Frenzied bone transformations

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" in the practical part of transdon evolution, you first have to learn how to absorb energy in other to rank up your level". " to do that you first have to sit in a meditative position like this". The image cheerfully explained as he demonstrated. Bash copied his movements and await the next step. "Now close your eyes and clear all of your thoughts. Focus your mind on sensing that energy which you felt on the day you evolved into a cultivator". "You're going to feel a suction force from your bones when you finally sense the energy. After that, try and draw them into your body using the suction force". Bash sat in a meditative position sensing transdonic energy and trying to absorb the energy into his body while the hologram was watching and guiding him on how to level up. Strands of transdonic energy started to seep into his body slowly strengthening his Bones. he had a feeling that his Bones were slowly changing. Khrackkk' after a while his bones, accompanied by a cracking sound suddenly gave him a sense of comfort. " " great you are truly a genius". "you took only two hours to make a breakthrough", I must say am impressed". "even the most exceptional gyptians I have heard of, need at most a day to break through the third level". "your truly impressive now get up and let's finish your lessen". In the process of getting off the ground, bash's body abruptly shook. "dhhmm dhhhm dhhm" his heart started beating like a drum as he lost control of his body, large wisps of transdonic energy were being pulled into his body from within. he could feel that most of it was being channeled into his heart. drown by a powerful suction force. Two minutes later, "c***k" He made another breakthrough then, his bones transformed again making him stronger but his heart only increased the suction force, absorbing more and more transdonic energy in each passing second. sounds of a series of bone transformations could be heard as he broke through level after level of bone-strengthening. When he reached the seventh level the suction force in his heart started to reside. It finally stopped when he reached the peak of level seven, bash even felt that he only need a little more energy to transform his Bones the eighth time. the hologram stood in a daze muttering to itself . "looks like Kim ralzit was successful in using full properties of transonic origin in his experiments, just as expected, it also possess a terrifying growth rate" . " I wonder if its other properties will also manifest, looks like I need to report this to kim". he paused for sometime before looking at the meditating bash and exclaiming. "get up it's time to fight me, you have cultivated long enough" "fight you?" bash mutters in surprise. "have you forgotten that you'll still have to beat me at the same level in other to leave this room?". "otherwise, how else am I going to evaluate you". "But I can't even touch you, you're just an image projection". "is that so " after the statement, the hologram suddenly solidified before bash's shocked eyes. "this is impossible bash growled". Unwilling to belief in what he just saw. "come, today I am going to prove to you that in the cosmos, everything is possible" . " come on fight me, let me see what you're made of, don't you want to burst out of here and fight your way back home?" " if you really want to then, come at me" The image tried instigate bash into attacking. To which bash complied by clenching his fist and getting ready to battle. "Ahhh" with a war cry, he suddenly threw out a punch at the image. The image watch bash as his fist got closer, a mysterious smile suddenly crept on it's face. Just when the fist was about to touch him, he suddenly unimaginably twisted his body to Swiftly evading it and initiated a counterattack by grasping at bash neck. Before bash could react to the situation, it was too late " Your reflexes are far too slow, Haven't you been Paying attention to what I taught you? The image chided whith his hand on bashe's neck. "If this was your enemy, you would have long been dead. Now I will have to remind you of some of your survival lessons". " Do not make careless movements and ignoring all your defenses while attacking someone faster than you will only leave you vulnerable to opponents who are faster than you". " that is also one of the reasons why you first need to probe your enemy's abilities at the beginning of any battle ".
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