Trouble from nowhere

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After coming out of the room, bash was baffled by the view outside. He found himself in between two metal doors, each leading into a room like the one which he exited. There were lot of people who seem to be of alien races coming in and out of their respective rooms naturally. Unsurprising to him all of them were race which was described to him by the image. The only race absent here where the rilnords. He walked along the doors without minding anyone, thinking about his poor mother and how he was going to get strong quickly but then he suddenly remembered that he didn’t even know where he was. He tried to inquire about his location but every one he met only give him a look of indifference with out bothering to answer his questions. Some of them even gave him a look of disdain as if he was some lowly being. Bash was upset about his situation but he was a foreigner who is not well aware of how things work here so he kept his cool. When he reached the end of the Road, he was greeted by the sight of a bustling crowd of alien race teenagers. Each carrying out their own activities, he discovered his age was younger than every one else here, most of their age ranged from 16 to 19 years old. He was just about to walk into the crowd when he heard an intimidating voice right beside him. “hey foreign race kid!, Am talking to you, look over here”. Bash turned sideways to see a 15 years looking youth with a tall stature filled with a haughty air almost making him look like the arrogant bully Turner. The youth had a silver colored skin and was wearing a slim space suit . From the colour of his skin, bash identified him as what the hologram described as senrate race. Behind the senrate youth where his entourage of four boys and two girls all of them senrates except for a huge guy who had a rough bronze skin colour. He is a member of metho race. From what bash could remember, the image once said that all metho race members have huge bodies and rough bronze skins just like this guy. The alien company where all giving bash a look of disdain. “What’s your name the youth asked”. “My name is bash yaman. Is there any problem? “ bash consulted. Although he didn’t like the feeling which this arrogant youth gave him, he still felt good about finding someone who took the initiative to speak to him in a place where everyone ignored him. The youth stared at the nearby bash with a sense of superiority and then asked. “you are new here aren’t you?”. “yes what do you want” . bash replied swiftly, feeling a bit annoyed by the latter’s arrogance. “Must you act all superior because I am new and come from a race which is different from everyone else here?”. The youth squinted his brows and stated. “it’s simple, i am at the peak of level 6 which means that I am the strongest person in our room rows. So you, just like everyone else, especially since your from some lowly uncommon race which no one here have seen before, have to pay respects to me when ever we meet”. “Now get on your knees and accept my blessings” . The youth exclaimed while he awaited bash in posture that shows a scene of a magnified boss accepting a new servant. “what if I don’t pay any respects to you, what can you do to me”. Clamored bash in annoyance. “hahahahaha” the tall youth bust into laughter before looking back at his entourage and said. “ guys, would you look at that. Some newly arriving rooky dares to defy me agaba cohon, the great boss of this territory”. “ boss let me teach that kid a lesson, I shall break all his bones and throw him in the dump field”. The metho race guy in agaba’s entourage suddenly blurted while cracking his knuckles. A surging force of level 5 bone transformation emit out of his body. Bash watched him as he moved closer with each step and thought inwardly. “what a butt liking idiotic big guy with no brains, even your boss who is only at level 6 is trash in my eyes, talk less of yourself”, If I released my force from the beginning, will any of you even dare even get in my way?. As the metho race guy was 5 inches close, bash clenched his fists, ready to give these arrogant fellows the smashing of their lives However, a suppressive pressure of a level 9 bone transformation suddenly bust out from behind him. A slender looking green haired girl, around the age of fifteen who wore a blue dress stepped forward from bashes behind. Her face looked very beautiful, her skin was very smooth and bright like it was curved from Jade, her clothes outlined the shape of her small sized breast that’s not fully matured. Everything about her looked completely human except for her pointy ears and purplish eyebrows. Upon seeing the figure behind bash, agaba and his followers expression instantly turned ugly As Bash became alarmed by the pressure which suddenly appeared from his behind, A crisp voice suddenly rang out. “Agaba, how many times do I have to tell you that you should stop picking on others who are weaker than you”. “what does it even have to do with you? Zee, Aren’t you aware that this is my territory? “No one is allowed to intrude into a territory ruler’s business in his territory even if you are stronger, Wasn’t that the rule that everybody agreed upon?”. Agaba retorted while frowning in displeasure. “Hhhm, trash like you are not qualified to ask me that kind of question Just get lost before I act on you” zee exclaimed fiercely”. “You!!.. Your overstepping your bounds” Agaba’s face twisted in anger. “what Bounds?. Do you have what It takes to fight me? “hhhhmm you won’t be lucky next time”. Agaba snorted while eyeing bash before backing off together with his entourage. Bash turned around to see the beautiful figure of the girl who had rescued him in daze. “ she looked eighty percent human, She must definitely be from creal race”. He muttered inwardly.
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