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As bash watched the bird getting closer, his stomach growled even Lauder, his mouth dripping with saliva and his eyes sparkled with the light of excitement. “finally, I will have something to eat” he muttered excitedly while steering at the strange bird. (If not for his overwhelming hunger which drives him to see illusions, he will never had seen such a strange bird as an object of eating) . Unfortunately for him, something unexpected was about to transpire. In the reflection of his eyes, the slow descending bird he had been waiting for, had suddenly appeared three inches close to his head opening the beak of it’s bigger head in other to devour him. Bash who had been drooling for bird meat suddenly felt a horrible pressure, one that almost crushed him to the ground. He instinctively evaded and sent out a punch with all his might to the lower head of the bird. In response to bashe’s action, the bird opened its smaller heads beak and swallowed bashe’s hand which threw a punch. “What the hell?”. “How come this stupid bird is even more desperate to eat me than I am to eat it”. in his senses, bash exclaimed in surprise. He heavily squeezed it tongue inside, in attempt to pressure it so that it will let go of his hand but bash’s struggle only made it more desperate to eat him. With a suction from it’s throat it started to swallow his hand at an alarming rate. It even opened it’s bigger mouth and gulped at his head but bash quickly docked. Stupid animal, we shall see who will eat who”. After the growl, he reached into his pocket with his other hand and pull out the space storage Immediately, he teleported out the sword armament, He then shoved the space store back into his pocket and swiftly caught the armament before it reached the ground. Grasping it in his hand, he immediately sent his energy into the sword, unleashing a powerful sword force before slashing it at the bird’s smaller head without hesitation. As the sword sliced at it’s lower head. All that could be seen was the blood that sprayed out of the deep cut in which bash administered on it’s head. Then suddenly SHUUUUUUU!!! The bird let out an enraged cry which was accompanied by a terrifying bust of berserk energy which came out of it’s body. Dust and pebbles where sent flying all around. Bash was blown 7 meters away by the terrifying force which accompanied the bird’s cry. When he finally regained his footing, he became alarmed by the birds power. It had to be known that with his extraordinary battle strength, even someone at level 10 of bone strengthening will not be able to effortlessly send him hurling away with the release of their power, just as the bird had done. From feeling it’s terrifying aura which surpassed anything in the bone strengthening evolution, bash had a very bad premonition. Only now did he understand that he may be facing something that has possibly surpassed bone strengthening evolutional realm. With how vast the difference between evolutional realms where, he reckoned that, were it not for it’s injuries, he will be powerless to even defend himself from its attacks earlier. Upon this discovery, he quickly got up and started running in a random direction with all his stamina. At this juncture, only an i***t will remain there and keep fighting that monster. As he was running for his life, the bird also gave chase as there's no way it was going to give up on this meal after all the trouble the meal put it through. The bird kept on attempting to eat him while flying in the air however, bash got lucky each time by sliding away before it reach him. The chase went on for five hours, in this scope of time, bash encountered several other trial takers and even tried to seek assistance from them however, they all ran like they’d seen a ghost the moment that they notice him. Bash became Very tiered, his legs felt like they were going to break, Coupled with the hunger he felt inside. He started thinking that this was his worst day ever, with a bird relentlessly on his tail unleashing various attacks, bash Knew that if this kept going on, he won't be able to endure it much longer. The only thing he could do is to risk it all, even if he kept running, he will still die anyway it’s just a matter of time. Just when the bird was about to assault him again, he swiftly circled around to strike back with the sword on both hands. AHHhhh!! Bash let out a war cry as he unleashed a devastating sword strike back at the birds bigger head stabbing it straight in it’s left eye. The bird wailed in agony at the damage done to its left eye. It became more enraged and aggressive as it nocked bash into the ground, impaling him with its claws which harshly injured him in the process. At the same time, it unfolded its wings and started soaring into the atmosphere, fresh blood continuously dripped down from his wounds however, Bash was not going to go down so easily, he sent out one final strike With all his remaining vigor. With a whoosh, the armament cut open a wound in its leg. the bird let out another moan as it tightened it's grip on his body viciously squeezing him, trying to suffocate him to death. Bash felt the bones in his body breaking continuously as suppressive pressure from the bird paralyzed him. He could not move a muscle, not even do as much as holler as an immense pain took over all his body. His Consciousness started to wane as he felt death slowly loomed over him. “No! I won’t accept this faith”. “There are so many things that i still have to do”. Bash roared internally His mother is still on earth waiting for him. He still hasn't became strong enough to face the tyrants who forcefully brought him to this hell. As his vision continued to fade, he could suddenly here the sudden hard beating of his heart. DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM It was beating as loud as a drum in each passing moment. He suddenly felt the same suction forces that was just like the time at the room however, this time it was more intense. All the nearby transdonic energy was being rapidly devoured into his body at an unbelievable speed which also surpassed the other time in the room. Deep in his body, he could feel his heart channeling energy without seize. Its rate of beating increasing along with the amount of energy being devoured into it, with this his injuries started to heal at a speed which is apparent to the necked eyes. With the sudden change in his body, he suddenly regained control over his body. In this very moment, he could feel incredible power coursing through his bones like never before as his heart continued devouring the transdonic energy in the surrounding. When the bird sensed the change in bash, it tried to squeeze him even harder but unfortunately that was of little use. Bash tightened his gripped on the sword with all his power and channeled all the energy from his heart into it making it gush out with a tremendous sword force that it almost broke apart. AAHHhhhhh!! With a laud vociferation, he sent the sword along with all his energy towards the small bird head at its chest. SHHhhhu the bird exploded with an agonizing shirk as the sword stabbed deep into its small head reaching its heart. The terrifying sword force which was boosted by the energy devoured by his heart, tore apart every flesh of its body which it touches, exploding its heart and lower head into blood paste. After his attack, bash together with the bird, fell unto the ground with a great impact which induced his recovering injuries to once again, open up. In a place not far from bash an the bird a senerate youngster which just came out of a small cave was alarmed by the commotion from their fall and quickly went to check thins out.
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