Opening of BLOOD trial

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In a spacious room, a rilnord looking exactly like the one which appeared as an image in the room of endroph zone. A voice sounded. “igrak are you sure that the boy’s situation is exactly as you said”. “Yes ralzit milord. If I have spoken wrongly then you can have me executed”. The rilnord replied. “Interesting, so he has a rapid speed of growth and unlimited potential, in that case, we shall speed up his growth”. I want you to open the trial immediately “. “but my lord, the ones in the trials still have two days before their ascension platform descends”. “ Postpone the platform until the next three weeks”. “But my lord, not all of them are ready for it”. “ I don’t care about any piece of thrash. Only those who can survive harsh environments are qualified to live. And those who fail to, deserve to perish, as long as he survives, nothing else matters”. In the endroph zone, bash and zee stepped towards the store of the youth who was selling weapons, when they got close enough, zees voice suddenly rang. “what is the price of this saber”. On hearing zee’s voice the metho race youth turned his attention towards them and said. “The advance saber will cost you two thousand five hundred transdonic crystals”. How about two thousand”. Zee bargained. “Am sorry miss, this weapon cost more than that. How about I give you a discount of two hundred”. “Alright you’ll offer it to me at the cost of two thousand two hundred”. Zee blorted while making puppy eyes. Alright the weapon trader reluctantly agreed. Seeing what transferred from Behind her, bash could only stand there speechlessly thinking that all girls are the same. No matter what race, they all like pricing new stuffs. The both of them where just in the middle of a tour and then this happened, no matter how he looked at it, he could not stop himself frome seeing this as a waste of time. Just when the youth handed over the weapon to zee, a voice reverberated from another side of the weapon shop. “Is that not the advance saber which I have been looking around the pawn for?”, “Hey shopman why don’t you sell it to me instead I will pay you double the price”. Zee and bash turn sideways to see a short senrate youth swiftly approach the shop. “Boss chilli I didn’t know that you wanted the advance saber I would have preserved it for you but your are now a little late” the shop keeper answered with a smile which brought a frown to zee’s face. The greed in his eyes could not escape her sight. “Name your price” chilli answered with an arogant look on his face. “Hee looks like boss chilli knows me well, alright I don’t want too much, just three times the price is enough”. “No problem, just get me the saber” . Chilli blurted. “mister chilli has ofered me a better offer, so hand over the saber, I have decided that am no longer selling you the saber”. The shopkeeper said to zee. “but I have already payed you for it haven’t I”. Zee replied camely in other to mask her raging emotion. “don’t warry I’ll pay you back your crystals”.The weapon seller stated firmly as an imposing pressure of level 7 bust out from his body. “Now hand over the advance saber” he shouted then moved to snatch the saber from the hands of zee. “Another i***t looking to die”. Bash muttered from behind zee as he glanced at the shopkeeper with pitty. The saber erupt with a piercing force as it drilled into the palm which sort to grab it, nailing it on the table. The shopkeeper cried as his hand was in pain however, there was another thing in his mind which was the fear towards zee who exuded a mighty pressure. By now he already knew that he had offended a terribly powerful enemy. “what a fierce girl”, “looks like bona had gotten himself in big trouble this time”, “Hhm who told him to be such a bad trader he deserves it”. The people around the shop who were drown by the commotion began making comments. Some feeling sorry for him while some took pleasure in his misfortune. “Give me back my money or I shall cut you limb by limb untill you die of blood loss. Scum like you don’t deserve any payment from me”. Zee said fiercely. “Ok all give you everything, just don’t kill me” the shop keeper complied and shakily brought the crystals from his space transporter and handed them over. Zee collected her money before pulling out her saber and called out to bash who was terrified by her brutality . ‘Thank goodness he hasn’t offend her otherwise who knows what this crazy girl will do to him’. “where do you guys think you are going with my advance saber”. Chilli blocked thir path as the force of level 9 exude out of his body. He teleported out a spear which he pointed at them. “Mhhh even trash like you have the guts to challenge me? , looks like keeping a low profile makes people forget you”. Zee mumbled. “You chill or whatever you call your self, by the time am done whith you, You’ll never forget the terror of zee”. Zee pointed her saber and blurted. “We’ll see about that” chilli yelled as he rushed towards zee pointing out his spear which had a force that could pierce anything. Zee replied by sending out her saber which emitted a force that wished to cleave through space. A loud “boom” sounded as they collided, giving birth to a mighty force that threatened to raze everything to the ground. The force pushed everything around seventeen meters from them away, including bash and the audience. After several consecutive blows, chilli and zee where repelled from each other by the opponents force. As he breathed heavily, blood dripped from the side of chillis face which grew overcast upon being injured by his opponents weapon. On the other hand, zee was perfectly fine with no sign of even panting. From this one could see who had the upper hand. “This is Impossible, the invincible tyrant in this territory has been suppressed by an unknown fellow, is this a dream?”. “ deaf i***t who told you that she’s still unknown?, She just introduced herself as zee” . “Am sure chilli is not feeling good right now”. “Who told him to be so tyrannical and insistent ? , he’s only reaping what he sowed”. “It’s still too early to make judgements now, do you think that somone like chilli can be easily handled by that chik”. Numerous exclamation were been made by the crowd as they continued to exchange different views about the ongoing battle. In the middle of the commotion, a buzing sound suddenly interrupted the heated battle and arguments as the transdonic markings on the center of the platform started to light up one by one. A vibration took place followed by an image of a huge muscular rilnord that suddenly appeared drowning everyone’s attention including the fighting duo. “attention everyone, your portal to the blood trial has been opened”. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you as well as a lot of dangers and remember there are a lot of people out there stronger than you; for example the monsters wich surpass your transdon evolution realm and the last trial takers before you which are yet to witness their ascension platform”. “Try as much as you can to get stronger in three weeks before the arrival of ascension platform so that you will be able to move to the next level of blood trial” . “Beware, only those who can survive the baptism of blood are allowed to live, now get to the portal platform immediately” .” You have five minutes. Failure to do so in time is punishment by electrocutions” . Voices of bewilderment rang out as the image disappeared. “what is the management thinking, I mean how can they do something like sending us there before the ascension of the previous trial takers”. ”maybe he was joking”, “i***t, how can this be a joke. Has the management ever made jokes”, “Oooo, what am I going to do now, I am too week to survive the trial”, “maybe the trial has to do with things other than strength”, “ you’re stupid if you think that war maniacs like the rilnords will ever set something that’s not related to strength”. “how dare you call me stupid, you’re are the stupid one”, “ everyone if you ask me I think we should just prepare for the worst”. Bash and zee were also astonished by the news. “what are we going to do”. Bash asked looking lost. “I think we should head over there immediately”. No longer paying any attention to her opponent zee turned to address bash’s question. Just like that they ran off leaving the battered chilli in a state of anger and resentment. “I will not forget this” he hauled in rage.
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