History of Reters

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“thanks am bash yaman”. bash introduced as they shook hands. “Bash yaman? "What a strange name” she muttered to herself then said “alright bash, If you really want to thank me then you will have to address me as your older sister from now on so it can protect you even when am not present “ . Zee muttered with a devious look in her face “judging by how little and weak you look, it’s going to be tough to survive on your own with out this big sister’s help”. “what?” Bash steered at her speechlessly. “Does everyone here think that he was weak simply because of his age and looks” . Bash wanted to cuss this rude girl for calling him weak but he didn’t dare to do so because of the pressure he sensed from her, he was far from being her match. “ aren’t you going to say anything? “ Zee said as she stared deep into his unyielding eyes before exclaiming. “I see, so you are the type who like acting tough?. Alright there’s no need to thank me anymore I was just messing with you”. “that i***t agaba had always been acting arrogantly and high profiled because of his backing, it’s nice if someone teaches him a lesson once a while”. Zee said with a charming smile. “By the way, I was just strolling around, since you are new here, do you mind if I show you around” zee invited. “no, I don’t mind at all, it will be my pleasure” bash replied awkwardly. Inwardly he heaved a sigh of relief. “If she were to forced him to address her by that name then he might have gone all out against her”. As they strolled. Zee explained to bash about the surrounding. “this whole place we are in, is called the endrophe zone. It is the place where rookies like us are prepared for blood trial”. “ What is the blood trial?”. Bash asked. “it is a trial set by the rilnords in other to bring up powerful gyptians”. “I have never been there, but I heard that it is rumored to be cruel ,only the strong can survive there and everyone you see here must go in there when the portals opens”. “What happens if you don’t go” bash inquired. Zee gave bash a wared look and said. “no one can afford to not go there otherwise you will be captured by the rilnord guards and tortured to death for ten years by electrocution”. Hearing that, that bash felt a chill run down his spine. He had thought of countless ways to escape this place since he came out of the room but he never thought that the security here would be so dangerous. Bash and zee walked along a narrow path leading to a huge platform of about 900 meter square with transdonic marking on it’s Centre, It looks very identical to the one in bashes room, around the center of the platform, a lot people could be seen engaging in various activities. “Look over there, that’s called the central transdonic platform, through it, rilnords send in public information about major events”. Zee pointed her finger as she explained. “why is it that they only send projections and not come here in person?”. Bash inquired to which zee replied with a lamenting expression. “the so called management actually disdain to grace us with their presence as they deemed those rookies from another race like us who haven’t gone through bloodbath as unworthy”. “to the rilnords only those who could survive the cruel battlefields are respected, according to rilnords tradition, we are considered as weaklings”. “and that is why we are stuck in the underground of this planet, unable to see the light of the day until we enter the trial”. In their conversation, they reached a place on the platform filled with stages where a pair of people could be seen fighting each other on each stage as if their life’s where on the line. “This place is the endroph zones betting field”. “people come here to bet on fights. At nights it always gets crowded”. Zee explained. Bash suddenly pause and then asked “which planet are we in?”. “ we are in the planet of reters”. She replied. “isn’t this place suppose to be in the rilnords planet?”. bash was surprised. “No,we are in a planet once home to a race called reters. The reters was also one of the prosperous races in the cosmos possessing equal foundation to other powerful races out there but they are no more”. “what happened to them?”. “they ignored one of rilnord emperors commands out of ignorance and got exterminated by him”. Zee said without much emotion. Bash was terrified by the idea and cruelty of someone exterminating an entire race. At the same time he also had another fear. “ “what if earth was the one who ignored those orders, is this how everyone on earth will be cruelly massacred?” “what gave him the right to do something so heartless”. Bash couldn’t stop himself from asking. “since he is the ruler of the outer space territory, it also means that he is the strongest being alive. He can do what ever he wants without any body’s opinion”. “ In this world as long as you have the strength, you can do whatever you want “. Zee exclaimed casually. Upon hearing of how cruel the world can be, bash forehead started dripping with cold sweat. He was feeling glad that he survived after what happened at the lab. “ what is wrong with you”. Zee who was beside him suddenly asked with concern. “nothing am fine” bash blurted thinking to himself that he should get stronger quickly otherwise he wouldn’t be able to change his situation. As they walked out of betting field, they both entered the area where people sell stuffs. “the pawn” zee called it. In the middle of their tour, zee suddenly stopped moving and kept looking at one direction in a trance. Bash also stopped and traced her eyes to see a metho race youth around the age of twenty in a store filled with all kinds of weapons. “why is she so immersed in that brute, does she even know him” he mumbled to himself.
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