The struggle for survival

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With the emergence of the spiders, the barren land became even more lively as the spiders pounced on the trial takers in an attempt to devour them whole. As the spider surged towards bash, he immediately attacked with all his strength by sending out a barrage of punches. To his surprise, he discovered that these spiders exploded the moment his punches landed on them furthermore he also discovered that all these spiders have the strength of level five bone strengthening. This was a piece of good news to bash and alres as well as other trial takers at the level above level five bone-strengthening but unfortunately for those at or below level five, this was the worst situation they never want to be in Those below level five bone-strengthening were directly engulfed by the spiders. As for the ones in level five, they fared much better as they were able to fend off the spiders for a minimum amount of time before they become overpowered by their numbers. Deaths after deaths happen in the barren land as the trial takers under the sixth bone transformation were being eliminated. Bash witness countless casualties along his way. He saw an alluring senrate girl being devoured by those spiders after they shredded her body into different parts to consume He also saw a good-looking creal youth together with a metho race girl who teamed up together, fell to the spiders' vicious fangs, and many others. Some even requested his help but he was not stupid enough to attend to their rescue as he, is not also in a good position, bash could only lament their terrible fate for ending up in a place like the blood trial. The trial takers struggle to deal with the horde of spiders while escaping. As bash and alres continued to be, besieged by numerous mutated spiders from all directions, they mustered all their strength in attacking those spiders but no matter how much they killed, more just keep on coming as if it was an endless river. They reduced the barrage of their attacks and focus on making a path through the horde of spiders in other to save strength. After all the spiders may be easy to kill as they have low strength but they also come in endless quantities. Most trial takers too did the same thing as bash company however, some still kept attacking ceaselessly as they forgot to study the spiders due to the panic in them which was brought about by the large numbers of the spiders. Also, some powerful gyptians maintained their careless barrage of attacks because they didn’t perceive much threat from this horde of level five spiders. The deaths of trial takers should have already stopped because all the weaker trial takers have already fallen by now however, various casualties ensued due to the careless attacks. Bash and alres witnessed several trial takers who were unable to keep up with the situation, getting wrapped up and torn apart. After an hour, the trial takers who were lucky to survive this long suddenly had an unexpected discovery. They realized that the strength of the attacking spiders suddenly changed as spiders at the sixth level of bone-strengthening joined the mix. At this finding, those at the sixth level of bone-strengthening evolution started panicking. Even those who were above that level increased the speed of their activities due to the sudden change in the situation which gave them an ill foreboding? As the struggle for survival went by, some trial takers keep getting eliminated as stronger spiders keep surging out after every few hours. Bash and alres went from using the minimum amount of their energy to bringing out their maximum potential, no matter what they did, the spider will keep attacking in large quantities. For those who survived until now the fight against the spiders had now become a battle of attrition. In their struggle for survival, bash and alres finally neared the area of vegetation. They sited a transparent barrier about sixty meters from them which covered the dense forest far ahead. They also saw a large crowd of the trial takers who had already escaped into the barrier. To bash, alres and other trial takers who have reached this close to the barrier, the sight of those escaped crowd was the greatest hope and motivation, as a result, they strived even harder, with no more intention of saving energy to continue the battle of attrition. Meanwhile On the edge of a forest. The people who have escaped the swarm of spiders and others who were there even before the spider horde could be seen moving into a valley where they gather, making up a large crowd of numerous adolescence from the three races which include. The senrates,creals, and metho race. The crowd of people increase as the day went by. But no one dared to enter deeper into the forest despite their increasing numbers. They seem to be waiting for something. Among the crowd, zee could be seen gasping for breath, she just got here as Her whole body was sweaty. From this, one could see how tired she was from fending off the spiders. She moved towards a creal race youth who was closest to her to ask about the situation. “Excuse me” “Can you tell me what is going on? why is it that no one has entered the forest”. The youth took a good look at zee, before squinting his eyes and saying. “Since you don’t know about the situation, you must be like me, one of those new trial takers” Zee nodded. “in that case, I am very glad to help a fellow freshman” After saying that, the youth assumed the pose of an instructor as he began to clarify the circumstance. “let me tell you what happens after every calamity” “the trial takers who managed to enter into the barrier and enter the edge of the forest will all have the opportunity to participate in the struggle for the ultimate treasure which is carried out in the ultimate treasure location that is deep within the forest”. “However, there is an invisible force field region over there that is preventing everyone from entering deep into the woods, It burns any intruder who tries to move deeper into dust”. “each time the treasure location opens, the force field will weekend by sixty percent, so the strongest trial takers who are at level ten bone-strengthening will be able to endure the power of the force field region and be able to break it open by joining hands. “those who are below level ten can only stay back and spectate from a save distance” Through the creal race youth explanation, zee finally understood why no one entered deeper into the forest. “thanks a lot” she exclaimed” “there’s no need to do that” the youth replied “after all we are fellow freshman”. The youth smilingly said as a strange light flashed in his eyes which was perfectly hidden from her. After the conversation with the creal youth, zee posed before finding a small boulder at one side of the corner to rest on. “ I wonder how that i***t bash is doing” “ What am I saying, could someone like him even survive that disaster” She thought to herself unaware that the creal youth which she just spoke headed into a remote place in the crowd where two senrate youths could be seen sitting on comfortable moderators as they were surrounded by other youngsters who stood there like guards. The creal youth went towards an arrogant-looking senrate youth and whispered something into his right ear. On hearing what the creal youth had to say, a smile crept out of the arrogant senrate youth's face. “haha good job, here is your reward” The arrogant senrate youth said as he tossed a sack of transdonic crystals towards the creal youth. “thank you very much young master agaba” The creal race youth muttered as he quickly wrapped up the transdonic crystals and went away. Agaba turned to the other youth who was sitting before announcing. “boss chilli, the common enemy we have been waiting for is finally here” “really?” “in that case, everything will happen just as planned” “that arrogant girl will finally pay for what she put me through” The short senrate youth chilli, muttered with a malicious look on his face. These two were some of the lucky few who were teleported close to the ultimate treasure location. So it didn’t take them much time and effort to arrive at the land of vegetation before the descent of the calamity. When they got here, agaba was the one who approached chilli and discussed how they will get back at the one who humiliated them. At first, chilli didn’t take agaba, a recently transformed level seven of bone-strengthening evolution seriously and even thought that he was being mocked by agaba as the latter reminded him of his biggest humiliation. Chilli only agreed to listen to agaba because of his backing.
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