The guardian

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“Damn I should have dealt with those fools earlier”. Knowing what's about to happen, Bash muttered to himself while getting up, he clenched his fists and waited for abutu's reaction. As bash expected abutu's face suddenly distorted after agaba's follower finished whispering into his ear. He shortly checked on agaba's condition before growling out. “You little bastard, how dare you to injure my brother”. Immediately, he rushed towards bash in Frenzy. “I will make you pay” Abutu yelled as he approach bash with a frightening speed as if he was afraid that he will not be able to get revenge if he did not move any quicker. “What are you trying to do?” zarnes who stood amongst the remaining level 10 exclaimed as he felt that something was wrong when he saw abutu running fiercely towards the direction of bash, alres, and his sister. Zarnes immediately want to go and stop abutu before things get out of hand however, someone obstructed him on the way. “Where do you think you're going” The senrate youth called Ilstork, which was also one of the level 10 bone-strengthening gyptians quickly appeared in his front and declared. “Get out of my way!!” Zarnes loudly yelled with a sense of impatience and urgency. “Hahaha, my dear zarnes, didn't I tell you that someday I will get you.” Ilstork said and he laughed smugly. “You shameless bastard, Are you doing this because of last-time affair!”. Zarnes roared in anger. “Hmm you are the one who stole my transdonic crystals, so you only have yourself to blame for me taking my revenge at this time” Ilstork answered as his face distorted into a vicious one. “you bastard, if anything happens to my sister, I swear I will kill you.” Zarnes yelled in fury and clenched his fist tightly, by this time, he knows that it will be impossible to get rid of ilstork, a bitter battle must take place. A powerful force was exerted out of his body as he murderously charged at ilstork. The remaining strongest gyptians watched all of this in amazement Meanwhile, Bash had a serious expression on his face as he gazed at the approaching abutu in front of him. “How dare a lowly being like you injure my brother, are you looking to die” abutu yelled at bash, as his body burst out with terrifying killing intent. “It was your brother who brought about all this to himself by scheming against my friend” “that still doesn’t give you the right to touch him, you must pay dearly for what you did” “are you such an i***t, that you can’t understand what I just told you” Bash angrily yelled back at him. Feeling annoyed by his attitude and not intimidated in the slightest by his killing intent. everyone here may be afraid of the strongest gyptians but bash was not in the least scared of them as he knows that he will be able to stand his ground in a fight with any of them, and From the beginning, Bash knows very well that abutu planned to fault him the moment he rushed towards here, He released his pressure in other to make bash afraid and started questioning about what was done to his brother but not once did he even consider what his brother had done to bash. “bastard!” Abutu was immediately outraged by bashes disrespectful remarks, Since when he broke into level 10 bone-strengthening evolution, no one below that level has ever disrespected him in this way. At this time, even the spectators burst into an uproar hearing the words that came out of bashe’s mouth. Numerous exclamation were being made. “Wow, that bash is very courageous to course at abutu” a female creal commented in astonishment. “Hahm, he’s more like an ignorant fool, a rabbit who doesn't know how to respect a lion, his only faith is to be brutally devoured.” A metho race youth stated as he gazed at bash in pity. In a rage, abutu Channeled the energy in his body and sent out a terrifying punch towards bash. Upon seeing his action, bash battle intent was immediately ignited as he also threw a punch towards abutu. Bashe’s action provoked another uproar from the crowd. “Is that bash kid out of his mind, how can he think of fighting abutu without any external help?” “Does he think that because he was invincible when fighting a group of level nines, that he has what it takes to fight someone in level 10”? someone exclaimed from the crowd. “if you ask me, I will say that the kid is too arrogant. He is so blinded by his arrogance that he doesn’t even realize the gap in strength between a level 10 bone strengthening and level 9 bone strengthening. A senrate youth shook his head as he stated. Two fists collided giving birth to a massive shockwave that spread around the surrounding. Dust along with pebbles was sent flying. Everyone in the crowd awaited bashe's terrible defeat but to the astonishment of the outlooks, no one got the upper hand between bash and abutu as they were both repelled backward. “ Ahhh, this is impossible, how come bash can evenly match a level 10 bone-strengthening without using any spell or any armament”. A senrate youth nearby stated. “I think he just got lucky that abutu used a small part of his strength, that’s all”. one of abutu's fans snorted from among the crowd. “Is that all a level 10 bone-strengthening can do?” Bash mocked. Bash clash with agaba also alarmed the other strongest gyptians apart from zarnes and ilstork who were locked in a heated battle. As a result, they also started paying more attention to the battle. “I was only using 50 percent of my strength earlier, let me show you how strong I am. Abutu sent out another fist strike to bashes face, bash accompanied him as they exchanged several moves which none of them got the upper hand. “Harmer fist!” When Abutu finally got tired of the equilibrium, he activated a transdonic spell with a yell. The spell enlarged his fists and turned them as tough as a rock, he then smashed it at bash. In other to defend, bash brought out the sword which he got after killing chilli, and unleashed a devastating sword strike to meat abutu's harmer fist. Bash had already experienced the might of transdonic spells at the hands of chilli so he is not going to hold back anything when fighting against someone with transdonic spells. However, as the two forces were about to collide, a golden figure which seemed to have gushed out from the forest swiftly moved across the crowd at a speed that no one present could comprehend and appeared between them at the point of their collision. “ Boom” an explosion of forces occurred as two figures were sent flying. As the dust settled, the figure of a man who was dressed completely in gold and also wearing a gold mask could be seen standing on the ground at the place of their collision. An extremely dense force exuded out of his body which gave him an aura of existence above bone-strengthening evolution. As for bash and abutu, they could both be seen laying on the floor some distance away. The audience who were waiting to see the outcome of the clash became surprised by what they were seeing. Even zanes and ilstrok stop their battle due to the might of the newcomer. Numerous exclamations escaped from the startled crowd as everyone stared at the man in surprise, but at this time alres had a deep frown on his face upon seeing the man. He quickly brought out a spray and sprayed it on his body however, no one noticed his strange action as their attention was on the man except for bash who fell beside him. “If I may ask, who are you” Abutu yelled out respectfully while standing up. at first, he wanted to curse the man for intercepting his battle but after sensing the man's powerful aura, he became fearful of offending him. The man smiled as he replied “ I am vanchel, a guardian of the first ground of blood trial”
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