The BLOOD trial

931 Words
In a wide path, you can see a lot of teenagers walking towards a portal made entirely out of unknown metal, numerous transdonic markings inscribed on its surface. “Is that the portal” bash inquired. “Yea, that’s the dimensional portal they use to teleport us”. Zee explained. “They always say that the trial is full of opportunities, I wonder what surprise it will bring me”. Zee said with a look of mischief, her eyes sparkling like a money grubber. “We are about to enter such a dangerous place and this is all that you think about”. Bash shrugged in helplessness. “remember, we are going to be separated across the trial grounds so your big sister will not be there to protect you”. Zee warned with a solemn expression. “I never agreed to be your little brother”. Bash stated in dissatisfaction. “Its not your choice to decide, if I say you are then you are”. “No, am not”. “yes, you are”. No…… quickly they disappeared into the portal in their heated argument. Inside the portal, bash bored the burnt of a tremendous pressure that almost broke his bones. He had to release his energy with all his effort in other to survive. When the pressure subsided he found himself on a desolated looking plane with almost no plant life on it. The sky was yellow in colour, there was no cloud and also no signs of the sun, moon, or stars . It was as if the sky was illuminating the entire ground making it as bright as afternoon on earth. He looked around to see if they were signs of any body but all he could see was barren land. Except for a glowing plateau with little vegetation about 500 kilometers away and some others which appear to be even further. Bash quietly contemplated before heading towards the hill’s direction. He walked for a day without seeing any living thin close to one thousand meters of him, he felt so board not having anyone to talk with, On the fifth day, he seem to have reached the plateau. Having a closer look at it, he realized that it was going to consume a lot of energy to climb up to the top. The plateau now looks about dozen times it former size. Which was about 60 meters above the surface and 100meters wide. Bash released his energy and started to climb at fast speed. As he continued to climb, his hands started feeling sore, the more he climbed the more tired he felt until He started panting heavily and there was sweat all over his body. As he climbed up the top, before he reached the peak, A pressure came out from the sky to suppress him, The pressure increase intensely after his release of energy but he didn’t back down. Since there’s something trying to stop him from reaching the peak, then there must be something good on top of the plateau. He must reach the peak no mater what. Finally with a roar he bust upward onto the peak. On the peak, yellow curve like grasses along with a couple of glowing shrubs whose brightness illuminated the entire peak, could be seen. Far ahead, bash saw 4 people. One senerate girl and 3 boys, whom where deferent races from each other, judging by their aura, they were all at level 7 bone strengthening just like bash. They were slowly moving forward, towards a big tree as if they were having a slow motion race. “have they lost their minds. Why are they moving so slowly” bash muttered to himself as he head toward them curiously. Just when he was 4 meters away from them, he felt a force pushing him backwards. “so this is why there slow”. He muttered in understanding . Bash then gently studied the tree to see what was extraordinary about it. He saw that it had orange colored leafs , black colour branches and roots ,there was a multicolored crystal attached to its main branch releasing a pure energy glow, it seems to be the originator of that force. With this discovery, Bash also started moving towards the tree. “If the crystal is the source off all this opposition, then its definitely the treasure”. He muttered to himself. As he approached, the force tried to push him backwards but bash met it with aggression. Not holding back in the slightest by releasing all his energy and moving forward in a rapid peace. Among the people bash saw here, the last one behind who was the closest to bash turned around as he was disturbed by the commotion just to be greeted by the sight of bash aggressive advancement. He was dumfounded beyond belief by bash’s reckless action. “is this kid crazy, is he not aware of what will happen to his bones if he tries to forcefully move ahead? ” Mumbled the youth. At bone strengthening evolution, the bone represents the source of power and where energy is stored therefor, without any external help it is extremely difficult to heal. As a result of that, those in the bone strengthening always try to avoid anything that cause them bone injury. Bash’s action on the other hand show that he is careless with his bones by ignoring that fact. so it’s not surprising that bash was being called crazy by the youth.
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