Zee in trouble

1881 Words
Eight minutes after zee crouched on the boulder, her time of rest had been peaceful despite being in a large crowd, however, her peace will only last for a short moment. Suddenly, a shadow of youth loomed on her head, making her raise her head and yell in annoyance. “What is your problem, why are.……” Her voice came to an abrupt halt as she recognized who the youth was. Surprisingly, the intruder was bona, the weapon seller who sold out zee in the pawn “You, what the hell do you want” Zee growl fiercely upon seeing who it was. “ Mistress see, I don’t mean any offense however, you have purchased something from my shop without paying anything and I think that It’s finally time for you to pay me my prize” “get lost if you are not looking to die” She screamed at him as a mighty force exuded from her body Upon experiencing her force which caused him to feel a frightening pressure, bona felt chills running down his spine. He had only come here to provoke this she-devil because of the wealth chili promised him however, after experiencing her might again he can only fault himself for being stupidly greedy. Just when he was going to kneel and confess the real reason he was here, a loud voice responded in the atmosphere which suddenly jolted him back to reality. “ zee, after all this time I finally found you” It was the appearance of Chilli who suddenly blurted from behind bona with an evil smirk on his face “ Chilli what the hell do you want?” “is the lesson I thought you not enough” Zee clamored in annoyance The moment she spotted chilli, zee already knew that he came here to find trouble, but she still couldn’t figure out what gave him The confidence to come after her judging by how she best him previously. Her thoughts did not last too long as chilli turned his face around and suddenly screamed “hay guys, this girl here seized a saber which was reserved for me from a weapon shop, forcefully without paying, for the purpose of increasing her fame”. “When I learned of her horrible actions, I tried very hard to stop her, but she used some despicable means to defeat me” Suddenly 4 youths, one senrate girl, two senrate boys, and one metho race youngster converged towards their location from different directions. “chilli, you and I know exactly what happened so there is no need for you to bad mouth me, if you want the saber just use your strength to take it” “ shut up” “after your deeds have been exposed, you are still trying to confuse everyone” “you are so shameless” Spat the female senrate while staring at zee with disdainful eyes. “look at her, even now, she doesn't plan on paying the poor shopman her debt” “that’s why I call you here today so we can make her pay for her crime” Chilli continued with his speech “don’t worry chilli, we shall help you and the shopman to achieve Justice” After saying that a level nine aura of bone-strengthening evolution suddenly erupted from the four of them as they moved towards zee, step by step. Zee brought out a long saber and got ready to fight. She had stopped trying to explain her actions as she had already figured out that this group must be in a conspiracy together with chilli and bona. they all only grinned at this sight and quickly surrounded her, leaving her, nowhere to run. Upon sensing the eruption of forces in the location, the crowd of people suddenly turned their attention towards them. “what's going on over there” “it looks like someone is in deep soup for offending the wrong people” “don’t start blaming her, you old trial takers don’t know the whole truth, in reality, chilli was the one at fault here,” “yea and here he is shamelessly framing her even after she effortlessly kicked his ass” Another new trial taker added. “impossible, during a contest for treasure I have witnessed how powerful chilli is, he is just as powerful as the level nine veterans of us previous trial takers and I refuse to believe that there’s any way she can beat him easily” “if what you guys say is true, we’ll have to see it with our own eyes”. Another previous trial taker exclaimed. “wait, guys” “let me see if she is as incredible as they say, cause I Sabinus, disdain to join hands with others to fight someone in the same level of strength”. One of the senrate youth who besieged zee muttered with dignity. Upon hearing that, the others gave him way unknowingly to them, chilli smiled wearily at his remarks. “dem ignoramus, who told you that that b***h can be regarded as someone in the same level of strength as you?”. “you think because I said that she only defeated me with despicable means that you can fight her?” “if not for saving my face, I would like to tell you that even I was effortlessly defeated by her” “ Ah” with a howl, Sabinus who was holding a long sword suddenly thrust it at zee, releasing a sharp sword force. “Since you guys leave me with no choice, I will show you that I zee, cannot be bullied”. “Vibrational shock spell!” Zee yelled as she met the sword strike with her armament. With clang sound, their weapons collided creating a massive shockwave that alarmed even more people in the bustling crowd. Sabinus was repelled backward, spitting blood, and almost lost grip on his weapon. At the time which they collided, he felt a vibrational energy been transmitted throughout his body, causing a quake that injured his internal organs and almost caused his bones to break from zees saber. “what the hell, she easily injured him with just one attack” One of the spectators who was a former trial taker yelled in surprise. “we told you but you didn’t believe it now look at your reaction” Someone from among the new trial takers blurted. Before he could fully stabilize himself, zee attacked fiercely with another saber strike. “s**t” Sabinus cursed in the process of using his sword to block the incoming attack. as he met with zee’s saber, the terrifying vibration broke the bones in his hands as his weapon got flanged away. Zee quickly came with another attack in other to finish him off. “You b***h!” “don’t you dear kill him” After these exclamations, the other youths quickly moved towards her and mounted their attacks in other to stop her from ending his life but they were too late as her saber stabbed him in the abdomen. Her weapon's vibrational energy gushed into him from his abdomen as it broke apart all the bones in his body and exploded his internal organs into a paste. “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Sabinus wailed as azure blood sprayed out of his body from all of his orifices, At the same time, zee pull out her advance saber from his body and released stronger vibrational energy to meet the attacks of another senrate who was coming to her with a spear attack. by slashing out her saber, she repelled the youth backward but before she could catch a breath, the senrate girl came with a mighty hammer strike. She could only raise her saber to block the incoming hammer. “Boom” dust raised from the ground as she was blown some small distance away while panting heavily, but her opponents fared much worse. Both the senrate girl and youngster felt their internal organs grow numb from the jolt they felt as they both collided with her. “looks like this b***h isn't using a regular grade one transdonic spell” the senrate girl clamored to the other youth as she began to move forward. “yeah no wonder she easily killed Sabinus” The senrate male stated “In that case let's attack at the same time and finish her” The metho race youth who hasn’t attacked suddenly blurted from behind as he joined them. ( Transdonic spells are techniques that boost the power of a gyptian by granting them special abilities when they are used) (Like armaments, the strength of transdonic spells are also grouped in grades per the evolution realm of gyptians, and in the same grade, the strengths of transdonic spells also vary however it is depending on the power of the ability which they grant). (The transdonic spell which zee cast, is a very powerful grade one transdonic spell among all other grade one transdonic spells as it granted her the ability to easily overpower anyone at the same level of bone-strengthening as her). ( so it was not surprising that her enemies did not hesitate to all attack at the same time). Among the audience, agaba and his men could be seen watching the show with a gloating look on their faces. “ you stupid girl, it's finally time for you to pay for suppressing me all this time” “no matter how much you struggle, you won’t be able to get out of this one as you will soon run out of energy by the usage of that powerful grade one transdonic spell” “by the time that they cripple you, I will see how your arrogant face is going to morph into a pitiful one ” “if your powerful brother were to return here, I wonder what he will do when he finds out what state his beloved sister is in” “even if he catches chilli and the others and make them somehow confess that I am the one who paid him to do it, there will be no evidence to prove that it’s me, and even if there is?, so what, I also have my big brother as backing” “ there’s nothing he can do to me after all, by that time my brother will be standing here protecting me” . Ababa inwardly thought of all this in his mind as the smile on his face grew wider. “Ahh” with a cry, all of her opponents came at the same time with their respective attacks. A destructive hammer strike, a terrifying spear thrust, and a frightening huge sword attack were approaching zee from three angles, giving her no way to escape. “Vibrational shock reverberation” She yelled at the top of her lungs and channeled all of her energy into her long saber filling it with a terrifying vibrational might that shock the space around them. Then she sprang towards them and released her attack to meat them. “wow” Most people in the audience gasped at this sight as they began mirroring the outcome of this clash.
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