Strange Bird

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The girl raised her dagger in an attempt to stab bash to death, just then, a deafening pressure erupted from the unconscious bash which suppressed her movement. she got blown away by a dreadful punch which broke all the bones in her hand. "AAaaahhh!" With a shriek, she fell on the ground feeling endless pain in her lifeless hand. Bash lazily got up and yawned before saying. "why can't you just let me stay longer in my good dreams, instead you idiots went around killing each other overr something that already belongs to me. Bash had already recovered long ago, thanks to his fast energy absorption speed which granted him a high rate of recovery but he still chose remain down in other to lunch this sneak attack. There’s no way he was going to let his guard down, even if he could defeat all of them at ones, after all the lessons he learned from the image. "You bastard who are you calling i***t". The youth was incensed by bash's remarks as he swiftly swung the sword towards bash. A terrifying sword force was approaching bash in fast speed. But on bash's face, a smile could be seen instead of fear or solemn expression as he channeled all his energy into his hands to meet the sword strike. 'Booooooooooom!'. A deafening shockwave blew away every grass around them, even dust rose from the ground as they collided. The youth was blown away as the sword in his hands landed in front of bash. As the youth regained his balance, he steered at bash with shock before exclaiming. "You... how come you are so strong". “even if I have not broken through to the next level, it's still easy to take out trash like you. Bash sneered then he dashed towards the youth throwing a punch at his face before he could recover from his astonishment. The youth crashed on a huge boulder nearby. Almost all his bones broken, from his appearance it is almost impossible to tell whether he was alive or dead if not for his breath. Bash picked up the sword and started to examine it. He recalled that the image once told him about armaments. They are weapons used to amplify internal energy there by enabling a gyptian to skip levels when fighting. Armaments are also grouped in to grades in accordance to the transdon evolution realms of gyptians however, their level of strength also varies in the same grade based on how well they have been made. Some even have the ability to advance, an example is the advance saber which zee and chilli fought over. Unfortunately, the one he was holding right now seems to be one of the weak grade one armament. He can tell by how it could only withstand the minimum amount of energy being channeled into by him. Otherwise, he shouldn't have been able to finished the fight in one move, even with his astonishing battle powers. “So This is what an armament looks like”. He exclaimed while he glanced at the sword in his hand which had little transdonic markings on it. Then he moved forward towards the edge of the hill in order to determine his next destination. From the above, he could clearly view the vast land. Far away at the east about 1000km, he sighted a large forest ahead. At that sight he quickly made a decision on his next destination, however, there’s something important in which he wants to do. In other to do that, he first tied the two survivors to the tree as he doesn’t have a strong heart that could bear the burden of killing them and he would also not give them a chance to stab him in the back while he carries out his advancement. After that, he sat down in a meditative position and gently pulled out a triangle plate the size of a palm from his pocket and began to examined it. The Hologram once told him that this plate was to teleport things in and out of its store. But he only got the chance to use it recently. He Partially learned how to use it wen he stored the multicolored transdonic crystal after using it to restore himself. He pressed a blue pattern on the plate and the crystal suddenly teleported in front of him in a lightning like speed. Like a hungry wolf he started to absorb the remaining energy in the crystal. Vast amount of energy was being channeled into his body in a quick piece, his bones continued to strengthen as a result. ‘Kraaaakk’ along with the cracking nose of his bones, he felt a great sense of comfort signifying his level up into the 8 level of bone strengthening. But he didn't stop absorbing energy until the crystal went dim and disintegrated, did he finally relaxed. In a barren land, a boy of 10 years old could be cited quietly walking along the endless desert. Far away in some distance which he could barely detect, other aliens who where walking to the same place as him, could be sighted mostly alone or in small groups of two’s, three’s and four’s. Bash has been on his journey for about 3 days. but is yet to reach his destination. In the horizon he sometimes see others in the same journey has him but none of the got closer to the other as there was no trust between them. His stomach has been growling since morning but he had yet to find anything eatable. Every time he herd his stomach growling he remembered one of the lessons thought to him by the hologram at the time which he asked to eat something. ''A cultivator at the bone transformation should be able to survive a minimum of 3 weeks with out eating anything”. This is an important aspect of your survival lesson, so you should try and see how long you can last first and then break your limits. So far, bash has only lasted for about 2weeks and 6 days of not eating but right now his stomach keeps telling him that he can't take it any more. “Demn” that image, this is all his fault, if he had not forced me to not eat anything, how will could I have end up like this. Bash was going crazy over intense hunger but there was nothing he could eat in this barren land. After hours of frustration he suddenly heard a bird cry.’ Sheu sheu’ he looked above him to see an injured weird looking green feathered bird, descending towards him in a gentle motion It had two heads., one big head on its neck and a smaller head on its chest. Apart from that it also look far bigger than any bird he had ever seen in his life. it was around twice the size of an adult human. If bash had seen this bird at the time which he was in earth he would have been terrified beyond belief. However, after all the things he went through in the lab and all the things he learned from the image, his courage and mentally also whent through a drastic change. From the teachings of the image, this bird could the identified as a monster. Monsters are strange mutated creatures without much intelligence, they only depend on thire primal instincts. Just like gyptians, monsters also practice transdon evolution through devouring and accumulation.
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