Abrutal beating

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“get out of here you idiot.” “do you want to get yourself killed!!” Zee shouted at bash upon seeing his action. In her perspective, bash who entered the gyptian world not long ago will only send himself to early death if he faces chilli and the others. Unfortunately, due to Zee's shout, Chilli and the others glanced backward and saw the approaching figure of bash. “Sabo since you are injured it’s up to you to get rid of that kid!!” The metho race youngster said to the injured senrate youngster. When he heard the metho race youth, the senrate youth suddenly turned and dashed towards bash who was 60 feats away. “look at that i***t, he’s only at level eight but he recklessly darted into the fight of level nines”. “ with his reckless actions, he’s going to get himself killed the moment they turn their focus towards him” “am sure there something wrong with his brain for him to do such a stupid thing” “there no need for you to worry about someone from a common race, just enjoy the show of how he will be crushed” The spectators started clamoring as they saw bashe’s actions. From their exclamations, none of them think that bash will have a good ending for his reckless action. A sphere suddenly shot towards bash at a very rapid speed. Bash hurriedly dodged and brought out his cracked sword. Upon seeing bashes reaction, the senrate youth exclaimed. “wow so even a little piece of s**t like you have the guts to interfere with this fight” He then deeply steered at bash with a frightening gaze as he remarked. “In that case, I will just toy with you for a while. “what if I end up being the one who gives you a brutal beating instead.” Bash met his gaze without any fear as he replied while brandishing his weapon. “ Oh really, then come get me, let me see what a weakling like you is capable of” “I hope you won't end up running back to your mommy before I even get started.” “Hahahaha”. The senrate youth laughed after his remark, not taking a rookie-like bash seriously. “ I wouldn't do that If I were you” alres who stood some distance away mumbled in helplessness at the youth's action of underestimating bash. Last night when he encountered bash, he was so baffled when he discerned the aura of the monster which bash killed. From that time, he realized how frightening this harmless-looking rookie from an unknown race was. Bash gritted his teeth in anger after hearing the senrate youth's remarks. This was not the first time someone had made this kind of statement to him. Back on earth those arrogant bullies like turner always say things like this whenever they picked on him. The way that they always look down on him is what infuriates him the most. Bash clenched his fists intensely, as a frightening pressure busted out of his body. The sword on his grip slashed out with a destructive sword force that craves to tear apart any thin on its way. As the youth saw the dreadful force of bashes weapon, he felt that, if it were to touch on his body, his body will instantly be chopped into two parts. He directly exerted all his energy into his spear thereby producing a piercing spear attack to meet bashe’s weapon. “Boom” A loud explosion happened as they clashed, creating a massive disturbance that alarmed anyone present, even those whose attention was on zee's battle. Due to the frightening collision, the sword on bash hand crumble into pieces leaving him only with its hilt but The senrate youth was pushed back several meters away with a large cut on his body. Although bashes sword was damaged and unable to unleash a power that could compete with the youth’s spear even in its peak, the wielder of the spear who’s at level nine bone-strengthening evolution was simply not a match for bash in a direct clash. After all, before the strange energy devouring of his heart, bash was still able to hold up against an entity who was stronger than anyone in the bone-strengthening evolution. “This can’t be happening ” the youth blurted in shock but he wasn’t the only one in this state. The onlookers were also baffled by this event “what the hell just happened”. “I never thought that he was this powerful ” “That kid is a hidden elite” Numerous exclamations were been made one after the other by the populace as they witnessed this spectacle. Apart from alres, nobody here ever imagined this clash to end up in this way. Who would have thought that a weak-looking creature like bash will be strong enough to even cross between levels when fighting. Before the youth could stabilize his surging emotions, bash fist suddenly appeared in front of him, at a speed which was impossible for him to act on. “Ahhhh!” He let out an agonizing cry because bash fist penetrated his right shoulder which was holding on to his spear, as it touched him. When the fist entered his body, it was accompanied by a dreadful force that turn every part of his shoulder into a blood mist separating his right arm from the rest of his body. His arm together with the spear in its grip was propelled high in the sky while his body fell to the ground. He shortly fainted due to the pain of his shoulder being brutally pulverized. “This is Impossible!!” “utterly impossible” Numerous people in the audience exclaimed at the same time as the crowd burst into an uproar. “How can a level 8 be able to easily defeat someone in level 9 without the help of any external assistance from any spell or armament, and his opponent had an armament, the whole concept is unusually ludicrous.” Someone in the public clamored in surprise. (Normally, for someone to fight a level higher in the bone-strengthening evolution, one has to either rely on a transdonic spell or an armament as not only does ones bone become stronger but also, the energy which one can store after every bone transformation in the bone-strengthening evolution is largely diverse. This creates a great disparity in strength between every level). (However, bash was able to easily overwhelm someone above his level of bone-strengthening evolution, who is supposed to possess a vaster amount of energy and strength than him, without the help of an external force) “am I dreaming” a method race youth said as he cleared his eyes. “This is not a dream buddy, it is this bash kid from an unknown race who is abnormal.” A creel girl next to him exclaimed. Numerous other remarks escaped from the onlookers as they focused all their attention on a harmless-looking slender human standing there with an unyielding might. Bash, on the other hand, didn't even have the time to bother about the crowd's remarks. He simply caught the spear which was falling from mid-air and quickly made his way over to Zee's location. Just then, zee let out a whimper as she was flung onto the ground. Chilli who had nocked her to the ground. raised his weapon in other to finish the job.
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