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Chapter 13:the senrate youth alres After the bird together with bash heavily hit the ground, his wounds which were healing bust opened, due to the pain, he could not move even a muscle, he passed out immediately. Only his heart kept beating heavily as it absorbed vast transdonic energy in other to heal his injuries. After 5 hours, all of his external injuries were completely gone but some of his internal injuries haven’t healed completely and the cracks in his bones were still numerous, nevertheless his condition kept improving. After 6 hours, it was already late in the night as sky lighting up the whole place has gone dim. Bash suddenly regained his consciousness, the first thing he did after that was to examine his body to see that His bone had nearly all recovered however, all of his internal injuries where completely gone. He was finally able to get up, Although the pain in his body had lessened greatly, he could still feel a bit of pain as he got up. An aroma of roasted meat draws him to glance around in other to see what was happening. He was greeted by the sight of a senrate youth sitting beside the bird corps, dressed completely in black, his face was masked by a black animal skin, a fire was blazing on the top of a cubic equipment resembling a stove which he used to make meat barbecue. The aroma which bash smelled originated from this barbecue. The presence of the youth here baffled bash at the same time bash was enraged by seeing the youth feast upon the bird which he almost lost his life to take down. “What the hell do you think your doing by eating off my hard work ?” he growled as a powerful force gushed out of him. “Oh you finally awoken, I know that you are angry about the bird but look at the bright side, I also saved your life by bringing you here and safeguarding your body, so a little peace of this bird is still minor compared to saving your live”. “Here? ” it was after the youths muttering did bash looked around were he was, he find out that he was inside this small strange cave and not outside the desert. “Where the hell are we” After calming down bash blurted while walking towards the bird’s cops. “This little cave here is my hideout, it doesn’t look that pleasant does it?,” “but you’ll hardly find any place here that is as safe as this”. The youth muttered as he gulped at the barbecue meat. Bash made no further comment, He just looked in front of him, some inches away was the bird cops with a sword filled with cracks impaled into it’s chest. The bird’s body still looked fresh as if time left no trace on it, he moved closer to the bird’s body and pulled out his sword. Bash was surprised that it was dripping with fresh blood, despite the amount of time which passed the blood of the bird didn’t cloth in the slightest, it was as if something mysterious was preserving the birds body. But this is not the time for him to think about it. He quickly pulled out the space store, luckily it was the same as before, with no damage done to it. After that, he cut out a durable amount of the birds flesh with his sword before storing the bird in his space store and started making barbeques with the remaining. Finally bash had a chance to satisfy his hungry stomach. The meat tastes was no as good as the one he eats on earth because of the absence of ingredients but bash kept tearing the flesh, eating it like his life depends on it. “by the way who the hell are you”. bash asked suddenly out of nowhere,. “My name is alres, born on planet gloom and lived as an orphan until I got listed on the list of people who are sent to the rilnords as tribute for every ten years”. “What about you, Judging by your inexperienced, l think you are one of those rookies who just arrived here”. “Am bash yaman from planet earth”. bash said as he stuff a chunk of meat into his mouth. “So how was your life on earth” alres further inquired. “I was living a normal life Until I got kidnapped by those bastard rilnords, And now I am stuck here just like everyone else”. Bash answered with a dejected look. “Oh that’s sad”, however, you should feel good that you’re still alive. “well alres, since you’re old here, can you explain to me what exactly this place is?” bash asked with anticipation. “This place? ” after his sudden exclamation, alres first arranged his sitting in other to be more comfortable before he started describing. First of all this place we are at is one of the ancient training grounds of the reters, am sure you’ve already heard about them”. Bash nodded and allowed alres to carry on with his description. “After the rilnords eradicated them, they discovered this place and modified it into the first round of blood trial”. “how many grounds does the blood trial possess” “the blood trial possess the number of three grounds, the first one is called the preparation ground, the second is the blood c*****e ground while the third is the crowning ground. “how do you know all of this considering that you have not been to the other two rounds”. “hee, you shouldn’t doubt my word because I know almost everything here. “alright when you said that the first ground is the preparation ground do you mean that all what where doing here is for preparation of the next ground?” “of course, to the rilnords the first ground doesn’t contain much dangers so it is set up to prepare all rookies for the c*****e of blood”. “since you have already experienced it, can you explain to me exactly what happens in the first ground? ” “the trial takers will be scattered across a vast barren and abandoned land far away from vegetation where they will hardly meet, in the first two weeks”. “us former trial takers will be restricted at that time, no one of us will be able to stay out of our hideout for up till an hour”. “the reason is that some little treasure locations will be available to the new trial takers, obtaining this treasures will allow them to improve their strengths before they face us: the former trial takers at the ultimate treasure location where everyone will compete fore the greatest opportunity. From alres’s explanation, bash now know the reason why he had only seen little numbers of people and why he didn’t see any former trial takers, also he noticed that, what alres called treasure location were those plateaus he saw along the way, one of which he obtained the crystal. “in the last three day’s of the first weeks a disaster shall occur and anyone both previous and new trial takers who didn’t get to the treasure location in time will inevitably perish” “what place is that” “it is a place located at the horizon of the large forest which I presume you already know about” “so as long as one get to the forest, there already at treasure location”. “yes” “what is the time limit” “three days” “So starting from tomorrow, we will all have three days to survive out here if we don’t get to the so called treasure location”. “in that case, I’ll take a nap to relax my body, I haven’t slept in weeks”. Bash muttered as he suddenly collapsed onto the ground.
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