left speechless by her statement, not knowing how to reply her how can she even assume that they’ll do something like that after what just transpired lately? Meanwhile, zarnes made his way to their location. His fight with ilstork came to an end after the arrival of the guardians so after making sure that ilstork will not sneak attack him, he wants to go and check on his sister. “ As long as those bastards are present, I will not be able to ascend as they will instantly sense my presence on the other hand if I don’t ascend, I will be eliminated by the trial management as an invaluable product.” "This time I have no choice but to fight it out with them. Alres stated as he watch the men who were offering guidance to the crowd. “How do you plan in fighting those men” Zee inquired Bash stared solemnly at alres. He had already figured out alrese's plan from the moment he learned of his predicament. Both bash and zee were waiting for alres answer but alres didn't immediately reply until after some seconds, he sighed and steered intently at bash before saying. “you are the only hope that I have, this is why I told you earlier that I will need your help" "I knew you would say this" "I am willing to help you as you have once saved my life, however, I don't think that I stand any chance against them. “ you are the only one who can fight them. Don't you know the extent of your power?” “ You were able to defeat a monster at above bone-strengthening evolution…” “Impossible!!” “are you out of your mind for saying that?” zee blurted vehemently as she gazed at alres as if he was an i***t. In her opinion, his brain must be touching for him to think something like this. “Are you willing to help me?” Instead of answering zee, alres turned to bash with an inquiry. “if I had control over the power I would have considered helping you however, I don't even know how to control it so there’s no way I can help you” “what if I can help you with controlling it”. Bash eyes instantly brightened the moment alres uttered that statement. If alres could really do as he says, then there is hope in defeating the guardians. While they continued with their planning, zee who listened with a shocked look from beside them suddenly jolted when she suddenly saw a figure who was not far away from them and moved towards them step by step. Zee rushed towards the approaching zarnes and hugged one of his arms while crying out in indignation. “Big brother!!, after all this while, you only remembered your little sister now?.” “I almost died here, you know, if not for my friend over there, I would have been a goner. you are such a bad brother for not protecting me.” “Am sorry little sister, if it were not for some things getting on my way, I will have already rushed here from the beginning.” “Hhhhhm, stop trying to make excuses and just make it up to your little sister” zee snorted. “By this time, zee had released her foxtail” “Alright I will compensate you” zarnes said in resignation as he patted her head like a child. This little sister of his will never change, she's always thinking about how to obtain gifts from him. “By the way, why don’t you introduce me to your friends over there” zarnes blurted after their catching up “Of course, how could I have forgotten to introduce you guys” Zee exclaimed as she pulled him towards the two. “Bash, this is my brother zarnes”. Zee stated after bringing her brother over. “So your name is bash, hi am zarnes zee's elder brother” zarnes introduced while bringing his hand for a handshake. “I am so honored to shake hands with one of the strongest warriors in the first trial ground” bash muttered as they shook hands. “No I should be the one feeling honored, after all, I am shaking hands with the monster who can fight two-level above him without external help” After that, alres also shook hands with zarnes as he introduced himself to the siblings. After all the introduction they started making inquiries to zarnes about what he thought of the guardians and surprisingly they came out on the same page. They even started a random discussion on how to deal with those men but this doesn’t mean that bash and alres fully trust zarnes enough to tell him about alrese's true identity. Time slowly tricked by 1 hour, 2 hours until after 5 hours. The barrier on the treasure location suddenly blurred and disappeared. the crowd burst into a clamor of excitement as everyone gathered at the edge of the forest, rushed towards the depths of the forest at their fullest speed. The struggle for the ultimate treasure has officially begun.
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