Strongest warriors of bone strengthening

1944 Words
Bash immediately went over to check if zee was still alive. When he bent over her body, he saw the blood dripping from her abdomen but thankfully she was still breathing. He steered at her haggard body with guilt as she breathed heavily. Inwardly he was blaming himself for underestimating his enemy and also for his naivety, if he had not assumed that chilli was incapable of doing further harm, this disaster wouldn’t have occurred. Upon seeing bashes expression, zee couldn’t help but weakly say. “you don't have to blame yourself for anything” “ it's not like this big sister is going to die easily” She added as she pressed the bottom on her space storage. “next time I’m not going to be so stupid as to lose guard and allow my enemies to stab me in the back and harm my friends. Bash mumbled inwardly in determination as he glimpsed at her but he was also fascinated by her when she called herself big sister even in her situation. Several crystals got teleported out of her space storage which emitted pure energy. “come on, help me get up so I can heal my injuries” zee stated as she grab those crystals. “okay” bash answered then he pulled her shoulders and help her sit in a meditative position to absorb the energy of the crystals. immediately, when she sat, the energy from the crystals entered her body and started to heal her injuries. “Take care of her” Bash said to alres who just arrived as he rushed over. “Hey, what are you going off to do”. Alres asked as he was puzzled by bashe’s action. “Am going to deal with the cause of all this”. After this statement, bash slowly made his way to agaba's location. “boss that demon is heading our way, let's quickly get out of here”. Meanwhile, the onlookers were speculating about agaba's situation. “ha that arrogant young master is finally going to pay for his actions” “ Yea who told him to be so arrogant as to mess with people who are far above his league” " He's unaware that no matter how far one urinates, the last drop always falls at the feet" Meaning : ( there will always be consequences for once action). “you can’t blame him for that because he’s got a powerful backing, if you were him wouldn’t you do the same thing?” “ha, let’s just witness his end” “boss that demon is heading our way, let's quickly get out of here”. One of agaba's followers exclaimed. Hearing his subordinate claim, agaba instantly felt like running away from here. But he was hesitant as he didn’t have anywhere to run to. He could not run to his brother’s whereabouts as the powerful shockwave of the activities there is enough to eventually pulverize him at the same time running back to the barren land will only lead to an earlier death as the swam of spiders there could tear him to shreds within a second. As if sensing their intentions to flee, bash quickened his pace and directly appeared in front of them. From bashe’s sudden appearance, agaba got startled and started to stammer. “You..” “What… do you…what” “get away…. From me” Never before had he thought that one day he will act so foolishly because of someone he once considered an insect? “so your the one playing the dark hand behind the curtain aren't you!!” Bash yelled as he gazed murderously at agaba. “I..I don't know what you're talking about”. Agaba impatiently stammered. Right now, he was really afraid of bash, after all the things that happened in front of him. “ Oh you don't know what I am talking about” “fine I will show you what am talking about” As he exclaimed, bash immediately threw a punch at agaba’s face knocking him to the ground. As this happened, All of his entourage scattered away in the terror of bash before he could finish with agaba as they know very well, that his next target after agaba will be them. Not even one of them bothered to look back to see the fate of their boss. Bash, on the other hand, ignored them as his attention was fully focused on agaba the main culprit in all of this. To him, the rest of them are just lowly pawns that are not worth mentioning. Bash step on one of agaba’s legs, breaking apart the bones with a cracking sound. “Ahhhhh!!” He hoarsely screamed. “has all of this not happened because of you? tell me!!”. “Yes, yes It’s all because of me, I am the one responsible” “ Please stop, I will never do it again, never” bash snorted in disdain upon hearing his answer. “So you only act tough to people who are stronger than you against those who are stronger, you only prostrate to their feet like a dog!” “Yes you are right and when it comes to people stronger than me I am a coward so please don’t kill me!!” Upon hearing agaba’s self-abuse, the disdain bash felt for him amplified further. “Since you have already admitted to your crimes, then you must pay for them as well, let me break all your limbs as a completion of your punishment”. “Aren’t you supposed to stop when I answer your questions?” Agaba blurted “Shut up!!” “ you don't have the right to voice your opinion” bash yelled as he stepped on agaba’s left leg making him scream again. Bash plans to slowly torture him, till he descends into madness. As a test subject of the crazy alchemist ralzit, bash had experienced a lot of torment in the lab so he was vast in the knowledge of torture. Bash finally stopped after breaking all the bones on agaba's four limbs one by one and limb by limb. By this time agaba had long descended into the state of unconsciousness. The crowd watched in horror at agaba’s fate After that bash raised his spear in other to slay agaba but he suddenly stopped at the last moment because the image of a horrifying headless chilli suddenly jolted him in his eyesight. At this moment, he realized that his mind was having a hard time living with the idea of murder, after all, he was just a regular 14 years high school kid not long ago. “ however he knows in the future, he will be unable to avoid killing as the image once told him that in the gyptian world, even if you don’t offend anyone people are bound to offend you. Unfortunately, he is not ready yet, he still needs to get used to the idea. Instead of stabbing him with the spear, bash used it to smack agaba’s face, making him awake from his state of unconsciousness. “Let this be the last time you act against us otherwise I will make sure that I kill you in the cruelest way possible” Bash turned around, leaving that pledge to resound in agaba’s ears. “ bash is ruthless but unfortunately, he isn’t decisive enough” “if it were me, I would have killed agaba” “leaving a treacherous snake like him alive will only lead to future trouble.” “what do you know, agaba has a very powerful backing, do you think that bash will have a good ending by killing him.” “ You are right, if I were bash I wouldn’t have the courage to kill him.” Plenty of people in the crowd voiced their opinions about bashe's action. After bash was gone, Agaba’s face suddenly distorted as he uttered. “You damn rookie, how there you humiliate me like this. Just wait till my brother shows up, l swear am going to make him torture you a hundred times dreadful than me before killing you”. For over two hours, zee's outer injuries have almost completely healed but the injuries inside of her abdomen have not healed much. All this time, bash and alres were chatting about random matters while they kept watching over her. In the middle of their passive chats, alres suddenly said with a solemn face. “Bash there's something important that I have been meaning to tell you”. “I have not told you the whole truth about me. The truth is that I am not from this previous set of trial takers”. “What do you mean by that”. Bash Inquired. “In the blood trial, there are some people who fail to ascend to the next trial ground when the ascension platform descends due to some reason,” “they have to wait for the next ascension platform to appear and that only happens when new freshmen like you enter the blood trial.” “ If they fail again, they can only accept the fate of being eliminated directly by the management.” “As I speak to you, I am one of those people.” “I was supposed to ascend to the next trial ground during the trial season before these previous trial takers but unfortunately due to some unavoidable thins, I was stuck here and unable to ascend until now because as you already know, the next ascension platform did not appear for this previous trial takers in their time.” “ Can you tell me about your experience”. bash asked looking eager to hear what alres will say next. Just when alres opened his mouth to say something, a bust of exclamations suddenly came from the crowd-drawing their attention. “Look they've returned. Our strongest warriors have returned”. “ I wonder what they've encountered”. Someone said among the crowd. Slowly, 6 people walked out of the dense forest with an intimidating aura of level 10 bone strengthening as the crowd began to gist about their identities. Among them, there were two senrate boys and a senrate girl which were the fierce abutu, ilstork and rima respectively according to the crowds muttering. A plump girl belonging to the metho race called luminance, a huge rouge in the middle which also belongs to metho race called the undefeatable rau and in the creal race, a male which was called zarnes. All of their identities were unraveled by the crowd one by one as they moved closer to the crowd. “judging by his race, zarnes must be zee's brother”, “And agaba's elder brother should be abutu judging by how they both look alike, on top of having similar names”. Bash learned all this through listening to the crowd's muttering. Sensing the pressure of those six people. Bash watched then with solemnity, he reckoned that if he were to fight any of them, it will probably be an extremely difficult battle as he doesn’t have full confidence in winning. The six strongest walked slowly into the crowd in harmony as no one dears to approach them due to their might But then, suddenly Agaba's followers who escaped ran towards abutu's side carrying the Brocken agaba then one of them whisper something into his left ear. Bash instantly had a bad premonition upon seeing what was happening.
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