1001 Words
"ahh" with a haul bash threw a punch at the rilnord hologram with all his strength only to hit thin air, when he glanced at the nearby hologram which was at some distance from him who also steered back at him with a smile on the face, his face distorted into a frown showing his dissatisfaction. He had been trying to hit the annoying hologram for about five minutes in vain. "Just what is it, that makes this hologram as fast and agile as that" bash muttered underneath his breath. After a few more missed attempts, the smiling hologram suddenly exclaims, "you have improved a lot but you are still missing something which is your agility" " Anyway if you want to hit me then come, I will give you a chance" "I promise I won't move an inch, so show me how much strength you have". Bash grew delighted as he mustered another punch while saying. "Alright, I'll show you how strong I am" In the middle of bash's reply he had already thrown out another punch. His fist then hit the image in front of him with a bang however, instead of blowing it away he only felt pain and numbness on his fist. "what the hell?". The outcome of this attack baffled him as he saw that, the hologram didn't even shake and was perfectly fine. With all his increase in strength after reaching the seventh level of the bone-strengthening realm he should be able to at least send it flying unfortunately for him, that's not what transpired. Suddenly "bang" his back hit the wall after being sent flying by a kick. "You're too slow and you also forgot your third lesson of survival, don't ever underestimate your opponent even if you have the advantage". Bash was feeling a sense of defeat, at the same time he also felt surprised by the outcome so he inquired. "how come your body is so tough?, "are you made of Rock?". The pain he felt on his hand after his attack completely baffled him. "how can someone's body a hologram for that matter, be that sturdy". The image replied with a smile on the face. "It's not me who is strong it is you who haven't figured out how to utilize the full potential of your strength". "what do you mean by that?". Bash was surprised. "since the first evolution of transdon, there is energy being stored in your bones as it transforms. If one can harness the transdonic energy, you can use it to make your body as study as even metal thereby amplifying you're strength and defense to an unimaginable level". "this phenomenon is called force binding". "But you didn't say that beforehand". "oh, I must have forgotten to tell you about that". "this time it was your fault ". Bash said. Since the time he started learning from the image, this was the first time he got to blame it for making a mistake. "let me describe it to you, how you use the force binding. You first have to concentrate your mind in other to sense the energy stored within your bones and then draw them out of your body to support your flesh". Bash did as he was told. A few minutes later his body suddenly burst out with a defining force. "Haha" bash was so excited about the power cursing through his body right now he even forgot to calm his emotions. With each step he took as he slowly walk towards the image, the ground was shaking as if it was being pounded by a huge hammer. "wush" he suddenly shot towards the image with an explosive speed his fist accompanied by a deafening might which shook the whole room reached the front of the image in a flash. With a bang, his fists knocked the projection image of its feats. With another bang, the hologram's butt touched the floor. The place which he landed in almost caved in. Upon seeing that his body was covered in cracks and his image getting blurry, the hologram exclaimed. "you're such a freak, if it were any other level seven bone-strengthening standing here, they would have died instantly". "your level of power has far surpassed the seventh level of Bone strengthening even those in level eight have to take you seriously". Listening to the baffled hologram, Bash delightedly requested. "I have already won, so can i leave now?". "yes you can leave. But there's something you have to do first". The image pointed his finger to the left side of the room as he stated. "carry that triangle plate over there then place it on your palm, let it scan your DNA" . bash did as he was told. Placing his palm on it, he saw electric rays coming from the plate scanning through his hand and suddenly had an impulse to know what all this was all about. "what is it used for". The hologram replied. "it's called a space storage, you can use it to store things". "everything you need in other to survive harsh situations can also be teleported out from the space storage". "Just remember that if you want to teleport something out, you only need to place your hand on the space store then Imagine whatever it is that you need inside your mind, as long as it is stored in the store, it will instantly be teleported out to you". "And also, you need to have this too" the image expressed as he threw a wristband with a round screen on it which automatically merged into bash's wrist. "This band is called a communicator, it is used to communicate with others, however, to you, its main function should be to receive notice of important events which will happen soon". "remember, your communicator will only activate when you have received your first notice through it". The image explained all this one after the other. After that, bash dashed out of the room.
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