Obtaining the Crystal

933 Words
“Crrakk crrakk crrakk”. Bashes bones made cracking sound while he continued forcefully, due to the backlash from the force, by now he had already suppressed the youth which used to be in front of him. Within five minutes, he overtook all of the remaining contestants, blood could be seen all over his body, but not only did he stop moving forward, instead he increased his reckless aggression. The other teenagers steered at him like they were watching a complete i***t. In their minds they where thinking that even if he succeeded in taking the crystal, it will not belong to him in the end as he will probably not have any more strength left to face them. Bash on the other hand ignored their existence. On his mind the only thought was obtaining the multicolored crystal. He just recalled that during his lesson in the room, The hologram explained many thins related to transdon. Among them was a special crystal used for advancement and heeling. The image’s words was what crossed his mind the moment he saw the multicolored crystal. Once he get his hands on it, he can quickly use it to heal himself in a matter of seconds due to his special body constitution, he will not have to worry about defending himself when someone tries to attack him. His objective now is to quickly get stronger and go back to earth. so he had different concern, on like everyone present here. Unfortunately for them they don’t know what’s running in bash’s mind, otherwise they would have all joint hands to eliminate him quickly before he gets the crystal. All of them were forced to use only fifty percent of what they where all capable of in other to maintain their good condition while e is unconcerned over that. after all not everybody could possess his unimaginable speed of absorbing transdonic energy. Before you know it, bash is now 3 inches away from the crystal. His breathing got extremely ragged, with one last push, he grabbed the crystal however before he could do any other things, the force which spread everywhere around the tree, converged on his body causing him to suddenly collapsed. When the force pushing them backwards suddenly disappeared, they were all relived from their careful movement however, no one dared to move towards the unconscious bash. They all understood that the first person to move towards him will become everyone’s target to eliminate. The whole place became so quite that Only sounds of heartbeats and fast breathing could be heard. After one minute, still no body moved. Two minutes and there’s still no movements. On the third minute one of them became inpatient and tried to quickly rush towards bash but as he took the second step, a sword ran through him from behind before he could muster any form of defense. His body collapsed revealing His killer, a swat creal youth with green hair. “ Hah what an i***t to turn his back against me”. The youth exclaimed with a smirk. “you guys, just turn around and leave. After all I have a sword type armament in my possession”. He proudly exclaimed while pointing his sword at those remaining. the one whom bash first overlooked and the only girl present as if he had already gained victory . Upon Sensing the unfavorable situation, the girl slowly backed away however, the youth instead stepped forward, getting ready to fight. “you still lust after my treasure. Looks like you don’t understand the kind of situation you are in. “ you think because your metho race is good at defense that you can fight me?” “allow me to enlighten you about the power of an armament” . With a speed as fast as wind itself, he swung his sword releasing a sword force towards the metho race youth. The youth on the other hand, quickly mobilized his energy in other to dodge the sword. But he barely made it out alive after several attacks. His top was minced by the sword force and blood dripped down from cuts Made on his skin. The green haired youth laughed at this sight. “ ‘hahahha, “you look so weak right now, I doubt you even have any energy left to evade my next move but you still stubbornly refuse to leave. Well in that case, accept your death”. He moved his sword quickly in other to give his opponent no chance to run however, someone was even quicker than him. Before his sword reached the other youth, A poison dagger stabbed into his back from behind. Immediately after that, his heart got invaded by poison then blood gushed out from his mouth. He watched his killer, the now nearby girl who threw the dagger into his back. As a result of the damage done by the poison, his body lost all strength. His sword fell out of his hand, followed by his body. She gently pulled out the poison dagger from his dead body and said with a sneer. You called others an i***t but it turned out that you are just the same. The other youth carried the sword from the ground and calmly muttered. “everything went just as planned , I get the sword armament while you get the crystal. From their conversation, one could see that the two had planned this together from the beginning. The girl moved towards the unconscious bash with her dagger in hand, ready to deliverer a killing blow.
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