Swarm of Spiders

1154 Words
At dawn, bash was unexpectedly jolted awake by a vibration he felt on his hand. He peeped at the wrist band on his hand which was the source of disturbance, “I think you should press the screen on your communicator if you want to stop the tremor.” On hearing the voice, bash turns to see alres who advised him sitting lazily across him. Bash complied with alres guidance and to his surprise, a square-shaped projection screen the size of twenty inches abruptly pupped out from the band screen. The content of the projection screen contains the image of an armored rilnord who was sending out some vital information. “attention to you all trial takers who are not yet in the land of greenery”. “within thirty minutes, a calamity shall befall all those still on barren land”. “to any of you who still wish to survive after the calamity has started, then you should do everything in your capacity to get to the vegetation, good luck”. “What the hell?” “We have just thirty minutes?” “seriously!!” Bash yelled historically as he found this unrealistic, he just woke up from sleep after a life jeopardizing battle and now there is some unknown calamity coming within thirty minutes. “what are you still doing there complaining?” “we need to get moving before it is too late” “come on” While bash was complaining, ilres who was lazily relaxing across bash a moment ago was already on his way out of the cave as he exhorted bash to quickly begin moving. As bash and ilres burst out of the portable cave, They also saw numerous trial taker on the way as they sped for the vegetation which alres preferred to address as the ultimate treasure location. “do you know what disaster is coming” Bash asked alres “how the hell will anybody know that it’s almost impossible because all the disasters which had been sent by those management have never been the same in every turn”. The abrupt notification given by the blood trial management sent the whole desolated land into immense shock as it escalated everywhere. Numerous trial takers across the entire barren field sprinted towards the green land with the greatest speed which they could muster. In the midst of their running bash raised a question all of a sudden. “Why did you help me?” This question was something he had been meaning to ask alres since from their time together at the cave but he threw it at the back of his mind all this time. “because I felt lonely in the cave” “cut the crap, just tell me exactly why?” “fine I will tell you if you really want to know” “the reason is because you are very useful for my survival” “how is that possible, you are one of the latter trial takers to enter this ground and am sure that you are very stronger than I am so there are no means which I can help you?” bash blurted sharply, trying to hide the fact that he had defeat a monster more powerful than anything in the bone strengthening evolution, because he was afraid that alres would get greedy over it’s monster core. Monsters at the second transdon evolution and above possess a core which help them to absorb and store energy which is higher than that of the first evolution realm. This core is also very useful to the gyptians who are in the process of making a breakthrough to the next evolution realm so it is not surprising for even best friends to betray each other over it. however, alrese’s next dialogue disclosed all his secrets totally. “stop trying to hide your capabilities from me because I have already analyzed everything” “the monster which you defeated emitted a force above the bone strengthening evolution, according to my deduction, it’s body retained several injuries which was inflicted on it at a time before you even entered the first ground and the residual force which I sensed on your sword can only be boosted by a transdonic energy which is far above anyone in the bone strengthening evolution realm”, “you were somehow able to defeat an injured bird which was at the second evolution realm” “as for how you pulled it of it must have been from a special power hidden inside you” “am I right, because there no other possible way you could pull that off as you don’t have enough energy to activate a grade two armament or even use a grade two transdonic spell” “if you had used a pill, it would not have escaped my notice because a pill like that will possess potent fragrance and horrible side effects but I didn’t sense any of that on you so I presume that am right aren’t, I?” This whole time bash was only glancing at alres speechlessly, unable to understand how he could easily figure out everything. “this alres is even more terrifying than I thought him to be”. Bash mumbled to himself. “hay, why aren’t you saying anything, am I right?” Alres once again asked “yes but I still can’t help you because i don’t have control over the power in my body”. “but I still insist on needing your help” Alres stated firmly “wait a sec, since you have already discovered that I have killed a powerful monster at the next evolution realm, why didn’t you just steel it and used it to break into the next evolution instead of asking for my help? ”. Bash asked in other to change the direction of the conversation. “you want to know why” “the reason is that…….. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom. Alres’s response was interrupted by a series of booming sounds which occurred in every part of the barren land. Numerous eruption of dust happened at random places from the ground filling the entire barren region. “what the hell is that?” bash cried out upon seeing the spectacle which appeared after those dusts settled. He saw large pits from which different spatial portals materialized. The pits from all around the barren land were vibrating as if something very hazardous was about to arise. The trial takers who were in the middle of running, increased their speed even further in other to quickly escape from this disastrous event which was brewing, unfortunately for them, the disaster was also happening quickly. Large numbers of black poisonous spiders the size of cows abruptly bust out from within the portals and started spreading towards the trial takers.
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