Zee's tragedy

1205 Words
Just as chili raised his sword, he suddenly felt a sharp aura that locked on to him from behind which kept getting closer at an alarming rate. He swiftly turned and used his weapon to block the incoming spear attack. “Boom” As two weapons clashed, it gave birth to an explosion that shook everything around them, dust rose from the ground, and pebbles were sent flying. When the dust settled, the view of bashe’s back could be seen facing the crowd as he stood beside the injured zee. Chilli on the other hand, could be seen a few feet ahead of them. “what the……, how can he be so fast.” the female senrate who held the hammer exclaimed in surprise. Earlier she had been excited when chili was about to kill zee but then suddenly, the figure of bash moved to pass her so fast that she didn't have any time to react. “How dare you, you dem insect, I'm going to rip you to shreds.” Chilli growled in fury. He was very pissed when some rookie who came out of nowhere was able to push him back in a clash moreover, it happened when he had almost succeeded in his motive. Unfortunately for him, bash paid him no attention instead he stared at zee and said “I will take over from here.” After that bash slowly steps forward with the spear in hand. Zee nodded with a look of relief and gratitude At this moment, she no longer see him as a little rookie who needed protection but a strong gyptian in every right. Had bash not appeared, chilli would have succeeded in harming her. Chilli's rage intensified due to being ignored by bash. “How dare you ignore me, you impudent fellow” “am going to put you in your place.” Chilli suddenly dashed towards bash as he howled. “Heaven severing!!”. “Rumble”. the energy in his sword suddenly turned extremely sharper than before as it emitted a force that could run through anything. Glimpsing at his action, bash also thrust the spear forward. When they collided chilli, was immediately pushed back several steps. Bash, on the other hand, remained stationary but a frown formed on his face because his right hand which held the spear was dripping blood from injuries on his shoulder. When their weapons made contact earlier, He perceived that chilli's severing force was so sharp that it would be able to ignore his defensive force and severe his arm. “ So this is the might of transdonic spells.” He mutters to himself feeling fortunate that he move his shoulder away before it was severed. Shortly after, chilli's sword thrust towards bash again with all his might. Bash stood in the same location and contemplated the sword coming towards him. He swiftly moved sideways, dodging the sword strike and thrusting his spear at chilli at a timely speed before he could even react. “Puff” With the sound, the spear was impaled into chili's abdomen. “Ahh” he screamed and then slumped on the ground, his situation unclear. Upon Seeing this, bash immediately turned his attention to the remaining people who attacked zee. Feeling bash gaze on their body, fear started to grip their hearts as even chilli who was stronger than they were defeated so quickly. Their gut feelings were telling them to quickly get out of here and that, fighting bash will only lead to easy defeat and humiliation, But they couldn’t as they knew that, with bashe’s speed, it would be a piece of cake for him to catch up to them. “Whoosh” Bash suddenly sprang towards them with his spear, he thrust the spear at the metho race youth with unstoppable momentum. After their weapons clashed the sword was knocked out of the metho race youth’s hand due to him being unable to halt the force of bashe’s spear. In the next spear thrust, bash impaled the spear into his left shoulder, before sending his force into the body of the youth to implode his shoulder The metho race youth shrieked as he lost consciousness. Only when bash saw his condition did he face the senrate girl. When bashe’s gaze landed on her, the senrate girl started to shiver in fright as if she was being gazed at by a primal beast. One by one she had witnessed bash battle with her counterparts and had seen all of them ending up tragically. “I surrender please let me go” “ I promise I will do anything you ask as long as you don’t turn me into a cripple.” She sharply dropped her weapon and seek forgiveness because of the fear of ending up like her comrades. She will rather face the humiliation of admitting defeat than have her limb decapitated and become a cripple. Instead of answering her please, bash calmly stepped towards her with an expressionless face. When he reached her front, he kicked the senrate girl to the ground, breaking her left leg in the process. “don’t let me see your face again, otherwise I will break your other leg.” “ok” She answered before getting up and promptly dashing away in embarrassment. Bash at this time was heading back towards agaba and his entourage in other to give them their part of retribution. From the muttering of the crowd, he had understood the true mastermind of this event was the contemptible agaba. However, before he could even move up to twenty steps, he suddenly heard alres voice coming from ahead of him. “bash watch out” That was when he felt a sharp force locked unto him closely from behind. It was so close to his body that it reach him before he could even turn around, “Ahhhh” However, the force which locked onto him suddenly disappeared as he heard a cry from a familiar voice which gave him a bad premonition. He quickly circled to see what exactly transpired but his face instantly distorted by what he witnessed. He saw chilli's sword stabbed into Zee's abdomen. From how thins played out earlier, It seemed that Chilli wanted to kill bash with a sneak attack by catching him off guard but zee took the fall for him as she got into the way of the sword. At this moment zee collapsed onto the ground, her situation unclear. “No!!” Bash yelled at the top of his lungs, due to his raging emotions, his heartbeat accelerated as all the transdonic energy nearby got sucked into his body. Deep inside, he was feeling guilt and anger, without the care for anything, he murderously rushed towards chilli and exerted an attack with all his might. Not holding back anything in the slightest. Chilli stood there, disappointed that he didn't get to kill bash whom he now hates more than anything. Then suddenly, his head got penetrated by a spear which instantly smashed it into shreds. His lifeless body, slowly drops Into the floor, marking the first person that bash has killed in his life.
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