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“Boom” “Boom” “Boom” Numerous booms resounded as they continuously clashed with zee, In their, first collision, Zee's enemies were sent howling away at the same time due to the vibrational energy in her weapon, which created a pulse in her weapon that reverberated in the atmosphere. But her opponents only sustained minor injuries from this mighty attack as their numbers helped them to distribute and reduce the impact. They ran back towards her while attacking relentlessly. Since they are not a match for her, and she also cannot easily get rid of them, they planned to tire her by making her release more attacks which will consume a lot of energy. Their method of attack gave zee a lot of headaches as she started running out of energy, however, she could only continue to cast the transdonic spell because, without it, she will be unable to fend off their attacks. “whoosh” Eventually, zee was sent hurling away by the combined forces of the trio. When she settled on the ground, Blood sprayed out from her mouth. Not because of the injuries inflicted on her by her attackers, but because of the injuries she obtained as she forcefully continue to cast the transdonic spell however, her attacker's condition too, was not too better than hers. she was panting heavily from energy exhaustion, but she was not given any chance to rest as the trio continued to attack, She could only keep fighting. “a group of shameless people bullying with their numbers” A new trial taker who was a metho race young girl stated, as she glanced at the trio in disgust. “who asked her to offend that narrow-minded chilli, this is to be expected of him” Another new trial taker among the audience exclaimed. As zee was being bombarded by her opponents attack she was still able to endure because of her strong foundation and pure internal energy Amid the battle, zee suddenly glanced at the nearby chilli, and then turned towards agaba who had a smirk on his face. On seeing them both, she suddenly came to an assumption which suggested that they were both working together. She knows that there’s no way chilli will be able to hire up to four level nine to work for him. not because of the welt he has to offer, but because anyone at their level will disdain to work under someone of the same level. The only one here who has a problem with her and also have connections with someone who has enough prestige to make them work under him is agaba. So she concluded that chilli and agaba must have planned this together. “agaba, I have already discovered that you also have a hand in this conspiracy so there’s no need for you to act like you are a spectator” “you’ve fooled these people into attacking me, but aren't you worried about what my brother would do when he finds out about this?” Upon hearing zee's remark, chilli who was standing there the whole time suddenly became alarmed. Even those attacking her paused for the moment. “what the hell” “I hope what she’s saying are all lies otherwise I am toasted” Chilli muttered inwardly in his shock. He Knows that for someone as strong as zee to rely on another person, he has to be greatly stronger than her, which means that, the person is definitely among one of the strongest previous trial takers who are at the tenth level of bone-strengthening evolution because no one among the new trial takers had that level of strength He glanced at agaba among the crowd in other to ascertain from his expression whether she was telling the truth or not. The truth revealed itself to him like a bomb when he turned, he saw in agaba's face a look of surprise which was growing uneasy, and a slight frown creased into his face. “O no you have killed me you this bastard” chilli roared in fury inside his mind. He wanted to loudly curse this bastard for putting him into this trouble but he couldn’t severe all ties with him yet, because he understand that his only way out of this mess was for agaba's backing to assist him. there cannot be a reconciliation between him and zee after what he had done today Upon seeing his expression even the trio fighting zee, started shooting fiery gazes of anger at him. “damn you, you distasteful b***h” “why did you find out?” “Why did you expose me?” Agaba inwardly rained curses at zee. Not only did she find out about his plan but she also exposed him. Now all those level nine which he hired to attack her will hold grudges against him for sending them into their deaths instead of continuing with their previous acts. He suddenly thought of how disappointed his brother will be when he learns that he had failed in his attempt to beating zee and even created potential level nine enemies instead. And also he knows how much his brother cared about having many level nine followers. “No” I will not let this happen, I must do anything possible to make sure that the plan pulls through” “Guys, I know that I have wronged you by hiding the truth about her backing” “pleas don’t be offended and don’t listen to any other thing she says, she is only trying to buy time by sowing discord among us” “look at her condition, do you think that she and her brother will let you off for doing this” “I know that all of you are worried about your safety, but bear in mind that my brother has got the back of all of you as long as you can cripple her, I will also make sure that the person is generously rewarded by my brother”. Upon hearing his comment, the group began to speculate among themselves, after that, they resumed their attacks with even more ferocity than before. Everything agaba blurted was the undeniable truth and they have already gotten their hands in deep soup, so why not just grab any hope of survival. “Looks like these idiots are not going to defeat her any time sooner”. spat chilli as he gazed at the trio which was in a stalemate with zee. He started to get impatient from the moment he realized the situation he was in, he knew that zee had to be defeated before the arrival of her brother otherwise, that devious agaba might use that as an excuse to renegade on his words. He teleported out a huge-looking sword and rush forward in other to quickly put an end to this. Zee was currently using her saber to block a spear that was thrusting toward her chest. From another direction, a huge hammer suddenly descended towards her. She directly twisted her body and jumped into the air to evade the hammer. While In the air, she sent out a kick towards the youth holding the spear. The youth who was unprepared got kicked away from the left side of his head. “Ahh,” he moaned as blood sprinkled out from his left ear. As zee landed on the ground, a terrifying sword force suddenly lucked onto her and she heard a sharp cry “ heavenly severing sword spell!”. Bash and alres just arrived at the edge of the forest after they entered the barrier. When they reached the barrier some seconds ago, the spiders tailing bash and alres were incinerated upon touching it. As they moved along with the others who entered the barrier at the same time as them, Bash, the other new trial takers, and a few of the previous trial takers present here, witness something which they will never forget. A golden sun suddenly appeared above the sky which emitted blazing rays that burnt every living thing outside the barrier into ashes Horror dripped down the face of bash and every other trial taker present here upon witnessing this cataclysmic sight. except for few previous trial takers alres among, who were much relaxed. as it appears, this probably was not their first time witnessing this event. Every living thing in sight, both trial takers and the spiders were scorched into cinders in a matter of seconds. One must know how numerous the number of the spiders were and how they covered the entire vast desolate grounds, but they were all destroyed so easily by the arrival of the golden sun. Judging from this, one can tell that the power of this golden sun is undeniably terrifying. Everyone present here could not help but feel lucky that they had been able to enter the barrier before the arrival of the golden sun. Bash and the others who were new to this only relaxed after a short while passed. “What the hell was that sun, I thought that the spiders were the only calamity, those people managing this trial are using our lives to play games.” “Somebody needs to teach them a lesson” Bash blurted in anger and indignation. “ This is strange, usually the eraser will only appear three days after the calamity which will drive everyone into the treasure location but why did it take only a day for this season. Alres mumbled to himself “what did you just say!!” “you mean you were aware of the appearance of that sun and you did not mention it all this while!!”. Bash yelled as he overhead alrese’s muttering. He felt like punching alrese’s face into a dog pound, for hiding such vital information, all this while. “It’s not that I don’t want to tell you but that I couldn’t. All previous trial takers are prevented from recounting certain events which occurred previously or they will be eliminated from existence, one of those events is the emergence of the eraser”. “that’s why I didn’t tell you, however, I also gave you a clue by telling you that, we only have three days to survive in the barren land.” “that is because during my time, and in the other seasons of the trial which I have heard of, the eraser only appears after three days of the calamity.” Bash finally calmed down after hearing his explanation “but now, the eraser thin occurred just after a day, those bastards are unreliable” He let out a curse. The eraser is a second disaster that comes after the first disaster, it erases all life whenever it appears it is also the reason why the land outside is barren and………. As alres explained, they both walked deeper into the edge of the forest until they finally arrived at where the crowd was formed. when they got deep into the crowd, they suddenly sensed a commotion nearby. “I wonder what’s going on over there” Alres said. “come on, let's go check it out” bash pulled him over excitedly. When they got into the crowd, bash saw zee covered in bruises. her left hand was injured, and blood dripped down from her shoulder as she tried hard to defend against chilli's incoming attack. Bashe's expression instantly darkened upon glimpsing this sight. “Boss look right there, is that not that kid who once disrespected you.” One of Agaba's previous followers who survived the calamity suddenly pointed at bash who was moving in the crowd. “so this insect has finally shown up, I thought that I will never gain the chance to deal with you after all that has happened but who knew that you will somehow find someone that will help you survive and deliver yourself back to me” agaba stated as he glanced at bash with murderous intention. To him, bash was an insect from a common race that challenged him and more than that also witnessed his embarrassing moments at zee's hand but what he does not know is that the insect had the strength to instantly kill him. bash immediately rush forward with alres behind him in other to help zee. “move out of the way!” Bash roared at the people in front who were obstructing his way. “looks like he's trying to stop chilli and the others” A senrate girl among agaba's new entourage blurted. “Mmhh that i***t is just going to get himself killed.” A metho race girl beside her remarked. “ I will like to be the one to do it myself, guys let's go over there so I can teach that brat a lesson.” “there's no way that I will let him escape from me again after he let me set my eyes on him for the second time.” agaba said with a smirk on his face as he led his entourage to obstruct bashe’s movements. Bash who was making his way along the large mob was suddenly obstructed by agaba and his followers. “get out of the way” he yelled, not paying them much attention. “Hahahahaha!, we meet again”. “It's time for you to pay for your transgression you insect, I have been hopi…...” “whoosh” before agaba could even finish his speech, a force gushed out from bash which suppressed him and his follower's movement as Bash sprang into action by punching him away into a long distance and then, “Whoosh” “Whoosh” “Whoosh” his entourage followed him as they were all swung into random directions. At this time, a force of level 8 bone-strengthening evolution surrounded his body as he rushed towards chilli, just when chilli's sword struck Zee who was almost at the end of her road. She was desperately defending chilli and the two others among the trio as the youth holding a spear was attending to his injuries. suddenly she spotted bash who was coming to her rescue.
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